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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

This year, for Halloween, I decided to draw my own greeting card for my blog. I wanted to draw a moon and shiny stars and a spooktacular cat with a tail that stood up along with my Halloween trick or treat girl but alas time and lack of talent for drawing did not permit. So, in the end this is all I managed, a simple Happy Halloween from Mumsgather card.

Happy Halloween 2012!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Free Printable Coupons For Free Plants Vs Zombies Game Download For Halloween 2012

Plants Vs Zombies & The ADA Present Stop Zombie Mouth

This year, Halloween 2012, the American Dental Association together with Plants Vs Zombies by PopCap are giving you a special Halloween Gift. A superb Halloween non-candy alternative.

To get free printable coupons for a coupon code to redeem one free Plants vs Zombies Game worth $20, all you have to do is go to Stop Zombie Mouth. You can print as many coupons as you like to give out to all the little trick or treaters who come your way this Halloween, 2012. The coupon is valid from 30th October 2012 till 10th November 2012. This promo is valid for those living in the US only.

You will also find Plants Vs Zombies freebies at Stop Zombie Mouth including Plants Vs Zombies Halloween Party Invites, Plants Vs Zombies Halloween Masks, PVZ Coloring Pages and PVZ Wallpapers. I also like the Halloween Fun Facts Poster. Here is an excerpt of the poster but you will have to go to Stop Zombie Mouth to see it and other posters better, as well as read up on the Top Seven Ways To Stop Zombie Mouth.

Halloween Fun Facts Poster
Halloween Fun Facts Poster From Stop Zombie Mouth

I think it is an excellent collaboration and a wonderful way to teach kids about the importance of taking care of their teeth. If you think so too, head over to Stop Zombie Mouth to join in the fun and get printable free Plants Vs Zombies Game Coupons for giving out as a sugar free alternative this year for Halloween 2012.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

4 Last Minute Halloween Crafts For Kids

If you are a procrastinator, you might just start to get a little worried right now. Halloween is just about a week away and you have not done any fun crafts with your kids. You had every intention to spend time with bonding with the little one and doing fun Halloween crafts together but as usual, you left it right to the very last minute....

Well, don't panic just yet. Here are 5 easy Halloween Craft Ideas for kids which you can do in a jiffy.

1. Quick And Easy Halloween Ghost Wind Sock

You make the Halloween Wind Sock Ghost with white paper, pen and tape. Just watch the video instructions. Its really easy and double up as a last minute Halloween Decoration as well.

2. Fast Paper Jack-O-Lanterns With A Twist

Paper Jack O Lanterns

Paper Jack-O-Lanterns uses the Chinese Paper Lantern craft with a twist. These are really easy to make and can be used as a last minute Halloween Decoration for your lawn too.

3. Last Minute Easy Pop-Up Halloween Card

This pop-up Halloween Card is really simple to make and can be done in quick easy steps. Go here for my step by step pictorial instructions on how to make a pop-up Halloween card. Mine features a witch but you can feature ghosts, pumpkins or anything else Halloween that your child likes to draw.

4. Halloween Coloring Fun And Last Minute Halloween Acitivty For Kids. 

When all else fails or when its really the very last minute, then try a coloring activity with kids. I love this Halloween Fun Activity Pack from Nickjr.com. which includes not only Halloween coloring but a Halloween matching game, Halloween candy sorting game too and the best part is... this Halloween printable is free!

While your child is happily coloring the Halloween coloring pages, you might just want to check out what is available for your last minute Halloween Decorations ideas here.

Updated: Originally written in 2012, I added the 5th Halloween Last Minute Easy Craft For Kids a blog post which I just wrote for 2014.

5. Kids Can Tangle Too - In Zentangle Inspired Halloween Themed Drawings For Kids 

Zentangle Inspired Art For Kids
Zentangle Inspired Art For Kids

Here is one very easy Halloween art kids of any age can do. Check out my 5 Zentangle Inspired Drawing For Kids Suggestions. They include the Halloween Hat, Halloween Bat, Pumpkin, Cat and Spider all done in Halloween Inspired Zentangle. These designs can be added onto a card, banner or any other Halloween craft. These are merely suggestions I came up with but you can do any other Halloween picture you like. Just draw the outline and tangle away.

Check out my Halloween Ideas Post here or read all about Themed Halloween Costume Ideas for everyone.

Below are some Halloween Craft Supplies And Craft Kits from Amazon for last minute crafters.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Easy Halloween Craft For Kids - How To Make A Pop-Up Halloween Card

I love pop-up cards. They are very easy to make and they are fun. Kids can easily do this on their own in very little time and with little mess. Younger kids may need some supervision handling the scissors. In this post, I am going to show you how to make a pop-up Halloween card in 8 easy steps. The steps on how to make a pop-up card will be shown to you in an easy step by step picture tutorial. So easy, even a child can do it on his or her own using these instructions.

How to Make A Pop-Up card For Halloween
 Step 1 On How To Make A Pop-Up Halloween Card. You will need construction paper, scissors, glue and colored pen and other fun things like glitter pens, accessories and other craft embellishments including stickers etc to decorate your card. Get them in the Halloween and fall colors of Orange, Green, Brown or Black and White. I haven't got all of those other stuff here as I am just going to show you how to make a basic card. You can get creative and decorate your card in any manner you want.

How to Make A Pop-Up card For Halloween
  Step 2 On How To Make A Pop-Up Halloween Card. Use 2 colors. You can use the same color if you want but I like to use two so that my card will have a different color on the inside.

How to Make A Pop-Up card For Halloween
  Step 3 On How To Make A Pop-Up Halloween Card. Draw two lines in the middle of the card. You will soon be cutting along those lines to make a tab to hold your 3d pop-up picture.

How to Make A Pop-Up card For Halloween
  Step 4 On How To Make A Pop-Up Halloween Card. Cut along the lines and fold the tab inwards to face the inside of your card. Your card will now look like it has a hole in the middle! Don't panic....

How to Make A Pop-Up card For Halloween
Step 5 On How To Make A Pop-Up Halloween Card. After folding your tab inwards, it should look like this. Your tab for pasting your picture is now ready.
How to Make A Pop-Up card For Halloween
  Step 6 On How To Make A Pop-Up Halloween Card. Now use the other paper and paste it over your card with the hole in the middle.

How to Make A Pop-Up card For Halloween
  Step 7 On How To Make A Pop-Up Halloween Card. Your card now looks like this, no more holes. If you have used two colors like I have, your card will have a dual tone color, one for the cover and another for the inside.

How to Make A Pop-Up card For Halloween
  Step 8 On How To Make A Pop-Up Halloween Card. Finally, paste a Halloween picture on your tab. You can draw your own picture. I used a picture I found in one of my children's activity books. Taddaaa.... your pop-up Halloween Card is now ready.

This is a very basic card. Your card should look a lot nicer than this. You can draw a cat, a witch or a ghost and include the words Happy Halloween or Boo! on the front cover. Let's get creative and have fun. 

Besides writing craft posts like this, I also write Halloween Costume Idea Lenses On Squidoo. Check out this year's Halloween 2012 Costume Ideas for the whole family.

1. Halloween Costumes For Couples including Mom & Dad 
2. Mother and Daughter Halloween Costumes
3. Siblings Brother And Sister Halloween Costumes
4. Halloween Costumes For Brothers and Groups Of Boys
5. Halloween Costumes For Baby Girl's First Halloween
6. Halloween Costumes For Baby Boy's First Halloween
7. Halloween Superhero Costumes For Boys
8. Halloween Superhero Costumes For Girls
9. Cute Princess Costumes For Girls
10. Melissa & Doug Costumes For Boys And Girls

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mid Autumn Festival 2012

I am a little late with this post because I have been busy writing elsewhere. Today, I better write this down before I forget entirely. My memory is really poor. I am glad I have a blog to help me remember things. Quite often, I use the search tool on my own blog to help me search for events I want to remember!

This year, 2012 Mid Autumn Festival was on a Sunday. Since Monday was a school and work day, we decided to take the kids to the park to play with their lanterns and candles on Saturday night instead. We used their recycled lanterns which they have been having for a few years now. We have a pair which they have used for 2-3 years. Last year or two years ago, we bought them another pair, so now they each have two.

One boy who was wearing a Ben 10 T-shirt came over to look at my boy's Ben 10 lantern. "Ben-10!" he exclaimed. Later, he walked on by and pointed to his own lantern as if to say "I have one too." Kids are so innocent and cute. There weren't that many people at the park playing with their lanterns. My girl kept on saying that it would be better for us to go on Sunday, the actual day "then there will be lots of people and maybe I can meet some friends."

On Sunday, we drove by the park while we were out for an evening drive. To our surpirse, there was no one there, only one group of people playing. This was so different from the previous years when the whole park was lighted up by groups of young and old. I guess, being Sunday.... Still it was a sorry sight.

Anyway, the kids had their fun. The boy was the most excited, talking animatedly most of the time. He is only 8. She is 10. Soon, they won't want to play with childish lanterns anymore so I savoured the moment for yet another year. Their dad took them to walk round the whole park with their lanterns. They were happy. It was a bonding moment for them. They thought it was a great adventure to walk in the dark and keep the candles in their lanterns from being blown off by the wind. I am happy they have many bonding moments like this, dad and kids. I am happy that hubby is a family man who spends a lot of time with our young kids.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Themed Halloween Costume Ideas For Families Mother Daughter And Siblings

Matching Halloween Costumes For Mother And Daughter
I have written many Halloween Costume pages online but I'm just going to highlight some of them here. Since this is a family blog, the Halloween Costume sites I am highlighting here are for families looking for Halloween Costume themes.

The themed Halloween Costume Ideas include
  1. Matching Halloween Costumes For Mother and Daughter
  2. Brother And Sister Matching Halloween Costumes
  3. Halloween Costume Ideas For Brothers
This themed Halloween Costume Ideas are great for families who want to dress up as a group or in coordinated costumes. The ideas are presented in easy to browse images for siblings in coordinated Halloween Costumes or Mother and Daughter in Matching Halloween Outfits. Below are an excerpt of the above pages plus some other Halloween Costumes Ideas for kids including baby's first Halloween Outfit Ideas and Superhero Costumes For Kids.

Our Matching Halloween Costumes For Mothers And Daughters Has Just Been Updated For 2015. Check it out here. 

Search For More Costume Ideas Here:

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Newly updated for 2015.

We just updated our Halloween Candy Alternative Ideas For Those Who Are Health Conscious This Year 2015.

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