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Monday, April 24, 2006


MG: Dahling, we have so many things to look forward to every week. End of this week got Labour Day long weekend, the following week is Wesak Day long weekend and mother's day too, the week after that is our girl's birthday and the week following that is our wedding anniversary.

Mr MG: We are not celebrating Mother's Day!

LOL! Hahahaha. Men! Hehehe. Okay, I exagerate a little bit lah. To be fair to hubby, he did join in the fun to discuss how we would celebrate all the rest of the events.

To me, its okay if we don't celebrate in a big way. Days like birthdays and anniveraries are just days to be happy about. Nevermind if we don't go out to celebrate or do anything special or get gifts for each other but I would mind if hubby totally forgets about it lah. Those days are worth remembering and reminiscing. Its nice to just look back and talk about those happy times together.

As for Mother's Day, it seems to be the trend nowadays for husbands to get something for their wives on behalf of the children if they are still young. Mmmmm... neccesary meh? Perhaps its a nice gesture on the husband's part but I think we'll leave Mother's Day to be celebrated by the kids when they are older and able to understand the significance.

As for Father's Day, when the kids are older, as a mother, I would probably want to turn it into an event to help the kids to celebrate for their father ie help them make cards, choose gifts etc. It will be such fun. Part of the fun of celebrations is thinking about the person and what you can do for them, choosing gifts for them and planning how to make them feel extra special.

To me, giving is as much fun if not more fun than receiving.


  1. after seeing teh security tag on teh formula tins in carrefour, I don't feel like celebrate anything, just to be happy I can feed my girls nicely everyday, and appreciate hubby work hard for us.
    have to fok-si hubby gao-gao.

  2. hehe... mother's day wor... big event... but celebrate liaio then later have to celebrate father's day wor... never ending lah these "days" :P

  3. I guess Mother's day is just not for the kids.. The hubby's also need to take this opportunity to express his appreciation to his wife, as mother to his kids :)

    But will all the celebrations, I feel that the whole year round, we seem to have something to celebrate? :P

  4. I was just chatting with hubby on the topic of Mother's Day last night..

    He said he'll get something for me with Damien's help, i wonder what it will be..hmm..hehe...;p

    But, actually i don't mind if there's nothing for me, to me, what's most important is time spend together as a family! :)

  5. maria,
    "have to fok-si hubby gao-gao."
    Okay, okay Maria, I hear you. I hear you. :)

    Yah, its neverending, so celebrate only those that really matter loh, yes or not?

    "I feel that the whole year round, we seem to have something to celebrate?"
    Thats the whole point! So choose to celebrate which dates wisely. Heheh ;)

    Hehe. Your hubby is sweet and you are right... whats most important is time spend together as a family. :)

  6. I am the blur one who can't really remember date. I only remember birthday that also have to write down, all other day don't really celebrate. Should learn from you, must make a point to at least chat about the sweet time together on anniversary!

  7. Aiyo, when's Mother's day? Not for me to remember. Dat's the job of my elder daughter (heehee).

  8. Yes, some holidays to look forward to in May! Anniversary and birthdays too. Sei lor! pok kai already.

  9. "but I think we'll leave Mother's Day to be celebrated by the kids when they are older and able to understand the significance."

    I agree with you mumsgather.

  10. contented mum,
    Its nice to talk about "the old days". I remember me and hubby reminiscing about our wedding for at least until a year after the event as though it just took place yesterday. Hahaha.

    Its the second sunday of May, that would be 14th May 2006.

    bk worm,
    Can celebrate without much expense mah. No need to pok kai. Hehehe.

    (*shake hands*)

  11. oooo...well, for me n sis, when we were growing up we always used to make personalised card for mummy n daddy. birthday ka, mother/father's day ka....we always make card for them. the best part is that mum has kept all the cards that we've made for her. when i look at it now, look so ugly but i guess mum thinks otherwise. :) sadly, as we grow older, we dont do that as often, i think it's time to get back into action lar. gonna make a card for my mummy this year for mother's day. i bet she misses those cards. :) thanks for reminding me. ppsstt....mother's day = 14/5??

  12. Yvy,
    Its the second sunday of May, 14th May 2006. How about posting up your homemade card once you've made it! :)

  13. Actually for mother's day, I would love my husband to say he'll take care of Zara for the day, and I'm free to do whatever ON MY OWN.. Walau eh.. that'll be nice.. no need presents!

  14. Wow Zara's mama,
    Now that would be very nice indeed! *Dreaming*

  15. Hehe...hubby said no present for me on Mother's day when I asked him the other day. I continued...not even a card? He said he will think about it with bb. :D Hah!

  16. allyfeel,
    At least he will think about it mah! Hehe.


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