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Monday, November 26, 2012

Rainbow Magic Fairy Books By Daisy Meadows

Rainbow Magic Sepcial Edition: Magical Holiday Boxed Set

Rainbow Magic Special Edition: Magical Holiday Boxed Set

Recently my girl bought a couple of Rainbow Magic Fairy Books By Daisy Meadows. She bought it because she wanted to collect the charm bracelet and bracelet charms that came with the book! Not exactly a very good reason for buying a book but she insisted that she only bought one of them because she liked the bracelet. "I bought the other one because I like the book mum, not the bracelet." said my Little Miss Bookworm. The book has a charm each to collect and a charm bracelet in one of the 6 books in the set. I guess she will be clamouring for more the next time we visit the book store.

The Rainbow Magic series are easy to read and good for girls who like fairies (and which girl does not?). I don't mind that my girl reads it. Kids Popular Chapter Books are great to encourage reading. I don't even mind that she wants to collect the books for the charm bracelets as long as she reads them, and she does.

My girl is a voracious reader and a classic book worm. She reads whenever she gets a chance to and at any time, there will be about 5-6 books and magazines in English and Chinese being read all at the same time. She reads comics, magazines, books, novels, a wide variety of books.

Anyway, back to the Rainbow Magic Fairy Books By Daisy Meadows, I find this Rainbow Magic Special Edition Holiday Box Set very nice as a Christmas Gift for a girl. It includes 4 holiday titles:

Holly the Christmas Fairy
Stella the Star Fairy
Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy
Paige the Christmas Play Fairy

Is your little girl a fan of Fairy Stories too? If she is, you can introduce her to the Rainbow Magic Fairy Books by Daisy Meadows. Daisy Meadows is a pseudonym used by the writers of Rainbow Magic, who are all hugely talented and successful authors in their own right. 

Existing Fans of Rainbow Magic can go here for Rainbow Magic Games And Activities Online.

Encourage Your Kids To Read. The Gift Of The Love For Reading Is A Gift For A Lifetime.

Check out my Squidoo Lenses on Recommended Reading List For Kids below. Books make good gifts for kids for the holidays and excellent stocking fillers for Christmas.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Stop Smoking Education

I think kids these days are more educated about smoking and the bad effects of smoking. I have seen many kids telling their parents to stop smoking now. There is much more publicity and graphic pictures and they are being taught in school about how smoking is bad for them.

I hope that when the kids reach their late teens and early adulthood, they will remember this early stop smoking education and won't pick up smoking the way some young adults did previously. Smoking is not cool. You do not have to smoke to feel that you belong to a group.

I seriously hope that my children won't be caught up in the peer pressure to smoke later on in life. For now, I am content that they show displeasure when someone smokes or tells me to move away from a smoke filled area in a restaurant because "it is bad to breathe in second hand smoke, mom."

Sometimes they ask me "If smoking is bad for us, why do people smoke, mom?" A very good question indeed. Why do people smoke? I wish they would stop. Then the world around us will be a better, cleaner and fresher place to live it and people will become healthier too. So, if you are a smoker, why not stop smoking today. One day you will be a parent and you won't want your kids to smoke knowing how bad smoking is for them.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Interesting Groomsmen Gifts

I remember my husband had 3 groomsmen for our wedding. We didn't know very much about wedding customs then. We still don't know. For example, we don't know who many groomsmen is too many and how many groomsmen one should have. So, we just settled for 3. 3 who could actually make it for our wedding.

We didn't give the groomsmen any gifts. We just gave them angpows or red packets filled with money. Thinking back, I think we should have given the groomsmen some unique groomsmen gifts. It would have been memorable and fun to shop for them. They would serve as a very nice keepsakes for our wedding and would have been a  very nice touch.

However, at the time, we were so busy running around taking care of the venue for our wedding, taking our wedding photographs, getting our rings, wedding garments etc. There is so much to do for a wedding! I actually lost weight running around organizing our wedding.

We enjoyed all the things we had to do leading to our wedding. I think it is much more fun to do it ourselves rather than to leave it to a wedding organizer. However, next time anyone wants to plan and organize their own wedding, I would advise them not to forget interesting groomsmen gifts like we did.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Gift Basket For Kids

Christmas Gift Basket For Kids make a very good hostess gift. A Christmas Gift Basket For Kids are also good stocking stuffers for children. These days you can easily get beautiful kids gift baskets online. They can be delivered to the recipient directly or you can arrange for the kids gift baskets to be delivered to your own home as a stocking filler or if you are attending a gathering hosted by another family, it would be a very good hostess gift to give to the hostess of the Christmas party or gathering especially if the family has young kids. They will surely appreciate it for sure.

Here are my top 7 picks for this year's 2012 Christmas Gift Baskets For Kids

Unique Gift for Children: "Creative Kids" Christmas Gift Basket for Kids

Unique Gift for Children: "Creative Kids" Christmas Gift Basket for Kids
I love this one because it is a good combination of goodies, snacks as well as a variety of activities for kids including coloring books, cards, crayons and more. I always prefer kids gift baskets to include crafts and activities and small toys rather than be limited to snacks alone. This Christmas Gift Basket For Kids has both snacks as well as crafts.

Santa Claus Stocking Stuffer Holiday Christmas Gift Basket

Santa Claus Stocking Stuffer Holiday Christmas Gift Basket
I did mention that I prefer kids gift baskets to have a variety of snacks as well as activities for kids like craft kits and more. However, I am including this kids Christmas Gift Basket because the Santa stocking is adorable and can be reused after the snacks are gone. The Santa themed candies are really cute too and the price is not too expensive as compared to some other Christmas Gift Basket For Kids. This one is affordable and makes a nice Christmas Stocking Stuffer for Kids.

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Crafty Kids Fun & Activity Gift Box
Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Crafty Kids Fun & Activity Gift Box
Though not exactly a Christmasy one since it does not have Santa or Reindeer or any of those things you associate with Christmas, I simply love this Gift Basket For Kids because of all the activities within especially craftting acitivity kits for children including crayons, play dough and lots more goodies.

Santa!: Children's Holiday Christmas Gift Basket

Santa!: Children's Holiday Christmas Gift Basket
If you simply must have a Christmas themed one, then Santa will definitely be fitting for Christmas. This Christmas Gift Basket For Kids is filled with Santa themed snacks and candies with a plush Santa watching over all of those delicious cookies and sweets.

Frosty and Friends Christmas Holiday Snowman Gift Basket
Frosty and Friends Christmas Holiday Snowman Gift Basket
Another Christmas Gift Basket For Kids has Frosty The Snowman as the main theme. The holiday candies and chocolates are presented in a lovely wooden box with a snowman trio which can be reused year after year. This makes an excellent gift for a hostess. I wouldn't mind receiving one myself.

Christian Childrens Christmas Gift Basket with Cookies, Chocolate, Fudge, Books & Music

Christian Childrens Christmas Gift Basket with Cookies, Chocolate, Fudge, Books & Music
This Christmas gift basket fulfills my criteria of good gift baskets which must have a variety of snacks as well as other gifts. It includes a Christmas singalong CD for kids, a mini book "Away in a Manger", Christmas bookmark plus yummy holiday chocolates and cookies. I find the blue packaging a nice change from the usual red and green ones.

Merry Chris-Moose - Christmas Holiday Gourmet Food Gift Basket
Merry Chris-Moose - Christmas Holiday Gourmet Food Gift Basket
This Christmas Gift Basket is suitable for a hostess. The moose theme is cute for the kids. There are many treats in the basket. However, it would be good for everyone, not just for children. So if you are looking for a strictly kids Christmas Gift Baskets, the kids may prefer some of the others featured above. This one is more like a Christmas Gift basket for everyone in the house.

More Christmas Gift Baskets For Kids

Motivation For Reading

One of the best gifts you can give a child is the gift of a lifetime love for reading and for books. It isn't really hard to achieve this. First, you must instill a love for books and an inner motivation for reading in the child. To do this, you have to love books yourself. Read often, to the child, or together. Visit bookshops instead of toy shops. Browse, read and buy books as gifts. The more the child is read to and the more the child sees you reading, the more interested they will be in books. Read daily, every night before sleep or in the afternoon before nap times or wherever and whenever your schedule permits.

Once the Common Core of the love for reading is achieved, you will then have given your child a gift for a lifetime. Books takes us to far away places we can otherwise never go. Books takes us through adventures, we see and learn so much from books. Read together or apart then talk about what you have read.

Read comics, story books, magazines, newspapers. It doesn't matter. Read from traditional paper books, read from the newer tablets or digital format books. As long as you are reading, the format does not matter either. This Christmas, why not give a child a book as a gift? Books are the best gift of all.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Christmas Gifts 2012 For The Whole Family Ideas

It's almost Christmas again and time to go shopping for Christmas gifts for the whole family. I love shopping for gifts for the whole family. It's fun to think of each member of the family and what they need and the joy (I hope) they will get when they open the gift. This year, for Christmas 2012, I have compiled a very large and comprehensive list of gift ideas for the whole family.

Whether you are looking for gifts for grandfather, gifts for grandma, presents for mother, gifts for father, brother, sister, daughter, teen, son, or that special person if your family who is a computer geek or a lefty, gifts for women and more are all included in my Christmas Gift Ideas For Whole Family.

You will find a gift for every member of the family. I also keep the list updated very regularly and each page is updated with the latest Christmas Gifts for 2012. You can bookmark the page and go back to it too as the gifts ideas list for whole family are everygreen and can be used for birthdays, valentine's day or other special celebrations and occasion as well.

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for the whole family, click on the present to go to the list.

Gift Ideas For The Whole Family

Christmas Gifts 2012 For Kids, Toddler, Teens And Children Both Boys And Girls

Every Christmas my husband and I sometimes do not get gifts for ourselves. However Christmas gifts for the kids are a must. That is because when the kids are happy, we are happy. This year I won a set of couples perfume for him and her in a contest. I kept that to be wrapped up so we can give it to ourselves for Christmas this year 2012. This year for Christmas I have compiled a huge list of Christmas Gifts 2012 For Kids.

The Christmas Gifts 2012 For Kids Ideas include gifts for boys and girls, teens and toddlers and include gifts for kids who like science, gifts for kids who like music, gifts for kids who like to draw, gifts for kids who like animals and a lot more.

If you are a parent looking for a Christmas Gift 2012 for your kids, go here to check it out. I am sure you will find a gift for your child in the very comprehensive Christmas Gifts 2012 for kids ideas listed below.

Christmas Gift Guide For Kids 2012

My Roof Is Leaking Again

It's the rainy season and my roof is leaking again. Yesterday, I had to take a video so that I can show the contractor that his previous work has not made any difference to my leaking roof. I'm not sure what he will think of it though. Previously after he fixed it, the rainy season coincidentally ended and it was sunny days. So we had not chance to really test it out.

However, its raining daily now and we're back to the drip drip drip situation. Fortunately the leaking roof is in the bathroom where it's meant to be wet anyway. Otherwise I would have to call the contractor in ASAP!

That is one of the problems of buying a used second hand home. You never know what sort of problem awaits you, roofing problems, termite problems and more. This is the 3rd or 4th contractor we've called in for our roofing patch up jobs and so far none of them has been successful.

It's not easy to find a good roofing ottawa company. One tip I'd like to share with housebuyers buying second hand homes. Always look up to check for water stains when viewing the house. It will save you a lot of headache later on.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Free Printable 2013 Calendar For Kids

I can't believe the end of the year is almost upon us. I was browsing in the bookshop and saw 2012 calendars and diaries being sold. That reminds me, it is time to teach the kids to be more organized by giving them their own 2012 calendar. If you are a parent looking for a free printable 2013 calendar for kids, then let me walk you through some favorites of mine.

Free Printable 2013 Monthly And Yearly Calendar For Kids

Free Printable 2013 Calendar For Kids

CreativeMama.com has got a super cute free printable 2013 kawaii calendar for kids. You can go to her blog to download the free printable 2013 calendar or view a few more free 2013 calendar designs for kids on her site including a 2013 Doodle Write-in calendar, a 2013 one page calendar and printable weekly as well as daily planners for kids. The above screen shot of the kawaii 2013 printable kids calendar is a  month to month 2013 calendar. She has a different design for each month. I like the September 2013 Calendar the best. 

Free Printable 2013 Calendar For Kids

iMOM.com has a free printable month to month 2013 calendar for kids. The design for each month correspond with the seasons and festive celebrations of the year including Valentines for February 2013 calendar, Christmas theme calendar for December 2013, an umbrella and April showers for April 2013 calendar and more The calendar designs are simple and very sweet for kids. Head over to iMOM to view and download the month to month children's 2013 calendars.

Free Printable 2013 Calendar For Kids

HelloCuteness.com is giving out free printable calanders for the last year in 2013. After that you will only be able to get premium calendars from the site. Premium calendars are text editable and you can select either weekly or monthly calendars for the premium one. Since it is the last year you will get the free downloadable kids calendar for 2013, head on over to Hello Cuteness to check out her theme for each theme. The one I like the most is the Partying Candy Corns for October 2013 Calendar. They are too cute!

Free Printable 2013 Calendar For Kids

Free Arts And Crafts For Children has a whole range of 2013 free printable calendar for kids. I found over 15 choices available just for the printable January 2013 calendar! Besides monthly calendars you will also find free yearly 2013 calendars you can download and print for your kids.

Free Printable Personalized 2013 Calendar For Kids

Free Printable 2013 Calendar For Kids

ShiningMom.com has shared some free printable 2013 Disney Characters Calendars for kids. However, she has taken it one step further by sharing with you some tips on how to make your own personalized 2013 kids calendar using your own image. Great sharing. It will be a fun activity you can do with your kids.

Free Printable 2013 Calendar For Kids

Free Printables.com has lots of choices of 2013 calendars you can personalize by adding your own text and images before printing. You will find 2013 Hello Kitty Calendars, 2013 Disney Cars Calendar, 2013 Monster High Calendars and many other 2013 Calendars which you can customize and print both monthly and yearly calendars.

I hope you find these free printable calendar for kids resources useful. What other resources would you like to see? Share them in the comments and I will try to get a post out for you.

Updated On 29 September 2014

I just created two free printable calendars for kids for the month of October 2014. You can find them here:

1. Free Printable Calendar For October 2014 - Diwali Theme
2. Free Printable Calendar For October 2014 - Halloween Theme

In addition, I created a Free Printable Calendar For Kids For The Year 2015

2016 Calendars And Planners For Moms. 

(UPDATED FOR 2015-2016) 

Moms, you may need one of these for yourself. They are not free. You can purchase them from Amazon.com. Click on any of the pictures to get the details.

2016 Calendars For Kids

Our Christmas Guides Have Not Been Updated At This Time.

These are my latest shopping guides for Christmas 2012. Click on the image if you have not started your Christmas shopping yet. The gift guide is very comprehensive and will give you lots of ideas for Christmas gifts for the entire family or as Christmas presents for the kids.

Christmas Gift Baskets For Kids plus the following gift guides for kids as well as whole family. Just click on the image to view the gift guide.

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