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Friday, April 07, 2006

What we did today

Today, we painted birthday cakes, one for baby and one for my girl. We drew one cake with two candles on it for baby and another cake with four candles on it for my girl. Then we painted and decorated the cake with paints.

Its to remind them that their birthday's are coming soon. My Boy's birthday is on 21st April and my girl's on 21st May. Same day ie 21st but one month after the other.

Its that time of the year again for celebrations.

April - Baby's birthday (who can hardly be called baby now since he's turning 2)
May - My Girl's birthday, Mother's Day & our wedding anniversary
June - MG's birthday and Father's Day

Mr MG says, "Why don't we celebrate them altogether on the same day?" Chey! Men!


  1. *jots down reminder to send e-card*

  2. Almost same as us.
    May - Carter's birthday and Mother's day
    June - 1+2dad birthday and father's day.
    How to celebrate on May together but on June can cause both also 1+2dad big day..hehe.

  3. jason,
    Then I must thank you in advance so you better send or else... ;)

    Men are from Mars!

    Hehe. 1+2 dad have 2-in-1 celebration. I forgot I have one more in May, my wedding anniversary! :P (Added liao)

  4. Yippeee! Celebration time.

    You guys painted birthday cake. Me baked a cake, and my boy helped me decorate it.

    It's his birthday today.

    Hey, you got same date.. I got 3 birthday in the same month.. #1 boy on 7th, hubby on 16th, #2 boy on 27th April :)

  5. hey, Wien birthday soon (@27/4) and me on May (one week diff)! Hubby said celebrate together, then we said : NO!

  6. Happy Birthdays!!!

    Hehehe...I have the same birthday as Emily, so 1 less birthday to celebrate.

  7. wow, looks like all the days are so coincidental. like ur daughter's bday and ur anniversary!

    men will always try to consolidate all days into one so that they wouldnt have to remember too many days and u know they're very bad at it!

  8. happy birthday and many happy returns

  9. and women are from venus...

    happy birthday!

  10. eppy bezdays !!!

    just celebrated my no.2, baby & me in Mac. and in May - no.1. hubby's in Aug.

  11. geetha,
    Wow, I admire people who can bake their own cakes!

    Of course no! Hehe.

    How nice. Double the joy on the same day.

    Can save costs as well! :P

    siao cha bor, mom2ashley,
    Come back in June to wish me lor. I'm turning the big FOURTY you know.

    Oh you like geetha, 3 in a month!

  12. actually, my second is in Feb, but since wanna make it merrier (actually, save cost, he he he..), so all three angels cramped in March...

  13. haiyah.. don't get cheated. I didn't bake it from the scratch. I did it using the premix flour, and the spread was sold seperately. You also can do it! Why don't you do it for Baby ;)

  14. yeah.. save some $ but go for a big big big big meal!

  15. lucky me all the bday or anniversary or wedding date are all apart from one other. but this does not mean we celebrated every special date wor... man! :(

  16. tee,

    I don't have an oven!

    zara's mama,
    You mean BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG MEAL! Hehe.

    Lol! The time when we truly celebrated together was celebrating our boy's full moon with his sister's 2nd birthday as they fell on the same day. The week after that was our wedding anniversary but that one no celebration lah. Man!


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