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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

VCR Rosak (Out of Order)

Our VCR is rosak. (Yes, we still have one of those.) Its used mainly to play hand-me-down cartoons and shows in VCR format for the kids. But one day, the tape could not be ejected.

And so, during the weekend, Mr MG took it apart to find out the problem.

My Girl: What is daddy doing?
MG: Daddy is repairing the player
My Girl: Why is it spoilt?
MG: Because it is spoilt (Terrible answer but my thick head just couldn't think of anything else at the time)
My Girl: The other day, I wanted Tweety Bird but Baby Bear would not come out.
MG: Yes, that is why daddy has to repair it.
My Girl: Why is it spoilt?
MG: Things get spoilt sometimes (Still feeling thick headed)
My Girl: Maybe its spoilt because we didn't take care of it.
MG: Yah. Yah. Thats why I always tell y'all not to simply press press everywhere (Wishing I had thought of that answer instead but jumping in nevertheless to use it to full advantage)

Finally, Mr MG took it apart and discovered a piece of jigsaw stuck in the mechanism.

MG: Thats why its spoilt! Who is the naughty one who pushed the jigsaw in there?
My Girl: Maybe its me or baby (Ok. At least she didn't blame baby this time)
MG: Thats why we must take care of our things. Otherwise it will be spoilt then baby bear cannot come out and you cannot see tweety bird! (MG jumping in again to use the situation to teach the kids to be more careful. Hehehe.)


  1. "mommy, why this xyz spoilt?"
    my fav answer: "you lor, never take care of stuff, so it spoilt, no more new one for you!!!"
    apply to everything.

    VCR player huh? tsk, two years ago we throw away 100 over VCR, because nobody wants it :(, and we don't have a VCR player, and never want to buy one.

  2. like maria, everything spoilt at home, my fav answer is the kids never use them properly, never take good care of their stuff and mummy not going to buy new one anymore.

    Your girl so sincere, admitted she might have done it. My girl still in a denial stage, which is getting quite alarming. She did things in front of my eyes and when I asked why, she claims that it happen by itself. GEEZ

  3. maria,
    Oh sayang! Why you never give me the tapes. Haha.

    Nyah. Sometimes she's like that too. "Baby fall down himself" even though she was the one who pushed him.

  4. She's good at giving reasons when things spoilt leh...smart girl!

    Normally if Damien ask me why this or that spoilt, i would always say: "Don't know also, what do you think?" haha...throw back the question to him..;p Sometimes he try to think of a reason, sometimes he'll say: "Let's ask daddy!"

  5. VCR, I still have one at home beside a drawer filled with XXXXX tapes. Hehe...they all belongs to daddy. I hope bb won't be itchy hands go and press press and play one day. :P

  6. my version here~~

    mummy ask: "why it is spoilt?"
    xuan answer: "xuan-xuan spoilt it loh."

    haha.. my boy himself admit he spoilt the stuff, even that is not his mistake. bad mummy here. :P

  7. blurblur,
    My Girl hates it when I throw back question at her. She will either ask again or sulk or say "Dunno" or say "No! I ask you!" annoyed that I should ask her back.

    Hehehe. XXXXX tapes better have better hiding place mah.

    Hahaha Shiaulin. why? He always kena blame izzit?

  8. What's about the baby bear and tweety bird?

    I have to be prepared for all the questions in future huh?

    Why, how come etc, but sounds like fun though. :P

  9. zara's mama,
    Hahaha. Because she wanted to watch the tweety bird tape but we couldn't put it in as the sesame streets Baby Bear learning the alphabet tape was stuck inside loh!

  10. Never allowed my children to touch the player. Until now, no sign of their finger prints there...:P


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