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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

He works hard for the money

"Good lah you. Your wife not working."

To me, this is an understatement. I wonder what people mean when they make such a statement? If I were Mr MG, I'd bash up the next chap who tells me that. (Just like the way I want to bash up the next person who tells me "Wah good lah you. No need to work.")

I read an interesting article the other day and can identify with it. The article is titled The Unsung Heroes : What about working dads?

Here are some excerpts from the article which I can identify with, especially the parts I put in bold.

"We are bombarded by stories about the struggles of working mothers (as opposed to non-working mothers, I suppose). ......... It seems that the only time fathers merit attention is when they are criticized for not helping enough with the housework (a claim that I find dubious anyway, because the definition of "housework" rarely includes cleaning the gutters, changing the oil in the car or other jobs typically done by men) or when they die.

......Our society acts as if family obligations are not as important to fathers as they are to mothers -- as if career satisfaction is what a man's life is all about.

Even more insulting is the recent media trend of regarding at-home wives as "status symbols" -- like an expensive car -- flaunted by the supposedly few men who can afford such a luxury. The implication is that men with at-home wives have it easier than those whose wives work outside the home because they have the "luxury" of a full-time housekeeper.

In reality, however, the men who are the sole wage earners for their families suffer many stresses. The loss of a job -- or even the threat of that happening -- is obviously much more difficult when that job is the sole source of income for a family. By the same token, sole wage earners have less flexibility when it comes to leaving unsatisfying careers because of the loss of income such a job change entails. In addition, many husbands work overtime or second jobs to make more needed money for their families. For these men, it is the family that the job supports that makes it all worthwhile.

.....Those fathers who strive to be good family men by being there every day to love and support their families -- those unsung heroes -- need our recognition and our thanks for all they do. Because they deserve it. "

I'm putting this article here on my blog to remind myself to be a supportive wife to my childrens' father. I do know that he faces a lot of stresses at work but nevertheless he has to plod on no matter what, for us, his family. So, the next time someone says this to Mr MG "Good lah you. Your wife not working." I will bash him up for Mr MG. Hehe.


  1. yah, I heard that a lot, even from my own SIL.

    our man many times better than those run away from responsibility wan, the wife and kids have to show their face on newspaper to ask the hubby/dad to come home.

  2. LOL! I am sure those idiots who say that don't really know what they are saying lah... no worries... when they become parents they will know how much work is it to take care of an entire HOME :)

  3. Mr MG is one lucky man, you're very understanding leh... :)

  4. yeah mr mg surely is one lucky man! the wife hantam the people for him hehehe.

    seriously, u are one strong lady for ur strong man. one strong mommy too!!!

  5. It's no longer easy being a mother.. be it working or not..

    Being a woman is so tough huh?

  6. "In reality, however, the men who are the sole wage earners for their families suffer many stresses"

    Great article - Thanks for reminding me!

  7. maria,
    Oops! And you can't bash up your SIL can you? Lol!

    How much work and how much money and how much groceries as well. Our grocery shopping really shot up (the bulk as well as the price) after the kids with all the diapers and milk we have to buy.

    He also understands my position and gives me the freedom of choice to choose to look after the kids even though I know he would prefer for me to work at least half day. :P

    Hey there you! Uwek. Uwek. Still can go blog hopping? ;)

    zara's mama,
    Same can be said for the father. Its tough being a man.

    Must remind myself before I go and call up/sms midday to complain about my day mah. Hehehe.

  8. I agreed with you too. Hat's off to those fathers including bb's.

    Thanks for the reminders.

  9. allyfeel,
    I need constant reminders to myself too!


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