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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


My Girl loves to pretend to read. She would open a book, point to the words on the pages and "read" in reading tone of voice which sounds different from when she is talking.

I overheard this. This is halfway through the story she was "reading". I missed out the earlier part. Wish I got the rest or the whole thing recorded. Since I don't have a recorder, I had to type as she "read". This is how her story went...

This is mine. He asks. This is mine. Lent me your book first. See how you correct first. On the day he was a very sorry day. He will just listen and he will still not listen. Everyday there was a missing day. In the day, baby was so excited he ran away. Everyday theres this book and I like to play. And baby say "I like to play this book" and I say "this is my book" but baby says "no, no, I am busy looking at your book. Go and choose one book you like" so I say "ok!" but after that I didn't listen but I go and take the book but after that baby knock my head. (Baby was at that moment really knocking her head with something.) But I say "give back to me give back to me" but baby did not listen.

Hahaha. I just love to eavesdrop on them.

Obviously her arch enemy is her little brother although they're often the best of friends too!


  1. eavesdropping on your kids is a good way to listen to them thinking out loud

  2. LOL... this is too cute to hear (read), hw amazing they have their imagination :D.
    I still remember Earthtone (about 6 years old) used to tell story when she was in the toilet or bath, I always LOL when I hear she did that.

  3. Hahaha.. so funny lah.
    She is really developing their story telling skills.. very good.

  4. If I were there I will tell her
    "What a great story and what a clever girl you are".

  5. Hahaha, ya lor, so funny. Had this 'sweet feeling', rite?

    It's good dat she can and loves to read and can even tell stories.

    I love to eavesdrop on my Destinee too esp. when she's playing with her Barbie dolls and masak-masak as she'll be telling her dolls what to do and what to eat.

  6. Wow she can compose a story. She is progressing very fast.

  7. Your girl so clever hor, can read out a story liao!
    I love to eavesdrop on my girls too! It's funny!

  8. mom2ashley,
    You are right and it pays to listen very carefully to them.

    Haha. ET is a toilet storyteller eh? Is she a bathroom singer too?

    Yah, really funny and she's very expressive too.

    Whenever I do that she clams up and won't go on with her story as she dislikes too much attention or spotlight on her.

    Ooh... thats cute, talking to her dollies. My girl hasn't started playing with dolls yet as I haven't gotten her any so far.

    She loves to make up stories and "read" them very seriously.

    At the moment, she has just learned to read very simple words but she can really pretend to read very well indeed.

  9. hehe so cute...reminds me of those days in school when we convert active phrases to passive phrases.

  10. she said all that in one breath?? Phew.. !!

  11. jazzmint,
    Haha. I never understood all those active phrases stuff.

    zara's mama,
    All in one breath and more. I only caught the tail end of it.

  12. Haha..that's so cute. I should listen to Dania and hear what she says when she tells a story to her little sister. I'll blog about this soon.

  13. My daughter also like to tell her own stories using herself and her arch enemy cum best friend as characters in the story. Somehow always have some kind of violence in there. Hahaha. Looks like our kids are quite similar.

  14. along,
    I'll love to read your blog about Dania's story.

    Sometimes violent but oftentimes got a lot of "...and mummy hug hug me... and mummy play with me" in her stories. Hehe.


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