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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Power to Choose your own Credit Card Terms

In these trying times, we want banks to offer us choices to help us stretch our ringgit and I believe that Alliance Bank has thoughtfully done so with its innovative You:nique Credit Card.

It is Malaysia's first personalised picture credit card that not only allows you to personalise the image and design on your card, it actually allows you to customise your credit card terms! Now, that is truly Banking Made Personal.

Here's what you get to choose. You can choose between Rebates, Rates,or Rewards and you even get to choose the Image you want on your card. That is what I call Personalisation!

Some individuals may prefer to cut their interest cost in these financially challenging times. The You:nique card allows you to cut your interest cost by half from the industry standard of 18% to 9% per annum.

Alternatively, you may choose to get rebates every time you shop! Now, isn't it wonderful to have a card that puts the whole world on sale? You can select this option if discounts is what you prefer.

There are others who prefer to get rewards instead. Here is one card that actually doubles your reward every time you shop anywhere in the world, not only during promotional periods but throughout the tenure of your card. Isn't that amazing?

Alliance Bank has done it again. This innovative credit card puts the power to choose in your hands. This power will certainly help you in your financial planning.

Not, only that, each time you use your card, you get to put your favourite image on your card making your card truly yours. Why not apply for one today. Currently the Alliance Bank You:nique Credit Card is running a "Sweet Family Moments" contest. Just put your favourite family snapshot or show off your baby's face on your Alliance Bank Credit Card and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. Contest ends on 31st July 2009. You can log on to www.alliancebank.com.my/younique for more details about the contest.

Can you guess who the above baby is? He is cute isn't he? Wouldn't you like to have the face of your adorable baby on your own personalised Credit Card too and win a prize at the same time?

Monday, May 25, 2009

His very first concert

Recently the boy performed in his very first concert. He was in a dance. He was so excited about it, having seen his sister practising for her concert last year.

When he got onto the stage, I could see his eyes scanning the entire auditorium for us. *Scan scan scan. Scan scan scan*....... and then.... he saw us .... and he broke into the biggest smile ever! Then he waved at us. Hahaha. Fortunately he still remembered his dance steps after that.

For his participation, he received a balloon and a small gift pack (of food). He was sooooo happy.

This month my calander is marked full with dates for exams, school parties, concerts, Teacher's Day, collect report card Day, school trip etc. When you're a parent with school going kids, thats what your calander is going to look like. It seems as though almost every week there is something going on. If I don't mark my calander I will forget to get the kids cards to give to their teachers, make food for their parties and collect their report card etc.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dora Vs Barbie Vs Hello Kitty

There are a few female cartoon characters or dolls for little girls. Dora, Barbie and Hello Kitty are just three of the many. I would say that out of these 3, Hello Kitty wins my girl's heart the most.
Oh, she likes Dora and her adventures. She even has a Dora tumbler and a few Dora storybooks and DVDs but thats it.

As for Barbie, well, she doesn't feel much affection for Barbie. I tried to get her a Barbie doll once (hoping that I could play with it along with her) but she doesn't like the doll. And whenever we are at the toy store she does not get attracted to any of the Barbie's with their pretty clothing waiting to be picked by little girls like her. "What can a doll do?" she says and runs off to look at some other toys. She doesn't like any Barbie merchandise either. No Barbie stationaries, cutlery or bags for her. She just doesn't like them. Poor Barbie.

My girl's all time favourite is Hello Kitty. She absolutely adores Hello Kitty stuff. I guess thats a good thing. You will outgrow Dora and Barbie but Hello Kitty is timeless and ageless. Hahaha. You can even collect them as a collectors item in adulthood.

So for her birthday this year, she is getting a cake with a Hello Kitty cream picture on top and she's getting a few Hello Kitty merchandise. Notebooks, Pens, Mechanical Pencil etc. We brought her to pick them out the other day and she was overjoyed. "Can I really have this? And this? And this?"

They're just small stuff like pencils etc but she loves them. Usually when she wants to get these stuff I usually put them back and the answer is usually "No, its too expensive. No, you break all your mechanical pencils. No, you've got enough notebooks." so she was delighted when she heard "Yes." After picking up a few items she said she has had enough when we told her to sop. "I better stop here before mummy and daddy change their minds and ask me to put some of them back." lol. She was so worried that we would tell her "No" or we would change our minds.

Her only complaint? "I know what I'm going to get for my birthday. Its not going to be a surprise." I told her that its better than getting something that she doesn't like and she agreed. For this girl of mine, a Hello Kitty notebook is anytime preferable to a Barbie doll.

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