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Thursday, April 13, 2006

More funnies heard around the house

Bye bye!

At the end of the wiggles video tape show......

My Girl: Bye bye!. (Waves to the TV set) See you next time when we on again.

(When I asked her later, she said see the wiggles next time when we switch on the video tape again)

The Princess and the Pea

My girl "reading" the Princess and the Pea...

"And the queen said, nevermind, I'll find you another bed with no peas in it."

(The story never went like that of course. In the actual story, the queen merely went to check to see if the princess slept well or badly on the bed with the pea underneath to find out if she was a real princess. She never offered the girl another bed. Lol!)

I'm busy!

MG: Why is the playpen so messy. Who pulled it out of shape like that.
My Girl: Mummy, I'm very busy. I got so many things to do. I wanted to take the alphabets but you never see. I'm very busy. I got many things to do. So I pull out the playpen to take the alphabets.

(Oops! Actually I was the one busy in the kitchen and didn't pause to help her take what she wanted, and so, she helped herself!)

New Game

My Girl: Mummy, give me the balloon stick. I want to base the ball.
My Girl: Come, baby.. Base the ball with the stick, then the ball will go away.
Baby: Base! Base! (Shouting excitedly)

The kids were busy having a jolly good time hitting a balloon with the stick meant to hold it up. My girl says they're playing baseball ie "base the ball" Lol!


  1. I am busy! Dun disturb!..Wien like to say this too! Aren't they look like big girl now? LOL

  2. hahhah! very funny la your girl..

  3. come think about it, our kids copy what we said, they sound so much like us.

  4. I like your header!
    Your girl sounds older than her age, she really imitates you.

  5. very de talkative one u got there...

  6. i like the way u express ur word...fantastic.. ur bb so 'mature' liao leh... very funny!!

  7. You girl can be a stand up comedian la.. hahaha.. so cute!

  8. LOL! She sure has good imagination.

  9. jesslyn,
    They learn it from us! :P


    Yah lor. That means I sound like that! "I am busy! Go away! Dun disturb me!"

    Long time never mess with template already. Hehe. You can put a picture slide on your blog too with pictures of Justin.

    Talkative only in private, just like mummy.

    Yah. Lol!

    She sounds like a little old lady or rather she sounds like her old lady mum.

    zara's mama,
    Oh! So now I've got a small scientist, psychologist, counsellor and comedian all rolled into one.

    Her imagination is better than mine thats for sure.

  10. she really can create a lot stories huh...very creative. can enter story telling contest oso :)


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