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Friday, April 07, 2006

The funny things they do

Example 1

MG: Go and close that drawer. Don't leave it open like that. Afterwards you knock your head then only you know.

I was speaking to my girl, when suddenly baby walked over to me and started knocking his head against mine. Hahaha!

Example 2

I was grumbling to myself when baby left his milk untouched again when....

My Girl: Mummy? What is "Tsk!"
MG: ------- Mummy said "Tsk!" because baby never drink his milk. (As usual I couldn't think of a logical explanation)

Then I went to the kitchen to wash the bottles and overheard this...

My Girl: Baby, Come. Don't care about mummy. Mummy naughty. (Then she put her arm around her little brother) - Adoi! Can pakat against mummy already.

Example 3

My Girl: Go away! You naughty! Don't look at me. Go away! (shouting loudly in the kitchen)
MG: Who are you shouting at?
My Girl: The light. (For some reason, the spotlights in the house scares her. Perhaps in her imagination they look like large, fiery, monster eyes staring at her.)


  1. hehe..ur girl very pandai acting acting hoh..and good imaginary too. Maybe when she sees the light there's a big shadow which scares her :)

  2. haha..my girl does all the same things to, which I was just about to write it down. She will scold the fan for blowing of the paper, or whatever things that irritates her.

  3. Wow, your gal knows how to protect the brother. Never for Tim, only knows how to bully.

  4. wow she is really picking up fast eh? how cheeky as well..can gang up agaisnt mummy.....ohhh...becareful mg! hehehhehe..but it's good..at least she is not jeolous of the baby..

  5. Soo cute lah she.. good imagination.

    Kids will always gang up wan.. cannot run away.. I did it myself, when I was young :)

  6. really a lot of entertaining stuff for your girl... she's gonna be really funny!

  7. I like the pakat part, next time your girl pakat with baby, you pakat with daddy loh! See what's her reaction!

  8. That's why I just looooove being with kids, any kid (at around that age)...and I want more of them!

  9. jazzmint,
    Yes, she's very afraid of the lights I think due to her overactive/ever active imagination loh.

    Its really funny to hear them scolding all sorts and manner of items. Hehe.

    Protect one moment, bully the next!

    She was very protective of baby when he was younger and never jealous at all. She would always ask me to "carry baby" or "mummy breastfeed baby" everytime baby cries but now that baby is older, its a different story. Theres constant snatching, pushing and beating but sometimes they would hug each other and make each other laugh so hard as well. Its nice to see them interact accept when they're fighting. Hehe.

    "Ganging up." We adults do it too. ;)

    Only, other ppl seldom get to see this side of her as she's quite shy... like me, I suppose. :P

    Tried that before. It makes them cry! Hahaha.

    Go on ahead then. Have more! The more the merrier!

  10. I like the last one!! She's soooo cute!

    *pinch cheeks* *shield her from scarry spot light*

  11. ROTFLOL on the last one. aiyo... i like ur girl very much leh, she is so entertaining lah. :D

  12. zara's mama, shiaulin,
    She was really afraid of the spotlights but at least she scolded instead of cried that time. Hehe.


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