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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


My Girl: Mummy, if you are angry, I will be angry too. If you are sad, I will be sad too. If you are happy, I will be happy too.

MG: Why? (Since she likes to ask me why, sometimes I throw the question back at her)

My Girl: Because I copy you. When baby say "kong kong". I say "kong kong". I copy him. Copy means I follow him.

MG: No need to copy me lah. (Aiyoyo! Finishlah. Now got somebody copy me when I am angry. Better watch it liao!)

My Girl: When you angry, I will be angry too. I copy you. That is the way. (It was so funny the way she said "That is the way" as if there was no other way and her face was so serious when she said it! )

MG: What is copy? (testing her further)

My Girl: Copy means when people do, other people will follow. (Hmm. Very good explanation. She really knows the meaning.)

Thats just another example of how we may inadvertently shape our children's emotional growth through our very own behaviour. Having children is really heavy responsibility indeed. Even when we're not aware of it (they're watching us), we are all the while shaping and guiding them, hopefully, to become responsible, well balanced adults. Oops! MG had better not throw anymore tantrums around the house. Hehehe.


  1. you girl seems to have a poor sense of "intellectual property" huh? LOL!

  2. hehe...wondering how's your girl serious look when she says "that's the way"

    I see my girl acting and talking like me too. Have to be more mindful, so she doesn't pick up the "wrong" behaviour.

  3. Agree with u dat kids are copycats of what we do. Ur girl's cute by the saying "that's the way".

    I used to shout at my girl not to do this or dat and she'll 'copy' and shout at kakak when she's moody. After this experience, I controlled myself.

    So, we really have to be careful of what we say or do.

  4. too late for me, I have been throwing tantrum before, and now they also know :P. too late!!!!!!!! err... may be still can correct it, let see... any idea?

  5. Gosh...she's real smart..the way and the things she speak about. Me too, went to the room , banged the door behind me, sat on the bed to cool down. Then I noticed No1 did exactly the same thing when he's angry!!

  6. they are best recorder now! that's y i keep reminding other family member dun talk to her by shouting!

  7. egghead,
    Ya lor. I must copyright my behaviour liao!

    You better not shout... You better not cry... Hehehe.

    I shout a lot ler. Soon I'll have a house full of shouting kids! Aiyoyo.

    Too late for me too. So how?

    Oops! They all learn their temper tantrums from us lah!

    Lol! Otherwise she'll shout back at everybody while talking.

  8. my baby hanna who just turn 1 last march, also luv to copy me, esp, if i laugh,i'll cover my mouth with my hand and instantly, she'll also do dat...ha ha ha.. so cute...

  9. So cute lah.. She can really speak well. You know, she highlighted that she will copy 'you being angry/sad'. Which means she won't just copy what you say, but what you act or do! Very clever!

  10. kids do follow whatever we say. they even follow the way their step dad (my husband) speaks. and sometimes i catch them talking like me! aiyooooo...somtimes so tak cantik, like my tantrums hehehe.

    so sometimes, the husband and i would remind each other to refrain the way we speak...like saying the word crap, BS and all. cos they turn around and say the same thing!

  11. Haha..kids pick up fast..and it's always the 'bad' stuff they picked up! I scolded hubby silly once, and now Damien calls him - silly daddy! *slaps head*

  12. tee,
    Hehe. Your baby so polite. Cover mouth when laughing. :)

    Oh yah my goodness. That means must watch out not only what I say but what I do as well. :O

    Gotta cut out on those swear words. :P

    My girl goes around calling every object "naughty" :P

  13. Heehee.. Mini MG huh your girl?


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