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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Kids Craft - How to Make Your Own Mini Kite

My girl loves kites. She can't get enough of it. We bought her a plastic kite, however we don't always have the time to take her to the park to fly it. The park is always packed and the kite sometimes gets in the way of joggers and other people at the park who gets annoyed. Once the kite strings got in the way of a jogger and you should have seen the killer look she gave my girl. I know it was our fault but still, she's only a little girl.

My girl resorted to 'flying' her kite in our tiny porch. Of course it couldn't fly but she was happy enough to run round and round with it, imagining that it was taking flight at great heights. I was afraid that the kite would destroy my neighbour's flowers which were hanging over our adjoining wall, so for a school holiday project, we made a mini kite for her to fly around in the comfort of our own home. She can even 'fly' it indoors.

Here's what you need to make your own mini kite for kids.

1. Paper - Preferably light enough to 'fly' but solid enough to hold up
2. Straws
3. Double Sided Tape
4. String
5. Scissors

Here's how to make your own mini kite for kids:

1. Cut 2 triangles. One for the kite. Another smaller one for the rudder. Cut one more tiny rectangular piece of paper for securing the kite down onto the rudder.
2. Tape two drinking straws in a cross.
3. Tape the bigger triangle over the cross
4. Tape the smaller triangle on the front of the bigger triangle with double sided tape to form a rudder (Please note that the double sided tape I had in my picture is not suitable as it was too thick. Fortunately, we have the very thin double sided tape which was also more sticky at home. Use those.)

How to make your own mini kite for kids - Further instructions:

5. Decorate the tail by sticking colored strips of paper on the kite with double sided tape
6. Tape the string of the kite onto the rudder with double sided tape. Place the string on the rudder, then tape it down with double sided tape, one side facing the string and secure it with another side of the double sided tape facing a small rectangular piece of paper in the same color.

That's it.  You have crafted a small mini kite. Don't expect this kite to withstand rough handling. You can use them as decorations instead if you like. They will 'fly' nicely above the tops of children's rooms as part of a child's room decor. Make them in several colors for decoration. They look great.

The above is our completed Mini Kite Craft Picture. The kids were so eager to make the kites, I did not manage to take step by step photos. Hopefully the instructions are clear enough. If not, just improvise.

This is another fun craft you can do with your kids this school holidays. Most kids love kites so they will love this Mini Kite Craft.

Monday, December 05, 2011

How To Make Popsicle Stick People

My girl has been saving her ice-cream sticks to play with as well as to make some crafts. We decided to make Popsicle Stick People or Ice-Cream Sticks People because they are very easy to do and fun!

Here is what you will need to make Popsicle Stick People:

  1. Popsicle Sticks or Ice-Cream sticks. You don't have to buy them specially. Just save some after having enjoyed your ice-creams, wash them and keep them aside for crafts when they are dry.
  2. Googly Eyes. You can get these from any craft stores or some stationery or book shops may have them.
  3. Pen to draw in the smiley mouth for the Popsicle Stick People.
  4. Glue and Scissors and Tape
  5. Pipe Cleaners for hands or legs if you like (Ours don't have legs)
  6. Lots of left over materials like ribbons, flowers from old hairpins or clothing or shoes. We keep all of these for crafts and marker pens.
First you glue the googly eyes, then you draw in the face and finally you decorate as you wish. That's it. Here are our examples for your reference.

Here are our finished Popsicle Stick People. Tadaa....

This Popsicle Stick Rapunzel is made by my girl. Don't you think she looks glamorous with her furry scarf? Her hair, scarf and hands are made from pipe-cleaners. Her blouse and skirt are made from ribbons. The flower from her hair came from an old hair accessory. This Popsicle Stick Girl photo was taken by my girl too.

This Ice-Cream Stick Girl is made by me. She spots a red hat and a shiny red tutu.  Her red tutu is made from an old Christmas Hamper ribbon. As for her hat, well, it was made from one of the petals from the flowers which also came from an old hamper, not a Christmas Hamper but a Chinese New Year one. It is useful to save this little bits and pieces for crafts. Popsicle Stick Girl's hair is made from my Cross Stitch Yarn. Err.... I think my girl's Popsicle stick girl looks nicer than mine.

The Popsicle Stick Man in the first picture is my son's. He has an afro hair style and looks like a hippy from  the seventies. The boy didn't have the patience to finish his, so I had to finish his for him. I colored in the Popsicle Man's Trousers with Marker Pen to make him look more masculine instead of using cloth or ribbons.

He ended up playing with the pipe cleaners and made some specs out of them instead.

Mother and Daugther Popsicle Stick People!

So, next time you have ice-cream, remember to save the ice-cream sticks for fun crafts like this.

I will post up a homemade mini kite which we made during this school holidays next (when I can find the time).

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How To Make Popsicle Stick People
How To Make Popsicle Stick People

Friday, December 02, 2011

The Voice of Conscience

Last night the girl asked me....

"Mummy, can I don't tell you something?"

At first it was that but it later led to a confession by her and her little brother that they had both been throwing erasers at the ceiling fan.

.... which led to a confession that they cannot sleep for days and would continuously think about the bad thing they had done and feel bad if they don't confess it. Even if they were scolded for it, they would feel better if they owned up. (especially the girl who is very straight and honest, I am not so sure about the boy....)

Naturally I scolded them for throwing erasers at the ceiling fan because if was a dangerous thing to do. What if the eraser bounced back and hit the eye.

However, I praised them for being honest and taught them a new word.


I told them that they were good little people for feeling bad about something bad that they had done and that the feeling was called conscience.

They were happy to learn a new word and to know that they were good people who had conscience. Hopefully, they will learn to confess more wrong doings in the future because as my girl puts it....

After telling you, I feel....aahhhh...

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