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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Your daddy loves you

My little ones, do you know how much your daddy loves you?

Your daddy is a strict man, a man with good morals and principals in life, a man with high standards for himself as well as for others. He belongs to the old class, your daddy. I suspect that is because its the way he was brought up.

But you know what? He absolutely dotes on you! Oh how he adores you! And he's been very involved with both of you, right from the beginning. As soon as you were conceived, he started reading everything there is to know about breastfeeding and birthing, printing articles out and highlighting it for mummy to read!

And this is all the more amazing because he was brought up in a very different manner. I don't think he ever received the kind of affection he is showering upon you. I believe he tries so hard in all his endevours because he never received the kind of encouragement from his own family.

And because of the way he is, I worry that one day, when you're older, you may have disagreements with him/rebel against him when he tries to steer you in the right path with his old school ways. Well, then mummy will take out this letter to show to you. This was written when you are almost 2 and almost 4 years old.

Daddy always has ready hugs and kisses for both of you though you both sometimes reject him in favour of mummy. Poor daddy!

Daddy misses you two so very much when he goes to work. He'd ask mummy how you are doing throughout the day when he gets the chance. And every morning, before he goes to work, he'd make a little recording of his own voice on your little message bear specially for both of you. And the message goes something like this....

"Today is Wednesday. Daddy has gone to work. Remember to be a good girl and good boy and take care of mummy. Daddy will be home soon in the evening. Sayang. Sayang."

And you both love it! Your eyes would light up and you would smile big smiles and ask me questions about why daddy has gone to work etc etc.


  1. Awww...this is so touching.

  2. Where did you get that teddy bear? I must get one too...
    Your post is very sweet...

  3. Awww...this is so sweet and i can really feel daddy's love towards his darlings...:)

  4. So sweet, So touching...so everything!!!!Does daddy read your blog?

  5. yeah, a very sweet & touching post!

    I like the way u post, u can express in words very well, envy envy envy! when can I write like this???

  6. so touching..it brings tear to my eye. Really love your blogs.

    Does your hubby read your blog? He's such a lucky man to have such a good loving wife

  7. Hi y'all,
    Thanks for your comments. Is it really that touching? Hehe. I have no idea. I just wrote what was on my mind. Its indeed a worry of mine of problems later on when the children are older. Hubby can be rather hard on people (I know, I had a hard time before I understood him!) and its easy to shower love on little ones but when they are older, I forsee(?) problems, hence this post. Some of you asked whether hubby reads my blog. No he doesn't despite my having given him my url several times! Its his loss! Hehe.

    We got the teddy bear from Guardian pharmacy. Its lovely. Just press the left hand to record and the right hand to listen. Very nice for the kids and for sweethearts too. Sometimes my girl would record back a message to her dad "I love you daddy" she says. (Mummy instructed her to say one. :P) I just thought I should take a photo of this childhood toy of theirs and put it down here for memory before it gets rosak from manhandling and gets chucked away, old and forgotten.

  8. Wah, so "gam dong". Huhu~! The bear is cute, I also want to buy one for my gf. :P

  9. Hi Jason,
    I just replied right before your comment. Yes, its a great gift for gf lah! So what message you going to record? Hehehe.

  10. a&a'smom1:10 PM, April 05, 2006

    Sniff, sniff (& pulling out a tissue to wipe my tears). That's so touching

  11. I'm going to Guardian. Thanks for sharing...it is just great for the kids who would always ask where papa is when he is working.

  12. I hope Guardian still has it.

    It's real sweet for daddy to leave a voice message like that.. One big cheer to him!

  13. I think many daddies nowadays never had much open affection shown to them when they were young.
    And it's good that they hug and say I love you openly to their kids now.
    However, I still shudder to think that I may be caught in between when there are misunderstandings between the girls and their dad when they grow older.

  14. a&a'smom,

    mama22beas, geetha,
    Now, I have to ask for some commission from Guardian don't I? A little bit more details. The size is small, size of a hand palm costing about RM26 if I remember correctly.

    king's wife,
    I think in my husband's case, its disaffection rather than a mere lack of affection from his family. Sigh. Hopefully, if there ever should come a time when we are caught in between misunderstanding between spouse and children we will be able to handle it wisely then.

  15. Lucky children...and lucky you!!! What a good father this conventional old-school man is after all, huh?

  16. Wow.. what a good father your hubby is..


    This is a nice letter.. make sure your hubby sign it. :P

  17. marsha,
    Hehe. Yeah!

    zara's mama,
    This is my secret lah. He won't read my blog. (*pouts*)

  18. so touching.. u love ur family so much...

  19. what a secret weapon ya! very good indeed. touches deep in the heart.

    can i still get the bear from guardian when i return to malaysia on May?

  20. So touching..my tears were welling up too

    cute teddy too!:)

  21. mamabok,
    Usually things that comes from the heart sounds sweet ;)

    Hi there! You are right. I do love my family very much!

    Maybe in May out-of-stock already becos everybody rush to buy. Hehehe. Just kidding. Perhaps can get twinsmom to "jom" one for you.

    Hi. Long time no see. You've been busy eh?

  22. This is very sweet.

    did i mention before? Mr. MG very much like twinsdad?

  23. maria,
    You are back! Yah they do sound alike, right down to the left-handedness too. :P


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