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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Brand New Tooth

After 4 visits to the dentist and a big painful dent in the pocket, I've finally got a brand new molar!

The 4 visits:

  1. To clean out the roots
  2. To put in the filling and allow it to set
  3. To put in two screws/posts into the filling and take a mold of the tooth
  4. To put in the new crown

Tadaaa! And so.. that was how I got my new tooth. So now I've got 9 crowns altogether! My crowning glory is not on my head, its in my mouth. I've got a fairly expensive smile! Hehehe.

Many years ago, I had the other 8 crowns fixed for my upper teeth to replace my awful discoloured teeth. Yup! They were awful. Looks like some of those smoker's teeth, not just in one colour but in various shades of yellow, brown and black. You get the drift? (through no fault of my own , mind you? I brush! I was told it was due to some antibiotics mum took when expecting me).

And so I went to get them fixed. Like in extreme makeover like dat and although it was expensive, I'm glad I did. Otherwise I would have been a sullen, unsmiling bride in my bridal photographs or I would have to smile a strange twist of a smile that would not show much teeth like I did in the old days.

During my recent visit, my dentist asked whether I would like to have my lower teeth fixed. She says nowadays they have a new technology to get it done. They will merely do veneers over the teeth instead of crowns like in the old days. Its supposed to be cheaper too. Chey! And to think of all the pain I went through having my teeth drilled and shorn off and having my gums cut and sewn all for the sake of beauty. (*kicks self*)

Anyway, I digress. She told me she has done a few and showed me some before and after pics. Fuiyoh! Cool man. The change in their faces with a lighted up smile really makes a difference. The veneers not only fixes discoloured teeth but it straightens them out as well turning awkward shapes and gaps into flashing smiles.

But RM500 per tooth (thats how much it'll cost) is really way too much lah! (she figured I would need to get 8 done and the process would take 3 hours unlike the many visits I had to endure fixing the 8 crowns years ago). So unless I strike lottery and have 3 hours to spare on a lazy afternoon (which is never), I'll settle with my half smile (that don't show my lower teeth), thank you very much!

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  1. I think dentists will end up as the second most hated people after politicians... LOL!

  2. Err, I didn't see a dentist for years already. Dread seeing one, really hope that my teeth will be as healthy as possible to stay away from dentist.

  3. I hate dentist too. Didn't really visited them much, until I have too :)

    And yeah, they are expensive. Luckily I'm covered by my company.. Phew!

  4. I scare to see dentist in fact..very scare to hear the sound when they do the fixing...eeee, geli la!

  5. veneer the teeth is cheaper than crown? but veneer cost RM500 per tooth, so how much for the crown? woolaalaa... but at least you can like Cantonese say "am ju bon bin joi siu", cover half od the mouth and smile.

  6. Ouch..the old 'crowning' process seems very painful leh..

    I hate to visit the dentist too, unless necessary.the last time when i visited one, i was shivering so much that the dentist asked me: Miss, are you very cold? ;p

  7. Show lah a picture of your new tooth. I am also afraid of dentist cos in primary school, the dentist was very mean. Had a few teeth done by her, very lousy job too. :(

  8. egghead,
    Afterwards a&a's mom come after you than you know. Her hubby's a dentist. Hehe.

    Shame on us. Such bad examples we are to our kids!

    Lucky for you. But for my new molar, I think whole year's coverage by company (If I had one that is) also not enuf to cover the cost.

    Ya lah. I gripped the chair handlebars tightly, my body all tensed up when she grilled! Ouch!

    Around 15 years ago (I can't remember exactly when) when I did the crowns, it also cost RM500 each if I remember correctly. Now it must cost more...

    "Miss, are you very cold?" Lol! What a stupid question by the dentist. Scared lah of course! Hehehe.

    During primary school days, dunno why the school dentists seem like ogres. Wey! Molar lah. How to take pic and show? Maybe I shud have asked the dentist to save the old tooth, post that and spoil everyone's lunch! Haha.

  9. 8 crowning????? Gosh, I am scared to stiff after doing my 3rd crowning + root canal. All because my babies took my calcium when they were in the womb!!!!Hopefully, I never have to do another crown anymore. Root canal - $500 + crown $450 = $950 per tooth. Bankruptlah....if I do more.

  10. wow that's a lot!!! and ur tadahh..i thought got a picture of ur new tooth kekeke...

  11. aiyooo.....lucky not ur fault n it was mum's. lol if not i sure kacau u never brush teeth. ehhehehe.... :P

  12. magictree,
    Hey! Where you do ah? Mine lagi expensive, maybe cos it was a molar.... :(

    Lol! Maybe I should take a picture. Hahaha.

    You're back! (*welcomes you with open arms*) Hehe. Luckily I put in that sentence otherwise sure kena from you. Hmmmph!

  13. a&a'smom5:44 PM, April 21, 2006

    Hahaha MG! Yalah people always terrified to go & see Dentist because most of them don't go for normal regular check ups. Only when their teeth is filled with cavities & hurting so bad that they finally go as cannot tahan the pain. So that's why they associate pain with Dentists.They never learn prevention is better than cure! Anyway enjoy ur new crowning glory ya!

  14. a&a'smom,
    I have a love/hate relationship with my dentist. I love her becos she gave me a new smile. I hate her becos I'm afraid of the pain and money I have to pay to see her. :P

  15. You win! You have 9, I have 8. I just want my teeth to look nice though my husband assures me he loves me for being me.


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