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Friday, March 25, 2022

Lazada 10th Anniversary Back to School Stationery Offers

Lazada is having its 10th anniversary epic birthday sale soon. Are you looking for coloring pencils, labels, papers, erasers and other stationery on offer? Here are the back to school stationery deals to watch out for. *Prices are subject to change by the individual sellers.

Pineapple Stationery

The birthday sale items include the Pineapple Tape Dispenser at RM4.60 (np RM10.50) and Pineapple Exam Sheet/Test Pad at RM14.73 (np RM19.00).

Shop Pineapple Stationery here.


Birthday sale items include Coloring Pencil 24 pcs at RM14.60 (np RM24) and Jumbo Color Pencils box of 18 at RM15 (np RM29.90) . Don't forget to collect vouchers RM5 min spend RM49 and more. 

Shop Stabilo here.

Miya Werkstatt

During the birthday sale you can get handheld tape dispenser at RM16.30 (np RM29.90). Vouchers to collect include 5% off min spend RM80 capped at RM10. Brands sold include Pilot, Pentel, Kokuyo, Tombow, Sakura etc.

Shop Miya Werkstatt here

Miya Art

Miya Art sells art supplies like paints, oil pastels and water colors. They are having a crazy brand mega offer storewide up to 50% off during the Lazada Epic 10th Birthday Sale. Good birthday deals include the Miya Gouache Paint Set at RM85.45 (np 149), the Himi Gouache Paint and Brush Set at RM35.54 (np RM79.12) and Miya Himi Watercolour Painting Set at RM26.54 (np RM59.60). There are many vouchers to collect including a RM10 voucher with min spending of RM10.01 applicable for selected products. 

Shop Miya Art here.


Birthday offers include Faber Castell Classic Colour Pencil with Case 12L at RM5.93 (np RM8.90)  and Staedtler Luna Water Colour Pencil Color Pencil 12L at RM5.87 (np RM7.90).  Vouchers include 6% off min spend RM60 capped at RM4 and  more. 

Shop BuyStationery.my products here.

Office Pen N Paper

Birthday deals include COLLEEN 785 Color Pencil Double End Tip Round 24 pcs - 48 colours at RM23.38 (np RM30) and Uni-ball One Gel Ink Pen 8 Color Wallet Set at RM 38.88 (np RM55.20). Also watch out for the 3 day birthday exclusive of gifts with purchase of select items from 27th to 29th March 2022.

Shop Office Pen N Paper here

PKS Resources

Birthday Sale offer items include Faber-Castell Classic Colour Pencil 12 Colors Slim Flexi Case at RM15.50 (np RM17.90) and Unicorn White Jumbo Correction Tape 5mm x 30m at RM5.75 (np RM7.90), Unicorn Student Abacus RM8.68 (np RM 12.90). Products on sale include brands like Faber-Castell, Unicorn, Astar, Dolphin, Double A and more.

Shop PKS Resources here.


Labelled your kids school stuff yet? You can shop for labels here. Birthday offers include Large rubber stamp with address RM24.80 (np RM45) and Laser rubber stamp with address RM8.50 (np RM12.90). The label stickers as shown below is available in a set of 85 pieces available in white or transparent and waterproof variants. The white non-waterproof one is available at RM6.50 (np RM6.90) during the birthday sale. The waterproof ones cost about RM2 more. 

Shop ChomelLote here.


During the Lazada Epic 10th Anniversary birthday sale, Deli is offering Deli Tape Dispenser Durable Sharp Blade Anti Slip E815A at RM5.40 (np RM20) and Deli Tape Dispenser Sharp Blade (125×58×66mm) 808 at RM5.54 (np RM20.17). You can collect vouchers for up to 20% off min spend RM60 capped at RM15.

Shop Deli here.

Winsin Stationery Sdn Bhd

If your child loses their erases easily, check out the box of erasers going at a discount. The STAEDTLER exam eraser dust free TH 30 pieces/box- ST-526E30-30 is going for RM14.20 (np RM30) while the STAEDTLER soft eraser TH dust free 43 x 19 x 13mm 30 piece/box - ST-526S30 is going for RM17.82 (np RM30). Form 1 students can also shop for calculators at this store.

Shop Winsin Stationery Sdn Bhd here

Friday, March 18, 2022

SOP for sports and co-curricular activities in school

SOP for sports and co-curricular activities in school.

Sports and co-curricular activities are allowed in schools nationwide with effect from 21st March 2022. Below are the SOPs for these activities. 

The SOPs cover before, during and after activities, and include the following

- teachers/students/coaches with symptoms are not allowed to participate

- immunocompromised students require parental approval to participate

- inter-school activities are not allowed, only intra-school or within school activities are allowed

- maximum 50% capacity of facilities, otherwise rotation is required

- good ventilation required if activity is in enclosed space

- teachers or coaches must be fully vaccinated and do rtk before activity

- wear masks before activity

- allowed to remove masks during physical activity unless social distancing is not possible

- encouraged to use own sports or music instruments

More SOPs and further details can be found here.

Some schools outsource some activities to outside agencies. The SOP for these agencies are also covered in the file above. 

Friday, March 11, 2022

Back to school buying checklist

10 days to back to school or starting school for the younger ones. This year students will start their academic year in March 2022. Below are some must haves back to school supplies for students returning to school or starting school this March.

1. School Uniforms 

This year students may continue to wear suitable neat and appropriate clothing if their school uniforms do not fit. However, if you are thinking of shopping for school uniforms, check out our list of school uniforms official stores in shopee. These are common uniform suppliers or sellers. Make sure to read the reviews left by buyers. These are really important to help you decide if the uniform is comfortable and suitable for your child. For very busy parents, nowadays you can get wrinkle free school uniforms too.

2. School Shoes

Use black school shoes with black socks. Two common brands are Pallas and Bata. Online usually gives you better discounts. However, you will need to know the size of your child's feet well. Remember to measure according to the size chart or check it out at the physical stores.

3. Masks

With the masks mandate still on in school and public places and in the face of rising cases, it has become a necessity to stock up on masks. This is one more item we should add to our checklist this year. Read our post on Choosing Masks for Back to School and Where to buy KF94, KN95 and KF99 masks online. You also need to think about whether you need to get a mask holder to keep the masks during meal times.

Biomate #KF94 (Korean filter masks) 

direct from Korea. 


 KMOMMPSP3 for extra 5% discount here.

4. Sanitizers and Wipes

Which is better? Hand Sanitizers or Wipes? Liquid spray or gel sanitizers? Parents are faced with these kinds of choices nowadays. For younger children, it is probably safer to stick to wipes first. We should teach the kids to use these items safely. Some parents buy cute portable cartoon holders for the hand sanitizer. However, you need to check whether your school allows this.

5. Textbooks and Workbooks

All school children will receive textbooks and workbooks free on loan during the school year. However, some parents buy their own set to be kept at home. Some innovative parents even break the books up into smaller sections to lighten the school bag. This year, schools will receive lockers for children from P1 to P3 while students from P4 - P6 will receive lockers starting next year. Not sure where to buy workbooks or textbooks? Check out our post on Where to buy workbooks and textbooks. Both physical and online stores are included in the list. You may also be interested in the post on Digital Textbooks for SK, SJKC and SJKT. Note that the links for the textbooks are frequently changing so check out another link if one does not work. 

6. School Bag

Roller bag or backpack. Which is better? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by members of our facebook group: The Malaysia Primary School Parents on Facebook Group. Below is the search thread for this discussion from 2013 up to the present time with pictures and suggestion from other parents.

What school bag should I buy? What brand of school bag? Where to buy? Which is better?

7. Stationery

Existing students may still have their old stock of stationery, all they have to do is replenish whereas newer student may need to stock up on the following. We wrote tips beside the items for easier reference.

1. Pencils (some schools do not allow mechanical pencils for younger children)
2. Erasers (make sure to get plenty because they always seem to get lost somehow)
3. Colour Pencils
4. Pen and (younger children may not need this)
5. Liquid paper or correction tape (kids these days tend to make use of correction tape more)
6. Crayons or oil pastels (Oil pastels are richer in colour and glide on more easily)
7. Rulers 
8. Calculator (for secondary school student)
9. Geometry set (for secondary school student)
10. Glue stick (for arts and crafts)
11. File folders (for secondary school student)
12. Pencil case
13. Book wrapper (slip on book wrappers help to safe time)
14. Notebook
15. Scissors (get kids friendly scissors without sharp ends and with cover for younger kids, left handed children can consider getting scissors for lefties)

8. Food Containers and Water Tumblers

Before the pandemic, outside caterers were allowed to deliver to school. You can even order food catering from school where lunch or recess will be laid out on the tables for kids who do so. However during the pandemic or rather the endemic stage which we will be going into starting in April 2022, homecooked food or food from home is encouraged. That means you will need a food container and water tumblers. Check out the tupperware collection from Shopee. This is a collection of different sellers all on one page so you can easily compare products and prices. Don't forget to read the reviews too!

9. Devices for Online Learning

Even though we are moving to endemic stage now, we will still need devices for online learning. The pandemic has fast tracked our ability to learn online from home. Even if we do not switch to online learning, teachers now have the skill and resources to conduct classes online ad hoc if required. Similarly, we should also be prepared to meet and learn online immediately on demand or if we are suddenly required to do so. You may need some of the following devices for online learning.

1. Desktop computer/laptop/tablet
2. Headphones/earphones
3. Microphone
4. Webcam
5. Drawing tablet (optional)

10. Home storage for school supplies

Last but not least, we must not forget that we need to find a place to store all these school stuff at home. This is a challenge especially if you have a few school going kids but it can look really nice if you rise up to the challenge. Home storage can be simple storage boxes or desk organizers, to a whole built in study room. It is all up to our own budget. 

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, March 10, 2022

How to tie hair bun for primary school girls with long hair

Are girls allowed to keep long hair in school? Depends on the school. Most schools do but require you to tie up the hair. If your child is attending SJKC, then you not only have to tie up the hair, you have to secure the hair into a bun. So how do you do this? If your child has been attending ballet classes, you may have done it before but otherwise, this is something new you have to learn to do daily till you become an expert.  Note that some schools may require you to write in to school for a reason if you wish your child to keep long hair. eg religious reasons or attending ballet classes for example. However, most primary schools allow it.

If your daughter who has long hair is starting school soon, you may have to consider one of these options it you do not wish to cut off her pretty long hair. 

1. Style 1. - Securing the hair with a hair clip hair bun

This is quite easy. All you need to do is tie the hair into a pony tail, then clip the hair clip slightly above your hair tie and gather the pony tail into the hair clip hair bun with net.

2. Style 2 - Making a hair bun with a hair styling sponge or foam 

This strip of foam surprisingly twists the hair into a bun with little effort. The foam is straight with a slit in the middle. You need to tie a pony tale, then push your hair through the slit, roll up all the way to the top and twist the hair all around into a bun. Watch the video from this seller here to see how it's done.

3. Style 3 - Using a hair net bun cover

For this style, you need to make a bun the traditional way first. To do that, you need to tie the hair into a pony tail, twist it into a bun and secure with hairpins and then keep the bun neat by using a hair net bun cover

4. Making a hair bun with a donut bun hair shaper

This involves tying your child's hair into a pony tail and using the donut bun hair shaper to shape the bun by pushing the donut shaper right to the top of the pony tail, pushing the hair all around it and securing it with hair pins. This seller has a video to show how this is done.

After looking at the pictures and videos, what do you think? Do you think you will be able to do this everyday or do you prefer girls just starting primary school to keep short hair?

Whichever method you select to tie a bun, when buying your clips and hair nets, make sure you select plain black. Some schools allow dark blue and the ribbons must not be too fancy. 

Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Must Read Books for 8-13 years old

As kids grow up, they are experiencing different changes including physical, emotional and mental changes. Kids of different ages need to read harder books to master language skills, increase their attention spans and develop logical thinking skills.

• 8-10 years old

Kids at these ages start to read on their own. Books with simple plotlines and short chapters help to develop them to become independent readers.

1.Geronimo Stilton


2.Baby Sitter Club




 • 11-13 years old

Kids ages 10-12 can understand complex sentences. To build their reading interest, they prefer complex stories with sophisticated themes.

5.Wings of Fire

6.Mensa Kids - Train in Your Brain

7.Guts by Raina Telgemeier

Get a free book Geronimo Stilton: The Little Book of Happiness when you join Scholastic Super English free trial class!

Aside from reading books, help your child to improve English language skills by enrolling in Scholastic Super English, an online enrichment programme that specially designed by Scholastic, The Most Trusted Name in Learning®. 

Your child will

·Learn faster and achieve better results in a fully English-speaking environment

·Learn with confidence in small sized classes of 6 students for personalised attention

·Online learning modules that are aligned with CEFR standards.

·Learn from Scholastic-trained tutors across the region

·Develop social skills with peers from different schools across the country

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