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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fellow bloggers unite

A little girl needs her mother to wake up from a coma.

Fellow blogger Scb is in a coma since Sat, 8 April 2006. I do not know her personally nor have I met her. All I know is that through some of the "gila-gila" posts she publishes, if you look further beyond that, you will see a mother who loves her little girl dearly. It eats at my heartstrings to know that the little girl may be in a confusing place right now.

I won't post a third party account of what happened to her. Please read the following blogs for updates on her condition.


Perhaps some of you who happen to read my blog do not happen to read hers as well hence the reason for this post. I hope that you will join me and others to go to Scb's blog to give her a wake-up call or simply just pray for her whatever your faith may be. Maybe a miracle can happen through the joint power of prayers in numbers.


Latest updates can be found here:

Please continue to pray
A moment of prayer/Joint prayer for Scb - Lunchtime/1pm (Asian time) April 19,2006
Spare your voice for Scb campaign - Record your voices/talk to scb. It will be compiled into a cd and played for her to listen. Click on the link or picture link for more info. Or step by step instructions can be found here.

A very good idea of what to say to scb from 5xmom taken from the comments she left at Lin Peh's blog. Another thing, I think its a good idea for someone to read the comments on her blog to her, either through recording if possible or printed and read out to her by someone who's going to visit. Can anyone do that?

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...
The most frustrating thing happened. I sat through two hours, sieving through SCB's old blog post, compiled them and wanted to post. It disappeared! Actually, I wanted to suggest we read her old postings for her to listen. Rather than everyone making some similar recording. You know...if she can listen back to all her hope, her love for her baby and things like that, it will be very much encouraging. But arrgggh..my two hours work disappeared! So, I am going to record a sample of it later when my kids and lou kong have gone to sleep. Then, people will get an idea what I am talking about.

For more updates on scb's condition go here:

Dianne's blog

Also got this latest update which I copy and paste from Rojaks blog.

Sms from Jomel : "I just left the Hospital, she looks better today.Breathing more comfortably, not struggling, twice eyes open slightly look at me.I asked her to blink if she can see me, her eyelids moved abit .... There is hope."

Jomel has just updated her blog with the most hopeful news. Do read:

Hope Hopper Hoppest

For future updates, please visit the blog specially created for Scb, link provided below:

For Siao Cha Bor


  1. I happened to read her traggic from other bloggers. we are praying for her. Hope she hear our prays and see miracle.

  2. yeah... heard about this also... my heart and prayers go to SCB...

  3. We'll be going to visit her later..
    Hope it'll make her feel our thoughts for her, and will her to wake up.

  4. zara's mama,
    Hope you or king's wife update us on how she is.

  5. Will keep her in my prayers..i believe in miracles!

  6. Oh poor girl. Hope she could recover from her coma.

  7. I only knew her case from here...will pray for her in my way too!

  8. Hey.. MG,
    We should set a time and date.. to pray together.. universally.. for SCB..! I donch know her.. but just too sad.. to hear news like that..!
    I hope she wakes up..and get well soon.
    At 2am my time.. in canada.. should be around 1pm lunch time for anyone in asia.. i am gonna go on my knees.. and pray for SCB.
    I donch know if others will join me.. or will it help.. but i sure wanna try.. and hope that SCB and the one up there hears us.

  9. I join you guys in praying for SCB. May we see the miracle in her..

  10. if we can kinda record all our your voice asking her to wakeup n all i can save it up and play it to her, we know she can hear it rite anot ??

  11. mamabok,
    kinda difficult to coordinate the time as I'm only reading your post now at 2.00pm but I guess it'll help that throughout the day, people are praying for her don't you think?

    Or if anyone visiting her could just print out the comments on her blog and read it to her so that she'd know how many are thinking of her. I hope she'll wake up soon and recover fully.

  12. I definitely don't know SCB too, but it is very sad when reading her news at some blogs. Hope she wake up soon, and hope she knows many people are thinking of her.

  13. o.m.g.

    THIS goes to show that i have not been here often enough!!!! i LOVE that slideshow thingy!!! awesome!! happening lar u, woman!!

    how are u??

  14. i know she is quite famous in blog sphere as i saw many of her comments in others blog. Happened to drop by her blog but it is long time ago. Shock to hear this.

    I definitely will pray for her too.

  15. Am spreading this word around. Please help join voices to wake SCB from her sleep.

  16. lil patchee,
    I've added the link in my post. Thanks.

  17. Thanks mumsgather for the post !

  18. Hey everyone,
    Remember to join mamabok in prayer for scb at 1pm today or go record your voices for scb so she can hear us.

  19. Gosh! I just happened to read ur blog and immediately went into other blogs about SCB's case. Though I don't know her personnally and haven't met her too, it was so heartaching and tear jerking when reading thru Jomel's blog.

    It's after 1pm, I'm still praying hard for her.

  20. I almost missed MamaBok's prayers request. I got to her site at 1.59pm. So, sort of still made it. Dunno why I didn't see a single post last nite when I check her blog. Hrrrmmm...I wrote another post about SCB this morning and it again disappeared. I suspect it is because I copied Wing's post over and blogspot and WP got some technical problems. I got some TinyMCE yadda yadda error and the whole thing will not save nor publish. Anyway, I recorded and emailed to LinPeh already.

  21. Although I do not know her at all but I will pray for her and her family. Pray that the Lord will give her strength to wake her up. So sad to hear this...

  22. I can't help but cry when I read her post. Praying for scb and hope that she would wake up soon.
    Am very touch to see a caring community in the blogsphere!

  23. Please continue to pray for her everyone. Its just too hard to see someone who sounds as vivacious and full of life as she go suddenly into a coma like that. If only there were a prince charming who could come and rouse her from her sleep. See the link to Dianne's blog for update on her condition. I will continue to post links on any latest updates here.


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