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Friday, April 21, 2006

New Sleeping Positions

In order to combat new bedtime battles, we now have new sleeping positions. :)

My girl is happy as long as she gets to sleep with her head near me. She likes to sleep horizontally on the bed with her head next to me so I would place a pillow/bolster next to my waist for her to rest her head. This creates a small space at the top on her side of the bed (beside me as well) for baby.

Baby still insists on sleeping on his sister's side of the bed so we let him be. That way he plays happily on his own until he falls asleep contented.

I can identify 3 stages of sleepiness for baby:

  1. Stage 1: Not very sleepy - He likes to come near us and play with our faces.
  2. Stage 2: A bit sleepy - He likes to play with his little toy car, holding it in his little hands and rolling it over the pillows.
  3. Stage 3: Sleepy - He likes to do his tumbles, twists and turns ie he rolls about practically 360 degrees until he falls asleep quite suddenly.

When he is at Stage 1, his sister would sometimes push him away if he disturbs her too much. At Stage 2 and 3, he is in a world of his own, playing and rolling till he sleeps while I tell bedtime stories and chat with his sister.

So far this new sleeping position is turning out well. Even my girl is amused at her little brother's antics. "Mummy, why he sleep here, there and there then fall asleep already?" she asks. "Shhhh. I tell her." as I gently put him back on his side of the bed. After that we sometimes chat a little or I fall asleep, or I tell her "Mummy wants to go and make some supper for daddy" to which she would say "Ok." and ask for a kiss and tell me to leave the door open. :)

I just love to watch the little ones sleep. They sometimes need to tumble about to release some pent out energy, I suppose. The fact that baby is now falling asleep on his own is also a good step towards my weaning which is going very, very slooooowly. At least now baby no longer needs the breast to fall asleep. ("Don't breastfeed baby to sleep or they won't learn to sleep on their own" says some parenting gurus. Nyek! Nyek! Who says so???!!!)

He is also starting to take some formula now (about 3 ounces) before bedtime though he still rejects it the rest of the day. I will do the weaning slowly as I have no heart to do what my sil did ie cold turkey. She says that when she weaned baby at 9 months, she did it abrubtly and he cried till he vomitted for a week and after that was completely weaned. Oops! Don't think I will be able to do go through that! So slow and steady it is for us.


  1. wah! you really into analyzing their sleeping pattern huh! really enlightening :)

  2. wah..so good that you have finally found a solution to it. Me still struggling and thinking of weaning too as it's getting a little uncomfortable for me.

    And not forgetting...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your boy!!

  3. Happy Birthday to baby boy!

  4. Happy Birthday baby.. You're 2 today!

    Good for you.. now both of them can sleep together, in peace :)
    Then, got place for hubby or not? Or the kids have their own bed ah?

    Yeah, I was worried my boy can't sleep without my arm (he holds my arm while sleeping). But now, I am slowly taking my arm away when he is half drowsy already.. and he goes to sleep by himself. Phew!

  5. Happy Birthday to baby too!
    Glad that they no problem in sleeping together now!

  6. Didn't know your bb is born on the same day as Ian?! Happy Birthday!

  7. egghead,
    No need to analyse wan, just simple observation as its quite obvious, the pattern. :)

    One week of battle and the next week got solution adi. Yippee!! (Maybe next week got new fight pulak!)

    Thank you for remembering. :)

    Hubby likes to fall asleep in front of the tv. So during their bedtime, he's either asleep or doing some work he brought back from office. :P

    Must make sure they keep out of each other's boundaries though!

    I knew it already from the forum. Hey! That means we were in labour on the same day. Hehehe.

  8. which hospital were you in, 2 years ago? Maybe we were neighbour. hahaha!

  9. a&a'smom5:36 PM, April 21, 2006


    Glad that u r making progress esp bb falling asleep on his own.

  10. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO UR BOY BOY!

    Good to hear dat u've found new sleeping positions for ur kids. No more battles, rite?

    My girl used to be turning 360°when she sleeps but as she grows older, she's more stable but not without experiencing some 'kungfu kicks' from her sometimes.

  11. suzette,
    Hehe. I was the one shouting and screaming all the way into the elevator when they wheeled me to the surgery room for an emergency caesarean after trying normal labour for several hours. Darn it! And by the time I got to the surgery it was after midnight. So I got charged for normal labour use of the labour room, caesarean charges plus after midnight charges! Chey!

    I'm glad too and amused by the way he falls asleep. My girl was different. She would shake her head from side to side to fall asleep. Now of course she no longer needs to shake her head to release pent up baby energy.

    Yes, those kungfu kicks can be painful! Hehe. And they just love to roll all over the bed! Last night, I heard a "thud" and a loud cry and got up quickly to see who had fallen off the bed. It was baby. Luckily we still have a mattress we place on the floor to cushion such falls.

  12. Don't worry about what other ppl said. My boy finally can sleep on his own even though I nursed him to sleep previously.

  13. i still dont understamd why babies like to play with our face and hair! more interesting than their toys hehehe.

  14. do you realise something? people always said breastfed baby not so choosey on their food, they eat everything, but not formula LOL...

  15. Happy belated birthday to Baby!! I also 'force' LLS to drink 2-3 ounces of formula before bedtime. But he still needs to be nurse to sleep... Hope he will fall asleep on his own like ur baby real soon :)

  16. I weaned off my son from BM when he started to sleep throughout the nite. He'll have his last feeding in a bottle and then sleep off till the next morning. That's how he wean off BM.

  17. khongfamily,
    I seldom worry about what ppl say :P Usually I just listen to my babies. They're the best teachers to tell me when they're ready for certain things.

    Our faces are the best interactive toys there is!

    Ya hor! Haha.

    After offering him 2-3 ounces and being rejected many, many times, he is now starting to accept up to 5 ounces now (over the weekend) and I no longer feed him outside the house or in the car. He is down to 2-3 feeds ie before naptime, before bedtime and in the middle of the night/early morning if he wakes up.

    Thats very nice, painless weaning. I hope baby can be weaned off like this too.


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