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Monday, June 19, 2023

The advantages of private English tuition classes for young learners

This post was brought to you by British Council Malaysia.

English enrichment classes can support young learners to develop their confidence both in and out of the classroom. For children and teens with specific goals, private tuition can be a fantastic option, providing flexibility and assurance of maximum individual attention. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the key benefits.

Personalised support

Our premium lessons are highly specialised and fully customised. Not only do students receive the undivided attention of a highly qualified and carefully matched British Council teacher, but we will work with you from the start to understand your child’s unique learning needs. Whether they’re struggling in a particular subject area or preparing for important exams, we can design a program that will build their confidence and help them to succeed.

Learning at their own pace

Because every child is different, we cannot expect all children to progress at the same rate. We also know that children can become disinterested in their school subjects if they feel they are not keeping up. Private English tuition is a great way to tackle this early on and take the pressure off students who have fallen ‘behind’, allowing them the time they need to grasp challenging topics and find the joy in learning.


You know your child best. Will they be most able to focus straight after school, or will they be tired and thinking about what’s for dinner? Private tuition enables you to set a lesson schedule that works for you and your child, so you can get the most out of every session. You can also choose exactly where you would like your lessons to be delivered – meaning you don’t need to factor in any travel time if you don’t wish to.

Help with other school subjects taught in English

One misconception about English enrichment is that it is purely focused on English language skills. In fact, learning English with the British Council is an opportunity to improve your child’s all-round academic performance. Our experienced teachers can support children in any school subject taught in English, helping them to understand and respond to questions effectively, and to feel confident expressing their own ideas.

Beyond the curriculum, we also believe in developing the whole child, nurturing 21st century skills and proficiencies like creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, resilience and independence. Our aim is to address short-term goals while supporting children to become passionate and lifelong learners.

Learn more on 1:1/Small group private lessons for kids and teens

More about our One-to-one or Small group private lessons

The British Council offers One-to-one or Small group private lessons led by specialised tutors from a range of backgrounds. Available for learners of all ages, these premium lessons are tailor-made, with custom course content and the highest level of flexibility. We will partner with you to understand your child’s needs and assign the best-possible teacher, before developing a bespoke lesson schedule that can be delivered at any of our centres or a location of your choice.

Learn more about what you can expect from a private English tuition class and discover first-hand from parents how our One-to-one or Small group private lessons offer a rewarding learning environment for children of all ages.

Learn more on 1:1/Small group private lessons for kids and teens

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