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Monday, April 10, 2006


I wonder why .... babies always choose to poop or poo or pansai or have a bowel movement or whatever else you want to call it....

  • just before leaving the house especially when you're in a hurry
  • just after leaving the house for an outing
  • right after a bath and a change into nice clean clothes
  • when you're out of the house and can't find a place to change them
  • in the car
  • just when you sit down for a drink or meal
  • when you're busy doing something else

I suppose the reason must be because babies poo all the time. Haha. Especially newborns! I remember my girl would poo right before, during and after a breastfeed when she was a newborn. Aiyoh! So tiring. I soon learned to ignore it and changed her only after a feed.

We always tell them... "You all think your daddy print money ah? One diaper costs xxx cents."


  1. i got a same feeling wf u... but wat to do... u still need to changed although u r really impatient... our lovely baby mah... :)

  2. Hahaha..same sentiments exactly..and i remember my hubby always said: '..and he thought his dad owns a bank..' hahaha...;p

  3. Last saturday, Emily poo in the restaurant, right after they serve dinner. *faint*. I had to clean her up before I eat.

  4. Ha! Ha! Ha! Till today, I haven't got the answer to their 'poo timing'. As they grow, the problems will disappear without you realising it. Then you will realise they have grown!!!

  5. Me too, me too, have the same feeling. Not only concerned on diaper cost, I was ALWAYS late for appointments. EVERYTIME, just about to leave the house, Ian would just Poo! Hmm... i want to write about this also, so in the future Ian can read about how messy for me to deal with his shit. :p

  6. i think most of my excuses for coming late to the office :-

    1) baby muntah inside the car
    2) baby poo.. (of course i wont jot this one on the report..)
    3) take baby to clinic..

    so, it's all mostly about baby...

  7. joey,
    Yes, our lovely baby mah!

    Maybe his daddy does own a bank! Hehe. ;)

    After that still can eat ah? Hehe.

    Its true that a lot of the problems disappear without our even realising it.

    And just when you thought it was getting easier....... another one comes along. Hahaha.

    I wonder what would happen if you jotted it down in your report. Haha.

    Murphy's Law at its very best.

  8. hehe..I thot I am the lonely one! so my baby is normal lor! LOL

  9. Hahaha.. same lah.
    AS I dress the boys before getting dressed myself, I find it difficult when they poo after I have dressed up. Arrghh! Then I will ask maid to help me ;)

  10. good thing they are older now and don't poop as often as new born.

    Btw, when Zara was younger, i bought the cheapest diaper available b'cos we were changing it so often..

  11. Haha... that's why i so motivated in potty training my girl before she turns 2. ;)

  12. jesslyn,
    Very normal lah. Yesterday my baby had diarrhea four times. Serve me right for writing this post!

    Oh yes, they just love to poo after we dress them up and ourselves up don't they?

    zara's mama,
    I'm still using cheap diapers. :P

    Hehe. Good for you!

  13. my Xuan like to poo when he half way drinking his milk, but good thing is he tell me he wanna poo and bring me to his potty. :)

  14. shiaulin,
    Yah. I still remember the potty boy video. Very cute!


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