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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Dirty swimming pool water

Recently we took the kids swimming. Its the first time my boy joins us. Previously he sat in his pram and watched. Poor baby!

My boy is younger and I watched him more closely than my girl who is more independant now. My girl saw me sitting on the steps at the side of the pool and wanted to do the same. I let her but did not notice that she was happily drinking the pool water. 'Cos when she sat down, the water reached her face level.

"Mummy there's so much water." she exclaimed happily. "I drank some because it reached my mouth. So much water everywhere!"

That night she threw up in the middle of the night. All over the bed and comforter and she had diarrhea for 5 days! Poor girl! (Its not fun feeling sick) and poor mummy! (Its no fun cleaning the comforter and changing sheets in the middle of the night! We had all been passing colds and sore throat around the house so it could have been due to that but I somehow felt that it must have been due to the pool water. Children's pool water can be rather dirty even though it looks clear and nice.

I must remember this lesson, ie. that little children can get into trouble really easily with their curious nature and eagerness to learn and experience. Must be more careful next time.

P.S. Maria, Egghead, thats my 3 posts as promised. Haha! Actually I haven't come out of hibernation but I can't sleep so might as well post my head blogs before I forget them.

Pull and Point!

My boy is a full blown toddler now. Time flies! At 19 months he can't speak yet (I think my girl spoke earlier but I can't remember now cos I didn't have a blog then!) but he can certainly communicate his wishes quite clearly now.

When he wants to eat something on the dining table, he will Pull and point! (ie. he will take someone's hand, pull them all the way to the dining table and then point at the desired food.)

When he wants to have a toy he can't reach, he will Pull and point! (take someone's hand, pull them to the playpen and point to the craved toy.)

When he wants to show us that his soft toy is on tv, he will Pull and point! (pull someone's hand, point to the soft toy then point to the tv.)

Hehehe. Smart boy! Mummy loves you!

Mummy's Afternoon Out

Some time ago, I blogged about suffering from mommy burnout but I never really found the opportunity for a break. I found myself getting annoyed and irritable more easily as I longed for some time alone. I longed to have a slooooooooooow meal without any interuptions. So finally I called my sisters and invited them to take me out. Hahaha. (Thats the benefit of being the youngest. My sisters still regard me as such and are happy to take their little sis out on call.)

So finally, I got my afternoon break. I had "planned" with a rather mean streak to let hubby feed, bathe and nap the kids on that afternoon. After all, I "reasoned" with myself, whats a break, if I had to feed and bathe them first, then come home to two fretty kids whom I had to get to nap. Besides, I also "reasoned", theres no better way to get hubby to stop telling me to stop being so grouchy with the kids and to try to feed the picky little eaters better then allowing him to do it himself! Hehehe.

However, the plan didn't quite work out that way. Sisters were late, so I ended up feeding and bathing the kids first 'cos I didn't have the heart to carry through with my "plan". Ceh! Such cowardice. Hahaha. Actually, I think its the nurturing instinct in me that does not allow it. Whenever I leave the kids with hubby alone, I always try to make sure everything is in order before I leave. I sometimes wonder if I should just leave things as it is instead of going all out to ensure "order'.

The other thing that I wonder about is how much instructions I should give. Actually I think I should not give instructions but sometimes hubby does ask for it "If you don't tell me what to do, how am I supposed to know?" I think I went overboard with my instructions the other day though. Hubby said he wanted to take the kids out for a while because thats the easiest way to look after them. Time passes faster that way he said and I replied "Oh no please don't! I want two rested kids when I get home. Just give girl her milk and take them to the room and read to them. They are fed and clean now." (That was probably too much instructions!)

Anyway, I had a really good time. I had a sloooooow western meal with my sisters. I ate my soup, salad, main meal and desert verrrrrrrrry slooooooooooowly. Then, we went window shopping and tried out some outfits and costume jewellery to show each other. Later we pigged out some more on teh tarik and rojak buah before they dropped me home. We only managed to cover ground floor of the shopping complex and joked about meeting up again for lunch, first floor and tea another time.

When I got home, hubby was playing his computer game and kids were happily napping. I even had time to do some exercise ('cos feeling guilty from all that food) and had a rest and shower before they woke up and yes, hubby did take them out as he planned but he still managed to get them to nap. He said he expected baby to cry a little before he slept but he was so tired he just fell asleep promptly when put on hubby's chest. Hahaha.

Monday, November 14, 2005

One line blog!

Due to special request from Maria aka twinsmom, here's my one line turned into many lines blog. (*wink wink*) Maria, now you won't see the Jekyll and Hyde heading any more. Hahaha. Everyday I still blog... in my head, though I have other priorities at the moment than my blog. The number of stuff accumulated in my head to blog getting more and more, when I finally get back to blogging, I think I have to post 3 times a day to make up for lost time. Hehe.

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