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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer Lyrics and Music

I can't quite seem to remember the Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer Lyrics. I especially cannot remember the names of the reindeers. So I had better post this down before I forget again because I want to teach it to the kids. There are basically two versions to the Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer lyrics. I prefer the version with the Reindeer names as follows:

Lyrics for Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, 
Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen., 
But do you recall? 
The most famous reindeer of all? 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 
Had a very shiny nose, 
And if you ever saw it, 
You would even say it glows. 
All of the other reindeer 
Used to laugh and call him names; 
They never let poor Rudolph 
Join in any reindeer games. 

Then one foggy Christmas Eve, 
Santa came to say, 
Rudolph with your nose so bright, 
Won't you guide my sleigh tonight?

Then how the reindeer loved him 
As they shouted out with glee, 
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, 
You'll go down in history.

Of course the lyrics are not complete without the video of  Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer. So here it is, the Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer story video and song.

Click on the link for more Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer Online Stories, Games, Crafts and more.

Last Minute Teacher Appreciation Card

Just a quick belated post here about how we made a last minute Teacher Appreciation Card. It was the second last day of school. Suddenly, we realised that we had not planned to give teacher any Teacher Appreciation Gifts or Cards. As usual, we opted for a homemade card.

We decided to do a last minute pop-up card for teacher. This is the front of our card. It is easy enough. We used foam stickers and the girl wrote "Thank you, Teahcer" using her colorful glitter pens.

This is the inside part of our card. We decided to make a pop-up garden for teacher. The girl cleverly suggested green as the base. Since it was really last minute, we didn't cut out the flowers. Instead, we used her flowers, bees and butterfly stickers.

Then she wrote a Thank you, Teacher message on the card and decorated it some more with more flower stickers and a fun smiley sun sticker.

Finally, here is are the instructions on how we made our last minute teacher appreciation card. We followed the instructions on How to Make a Pop-Up Flower Garden Card from Enchanted Learning. It is very easy to follow and make.

My children tell me that their friends often bring gifts for teacher during festivities or when they come back from overseas holidays with their families. For us, we may give teacher a small gift on teacher's day but usually we will give homemade cards like this. I think they are more meaningful.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

Last in my series of Top Christmas Gift Recomendations is this Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys. I do not have any Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Men because I can't think of one. I will have to get my husband to write that one but if he ever writes one, I will probably win the lottery. He is not into blogging very much. Here aer some of my ...


Christmas Gift Guide For Kids 2012
Click On Picture To Go To Christmas Gift Guide For Kids 2012
The image was illustrated by Kopi Soh

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

1. Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys Age 7

My boy is 7 so naturally I had to make a gift lens on Squidoo just for him. Even if I can't get the items on my wishlish for him, it is still nice to dream of getting them and imagining his delight when receiving the gifts. This Gift Idea lens is specially for boys age 7. You can browse through it to get some idea for what to buy for a boy age 7 for Christmas.

2. Christmas Book Ideas for Boys

Here are some Christmas Book Ideas for Kids. They make great holiday reading as they are all about Christmas and the Holidays. Some of them are from kids Popular Book Series too. Series Books are great for encouraging children to read. Why not start with one or two this Christmas. Fill that reluctant boy's stocking with a Popular Series or Chapter Book to start him off on a lifelong love for reading. It will be a Christmas present he won't forget.

3. Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys based on certain Cartoon Characters that they like

I have got some Squidoo lenses for boys based on certain famous boys cartoon characters. You can visit these lenses for Christmas Gift Ideas for....

a) Thomas the Tank Engine Gift Ideas for fans
b) Bob the Builder Gift Ideas for fans
c) Barney and Friends Gift Ideas for fans

Besides Christmas gift ideas, you can also find other valuable information in these lenses on online sites and activities for these famous boys cartoon characters.

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Top Christmas Gift Ideas For Girls for Christmas 2011



Christmas Gift Guide For Kids 2012
Click On Picture To Go To Christmas Gift Guide For Kids 2012
The image was illustrated by Kopi Soh

As I mentioned, I am doing a Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls for this Christmas 2011. These are based on my recommendations on Squidoo. The recommendations here are general. Visit my Squidoo lenses for the specific recommendations on each separate category. So here it is, my.....

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls For Christmas 2011

Dear Santa, What can I get for a girl this Christmas 2011?
Ho, HO, HO! Plenty. Plenty. Here are some Christmas Gift Ideas for you...

1. Dolls make nice stocking fillers for girls

First, check out my Gift Guide For Buying Dolls For The Holidays and Christmas. Its got dolls for girls of every age. Dolls are the perfect stocking fillers for Christmas. Here are some of the very latest dolls for the holidays. Check out the Lalaloopsy Dolls for Girls this Christmas. They're the later, cuter version of the traditional rag doll. However, if it is the traditional rag doll you want, you will find it too in my Gift Guide For Buying Dolls For Girls.

2. Books are everygreen and great as a gift at Christmas or at any other time

Books make great gifts for both girls and boys. Here are some Christmas Book Ideas for kids. Check the list out if you want books about Christmas and the Holidays. However, if it is regular books or Popular Kids Book Series you want, you can go to the second link for some great Christmas Gift Ideas as well.

3. Crafts are enjoyed by most girls who will love to receive craft sets as gifts

Girls who love crafting and sewing will surely love this receiving this Cross Stitch Bookmark Kit as a Christmas Gift. There are more gift ideas like this in my Simple Cross Stitch Projects for Kids lens on Squidoo. Many of the cross stitch craft sets are fantastic to fill the stocking of girls who love crafts.

4. Cute Stationery and School Supplies

You can't go wrong with this Christmas Gift Idea. Besides, they're not just adorable to look at, these Cute Stationery and School Supplies are useful and practical items that can be used.

5. Activity Ideas - Why not get a girl a Cooking Book or Set this Christmas?

Girls love to imitate their mothers. If mother is busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen for Thanksgiving and Christmas, why not get a Children's Cookbook, Apron or Cooking Set as a Christmas Gift this year? Here are some Cooking with Kids Cookbooks and Cooking Sets to get you started.

6. Barbie Dolls for Girls for Christmas 2011

I know I had dolls under number 1 in my list but I can't help it. I love Barbie Dolls. So here are the latest Barbie Dolls 2011. Check it out for Barbie Doll 2011 Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls. Barbie Dolls make nice Christmas Tree Ornaments too.

7. Top Christmas Gift for Girls Aged 9 (Just because my girl is 9)

Finally, just because my girl is age 9, I have Christmas Gift Recommendations for Girls age 9. This is my girl's private wishlist but feel free to go through them to get some Christmas Gift Ideas for girls who are nine or a pre-teen or tween girl.

Tip: Visit the links on each category for more Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls in that category.

Coming next... My Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys
Also check out my Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Women for Christmas 2011

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Women for Christmas 2011

Christmas is almost upon us. It is amazing how time flies. I have written quite a few Squidoo lenses for Christmas Gift Ideas for Women as well as for Girls and Boys. So if you are looking for Christmas Gift Ideas for 2011, you can hop over to my Squidoo lenses and check these gift ideas out. This blog post highlights .....

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Women 

What can you get for the women in your life? Here are some great Christmas Gift Ideas for 2011 which I have compiled for you. Fragrance never fails. While men are visual creatures, women have a better olfactory system. That is why they will love these Mini Perfume Sets for Women for this Christmas 2011. They will make a great stocking filler for a woman.

Another nice stocking filler for women for this Christmas 2011, are Charm Bracelets with Themes. Get Charm Bracelets with a Holiday theme if you like but if you really know your women, mum, sister, girlfriend, wife, friend, spouse, etc, you can easily get one in a theme that you know she likes.

I also have a lens for Top 10 Gifts for Women in their 40s. I wrote it for women in their 40s because I am in my 40s. However, I believe that most women starting from ages 20 to 50 will appreciate and love most of the gifts highlighted. You can check it out for more ideas on what to get for a woman this Christmas, 2011.

That is not all. You can also check out One Shoulder Dresses and consider making them a Christmas Gift for a woman this year, 2011. They are great for that year-end party!

For the active woman who cares about health and fitness, Salsacise Aerobics Dance tapes and books will make a nice stocking filler for Christmas 2011.

Women who love crafts, particularly Cross Stitch, will simply love receiving some books or Cross Stitch Sets to make their own Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments this Christmas, 2011. This Christmas Gift will last for years and years as the Cross Stitch Ornaments can be  used over and over again.

Last but certainly not least, you can give these adorable Barbie Dolls to a woman. Perhaps you never thought about this as a Christmas Gift Idea for a woman before. For a little girl yes but a woman? Let me tell you that most women love dolls. In every woman, there is a little girl lurking in there. Besides, the Barbie collector dolls make great decorative items in the house. I would surely love to receive one of those collector Barbie Dolls for Christmas or at any time of the year. The Grace Kelly Doll is so beautiful and the 80's inspired Alexis and Krystel Doll from Dynasty are totally adorable!

Visit each of the links for more Great Christmas Ideas for Women in each of the categories. 

I will be writing gift recommendations for girls and boys soon. Not for men though, I never know what to get a man!

Updated are my articles below:

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys
Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls for Christmas 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Kiasu Parent

I have never believed in tuition and allowing the kids to study during holidays. Holidays are meant to be holidays so that means full time play. After all, the kids don't get to do much of that at all during school days. Surely I can't allow them to have no childhood or a childhood filled with only studies and little play?

However, after a few years in the school system, I find that I am changing. Help! Guess what I did in preparation for this coming school holidays? I went to buy the kids books for next year! Then I went to research and visit a few tuition centers to enquire about their school holiday programs. That is what I did. I still do not believe in tuition very much, at least not the kind where the kids will have to attend 5 days a week (some daily till 10pm!) for all subjects. However, one tuition for one weak subject is ok, I think.

Anyway, so there I was buying books for next year and to my surprise, the bookshop was quite packed with parents buying workbooks for next year! The tuition centers I visited were filled with kids studying for next year! The teacher in my girl's class had started to teach them Mathematics for next year. When she mentioned a new subject which she was going to teach, the kids exclaimed "Ah...we know already!"

That leaves me no choice but to teach them myself in preparation for next year. Not because I want them to be ahead of the pack but because I don't want them to be lost and left behind. It is an awful feeling to be lost and not following what is being taught. I don't want them to feel the stress of being far behind in studies so I have to get them to study during the school  holidays, something that I had always been against. Kind of stupid isn't it? I don't want the kids to feel stressed next year so I work them this year.

I also plan to teach them during the school holidays because that is the only time when we have the time to go through the subjects at a decent pace with lots of discussion and fun instead of working like a horse during the school year. During school term, they have so much homework, I never have the time to teach them. I don't even have the time to help them do their homework properly. It is a pressure just to complete the homework. I am constantly rushing them to make sure they finish their school work. Sometimes it is such a rush, I am not sure they are learning anything at all!

Anyway, although I will be teaching them this school holidays, it won't be all work of course. It will be work and a decent pace with lots and lots of play and crafting time. They don't mind doing "mummy's work" because they know that I always make time for them to play afterwards. I guess that is the difference.

As for tuition, it would be nice if I could find a Chinese tutor to help them in areas where they have trouble in because my help is limited .... to the usage of an e-dictionary. Otherwise, I will just rely on my dictionary. It is still ok with my Year 2 Boy but not for the Year 4 girl who has to write Chinese essays. I can't help her with that.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo Stilton Video Clip on YouTube

Both my kids are great fans of Geronimo Stilton. They are 7 and 9 years old. They can read the book in one sitting. While reading their own Geronimo Stilton books, they also request that I read another Geronimo Stilton Book to them at the same time each night. So, quite often we would be reading 3 Geronimo Stilton Books at bedtime. You can imagine how many we have in our collection.

The Geronimo Stilton Books by Scholastic are really enjoyable because of its illustration and cute fonts. Sometimes they include little nuggets of information in them too. Like having a mini encyclopedia within a storybook. However, sometimes, I find the concept rather adult like written from an adult's point of view rather than from a child's view. Still, my kids enjoy them tremendously.

Besides the Geronimo Stilton books, Geronimo Stilton also comes in comics or a full-color Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novel by Papercutz. My kids prefer the books though. I prefer the books too. Maybe the comics are too small for my old eyes.

That was my simple Geronimo Stilton Parent Review. The rest of this post is for all Geronimo Stilton fans and parents of Geronimo Stilton fans. It contains useful links to all things Geronimo Stilton including Geronimo Stilton Games, videos, and many other useful links.

Who is Geronimo Stilton?

You'll get plenty information about who is Geronimo Stilton on the Geronimo Stilton Wiki. This gives you many interesting facts about Geronimo Stilton that you probably didn't know about. Plus, it has a Geronimo Stilton Book List so you won't miss any of the Geronimo Titles. Frequently featured in his books are his sister Thea Stilton (who has her own series), Trap and his favorite nephew Benjamin. Check them all out in the wiki.

Where to Play Geronimo Stilton Games Online?

This is easy. Just go to Geronimo Stilton's Official Website. You will find plenty of Geronimo Stilton Games there. Not only that, you can also Listen and Sing with Geronimo Stilton, Draw, Read and even Write an Article for the Rodent's Gazette, the newspaper that Geronimo Stilton runs.

Which is better? Geronimo Stilton Books or Geronimo Stilton Comics?

You will have to see for yourself then don't you?
  1. Here is a sample of a Geronimo Stilton Book and how it looks like. 
  2. You can also read and excerpt of a Geronimo Stilton book here.
  3. Here is a sample of a Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novel.

Where can I get the latest inside scoop from Geronimo Stilton's Rodent's Gazette?

You can find The Rodent's Gazette at Scholastics. Here you can meet the Staff of the Rodent's Gazette and receive breaking news about Geronimo Stilton plus you can get free printables, activities as well as listen to audio clips of  some of your favourite Geronimo Stilton books for example: The Temple of the Ruby of Fire (Audio Clip). Parents, Teachers and Educators can get a Geronimo Teaching Guide too.

There are so many books in the Geronimo Stilton Series. Where do I start?

The Geronimo Stilton book is a chapter series book. This is great to encourage reading because the child is encouraged to read on. There are basically two types of series books. The first is where each book is the continuation of the previous. Something like the Harry Potter series. The Geronimo Stilton series on the other hand falls in the second category where the story does not continue but the characters are the same. So each new book has a new story using the same familiar characters.

What this means is you can start anywhere. You don't have to read from the beginning. However, reading the first book is always a good introduction to the characters and the entire series. This is what I recommend.

The Geronimo Stilton Box Set Vol 1-3 (As an introduction to the series)

The Geronimo Stilton Christmas Box Set (Just nice for the Holidays)

The Geronimo Stilton Box Set Books 1-41 (If you can afford it and don't have any in your collection yet)

Geronimo Stilton Book No 49 - The Way of the Samurai (Latest in the series at the time of writing)

Geronimo Stilton DVD Volume 1

Geronimo Stilton DVD Volume 2

These are my recommendations, but if you don't like my selection, you can always choose your own Geronimo Stilton Books here. They will make great Christmas Gifts for a boy or girl this year. I find that the Geronimo Stilton Books are not gender specific as they are enjoyed by both boys and girls.

I am sure that Geronimo Stilton and  his fabumouse family are on the wishlist of many fans this Christmas Holiday Season. Check out some of Geronimo Stilton's Christmas titles below:

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