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Thursday, January 24, 2019

PT3 2019 Timetable

The timetable for PT3 2019 is out. You can download it from the Lembaga Peperiksaan Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia website here.

In summary, below are some of the important dates.

18 - 30 August 2019  - BM Paper 1 (Ujian Lisan Bertutur)

1 - 13 September 2019 - BI Paper 3 (Ujian Lisan Bertutur) ie English Speaking Test

23 September 2019 - BM Paper 2 (Ujian Lisan Mendengar)

24 September 2019
- BI Paper 4 (Ujian Lisan Mendengar) ie English Listening Test

Written Exams for PT3 2019 begins on 30 Sept and ends on 8 October 2019

30 September 2019 - BM Paper 1 and BM Paper 2

1 October 2019
- BI Paper 1 and BI Paper 2

2 October 2019 - Mathematics and a Language paper eg Bahasa Cina, Bahasa Arab, Bahasa Tamil etc

3 October 2019 - Geografi and Asas Sains Komputer/Reka bentuk dan Teknologi

7 October 2019 - Science and Pendidikan Islam

8 October 2019 - Sejarah

Note that a Scientific Calculator may be used for the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Asas Science Komputer
  • Reka bentuk dan Teknologi
The complete PT3 2019 calendar as shown below can also be downloaded from here.

Note that the dates for the Geografi, Sejarah, Asas Sains Komputer and Reka bentuk dan Teknologi projects are not included in this calendar at this point of time.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Just Awesome Daycare Centre Opening Soon At Setia Alam

This is a sponsored post.

Opening Soon - Just Awesome Daycare Centre @ Setia Alam

Parents in Setia Alam, Klang, Shah Alam may be interested to note there is a new daycare centre opening in your area! Here is one more daycare center to add to your choice of childcare available to you.

Opening Promo

Currently Just Awesome Daycare centre is having an early bird promo for parents who register early with a waiver of registration fee and up to 50% off the first month's fee.

About Just Awesome Daycare Centre

Some of you may have heard of J's Brain Toys @ Setia Alam. Just Awesome Daycare Center is the rebranding of J's Brain Toys. J's Brain Toys is an educational toy store cum play area. It is the brainchild of parents who first chanced upon Japanese educational toys while vacationing in Japan. They brought home some of the toys and J's Brain Toys was soon set up with a play area to encourage parents to play along with their kids. Over time, parents encouraged them to turn the play store into a daycare center and Just Awesome Daycare Centre was established.

What Makes Just Awesome Day Care Center Different?

1. Just Awesome Day Care Centre uses the open space concept to allow children to explore and socialise in a secured space. Children can socialize with other kids of different ages just as they do at home with their siblings.

2. Children will have the opportunity to do many puzzles and engage in interactive smart games besides doing their school homework and tuition at Just Awesome Day Care Centre. It's founders believes in the importance of holistic learning and helping children to think out of the box.

3. Physical activity is encouraged at the centre. Children are encouraged to cycle or spend time playing outdoors at the centre's outdoor space.

4. Books, toys and puzzles take the centre stage over tablets and mobile phones at Just Awesome Daycare Center.

5. Augmented Reality Games and other digital games are available at the centre for children to try allowing them to explore the world and keep up with the latest technology through play.


6. Living skills are taught at the centre including cleaning up their own cutlery after a meal to establish good habits in kids.

7. Homework help and tuition is also incorporated into the time table so that kids are taught to be responsible to complete work before play.

Contact Information:

Call 0123012874 for more information.
Just Awesome Day Care Centre
No. 16, Jalan Setia Dagang, AK U13/AK
Shah Alam, Malaysia

Note: With the opening of the daycare centre, the toy store cum play area is no longer open to the public. However, educational toys can still be purchased from their e-commerce website at www.jsbraintoys.com

Thursday, January 17, 2019

How to Slash It at Lazada with Friends and Family

Today Ah Soh (that's me) received a pm. It says.....

Hi there!

Congratulations! You are one of our lucky 18-man shortlist for the Lucky Fish contest! Please head to the new post to find out more what you should do to your share of this super prosperous prize!


Congrats once again and good luck!


So Ah Soh headed over to the post. It says....

Who's keeping tabs on this contest? It's time for the very lucky 18-man shortlist! Those of you who find yourself in the prosperous shortlist! Now you have to complete a creativity challenge! 🀄
- Did you hear about our "SLASH" THE LENG CHAI 🤣 or all the jaw-dropping deals on LAZADA? Share with us how you asked your friends and family to SLASH your deals! -
Hurry! We will pick the 8 most creative entries in the comment section below on 18 January! Remember! Be creative! All forms of entries are allowed, so prepare your best videos, GIFs, poems, songs ideas and unleash your inner creativity! 🎨
Entries close at 18 January 4:30PM!

How now? Ah Soh is very gancheong now. Ah Soh wants to win the Lucky Fish!

So, Ah Soh ran over to Lazada to look for how to SLASH THE LENG CHAI! Wuah! Really leng chai man. But Ah Soh cannot slash leng chai. Later will kena slash by Ah Pek. So leave Leng Chai to Leng Lui. 

Leng Lui who slash Leng Chai will have chance to do good deed. Visit nursing home with leng chai is a smashing date indeed. They say if you do good deed during Chinese New Year, goodness will come back to you in manifold.

Now to do Ah Soh's "Quest"

Share with us how you asked your friends and family to SLASH your deals! 

To be honest, Ah Soh dare not slash before because scared Ah Pek scold when delivery man after delivery man ding dong the door bell. Nevermind, its not too late. Chinese New Year coming still can slash.

Ah Soh will write tutorial for all Ah Soh's other Ah Soh and Ah Pek friends, so that they will know how to slash together gether with Ah Soh. 

This is how Ah Soh will ask all friends and family to SLASH Ah Soh's deals! 

Step No. 1 : Download Lazada  App. Very easy right?

Step No. 2: Choose Chinese New Year Crazy Deals (the pink pink one)

Step No. 3: When Chinese New Year sale page opens, scroll scroll scroll down until..... (continue to Step No. 4)

Step No 4: Scroll down untill you see the word "SLASH IT" and click on the word "More" beside it

Step No 5: Then choose what you want to buy and click Wuah so cheap! If enough friends and family SLASH IT, Ah Soh can buy this cheap!

Step No 6: Click Slash It

Step No 7: Click Confirm

Step No 8: Click Invite Friends

Step No. 9: There are many ways to share to or invite friends and relatives to help you SLASH IT. Can share on Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Send SMS and more. Better still, go and create Facebook SLASH IT Group, Whatsapp SLASH IT Group or Telegram SLASH IT group. Then all the Ah Soh and Ah Pek can SLASH IT together gether. If don't know how to create group, can search for SLASH IT group and join.

Bonus Step: Sometimes friends can also invite you. When friends invite you, "Slash this item for yourself!" so you can also join in the fun!

Very simple. Chinese New Year SLASH IT is until 18 January 2019. Maybe later will have Valentine's SLASH IT, Mother's Day SLASH IT, who knows?

Ah Pek and Ah Soh can also save Ah Soh's SLASH IT tutorial video so that can remember how to SLASH IT!

This is how Ah Soh asks family and friends to SLASH IT SLASH IT SLASH IT!

Now all Ah Soh have to do is to Stay Calm and Slash It!

Credit for Images: All images are screenshots from Lazada App. The Keep Calm Poster is from this Keep Calm Poster Generator.

This is NOT a sponsored post.

Book Review: Hayley's Fruitastic Malaysia by Mohana Gill

Book Details

Hayley's Fruitastic Malaysia
ISBN Code:9789674154929
By (Author):Mohana Gill
No of Pages: 64
For whom: Kids aged 4-8
Published Date:01 Nov 2018

Brief Synopsis

With the help of the animals in the tropical jungle, Hayley and Zac go in search of the "Treasures of Fruitastic Malaysia" as shown in the treasure map they found by chance. On the way, they discover up to 15 fruits including the king and queen of fruits, the durian and mangosteen, the juicy mango,
the fragrant and crisp jambu air, the sweet and mushy bananas and many more.

This colourful and beautifully illustrated book introduces children to two of Malaysia's best treasures, the animals and fruits. It is both delightful and educational too as the history and benefit of the fruits are explained.

This educational story book is suitable for kids from aged 4 to 8. Younger kids can be read to while older children can practice their reading skills on their own.

In addition, parents and children can cook together using the simple recipes found at the end of the book. Ingredients for the recipes include the 15 nutritious and delicious fruits introduced throughout the book. The recipes like coconut agar-agar, banana fritters, mini pineapple upside down cakes, starfruit smoothie, cream-filled strawberries etc. are simple enough for children to try on their own or with some guidance.

Sneak Peek into the book:

About the Author

Hayley's Fruitastic Malaysia is by Mohana Gill. Mohana came from a teaching background and decided to pursue writing in 2005. She started by writing books about healthy living and wellness for adults, and quickly moved on to writing for the younger generation. She has also written a number of cookbooks, all of which have been recipients of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. Images below are with courtesy of the author, Mohana Gill.

We are currently running a giveaway and group buy for members of our group, the Malaysia Primary School Parents on Facebook. Members who wish to participate, please head on over to this thread.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Succeed in Life by Learning From Others: Tag Talks

What is Your Ambition?

A simple question like that is often met with blank stares. Not many students are career or self-aware during their schooling years. During the teen years, as children are growing and discovering themselves, they are unsure of the path they want to take. Choices may be wide and varied but sometimes this causes them even more confusion and they may choose according to what they think their parents want or to conform to society's expectations of them.

Who Am I?

That's why Sri Bestari International School has started a series of Tag talks to encourage children to be brave enough to chart their own paths. Tag Talks is a unique feature incorporated as a part of
Bestarians’ learning journey. TAG represents the brand, value and identity which leads to one of the pivotal questions in life that the children themselves need to answer- 'WHO AM I?'

Tag Talks aim to inspire students by exposing them to success stories from individuals from various industries who have made it by daring to be different and facing challenges with hard work and grit.

Tag Talks goal is to help students find the answer to the question "Who am I?" to help them realize that they are the authors of their own stories and destiny lies in their own hands instead of living life in autopilot with no focus or direction.

Tag Talk Speakers

Bestarians have so far had the privilege to listen to Tag Talk speaker Dr Wong Siew Chin, who is the principal of Sri Bestari International School. She shared her thoughts that children should be reminded to remain true to themselves in building their own identity—to know their calling in life, to learn how to do it well and to create value in the world.

"As a school, we have the responsibility to expose the children to various industries and subsequently help them to discover and be the best version of themselves." says Dr Wong. A mother of two and still a teacher at heart, she believes that having the grit in life matters more than intelligence. 

Other invited Tag Talk speakers include Co-founder of the Picha Project; Ms. Suzanne Ling, An Astrophysicist; Dr. Nur Adlyka, a physicist and a published author; Ms. Viola Ho, a concept art designer; Mr. Johnson Ting and their own alumni --a coding expert; Mr. Josh Teng.

Students are exposed to more than just academics when listening to these speakers share their own experience. By listening to actual real life sharing by highly motivated individuals, students begin to understand the need to take charge and embrace a growth mindset with grit.

What Students Say About Tag Talks

According to students, Tag Talks have fed them with the knowledge, meaning, motivation and vivid imagination and exploration not found in books.

“It has made me realise that nothing is impossible if you try hard!” a Year 7 Bestarians claimed. 

“Tag talks had impacted me greatly as I realise now, how successful people work very hard and that they went through countless challenges to be who they are right now” another Year 7 student exclaimed. 

In other words, tag talks are not just an inspiration for students, it is also a career guide. It helps show them that they can be successful while at the same time, promote a cause or awareness or feel a great sense of achievement like some of the Tag Talk industry speakers.

An excellent example would be the Co-founder of the Picha Project, Ms. Suzanne Ling who believed so much in helping refugees, that she and her co- founders built a sustainable business for a good cause. The Picha Project delivers traditional meals to customers made by refugee families from marginalised groups.

Students who attended Suzanne Ling’s talk was truly inspired and it made students reflect and think of what she had shared. 

One student stood out with an exceptional understanding of the whole concept of the Picha Project, “I knew there were people who are less fortunate, but I didn’t expect that it would be to this extent. At that very moment of listening to Ms. Suzanne’s talk, my eyes opened and I could see the bigger picture of life beyond my privileged one. That first tag talk, was the day I realised that a small contribution actually makes a lot of difference and that’s how I’m going to start my life now onwards."

Children have so much to learn during their crucial development years spent at school. SBIS is committed in developing global leaders who will embrace a growth mindset and be determined to make a difference throughout the whole world no matter which horizons they've set their sights upon. Tag Talk helps achieve this aim by starting them on the right mindset from a young age.

Tag Talk gives SBIS students the opportunity to listen to great stories and understand that they are definitely the author of their own stories, leaders of their own destinies. To put it strongly, It is the Journey of Realisation that Determines the Students’ Destination.

Sri Bestari International School (SBIS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Land and General Berhad. The school believes in combining the best people and the best learning approaches together to empower young minds. For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Sri Bestari International School at 011-51397866 or info_sbis@bestari.edu.my.

This post was brought to you by Sri Bestari International School

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Fun Printz Starting School Giveaway

"How do I label my child's shoes"

"Oh no, my kid lost their water tumbler AGAIN!"

"Where can I find cute personalize labels with cartoons and my child's name?"

This is the hot topic in our FB group right now and we hear you! That's why we're teaming up with Fun Printz to bring to you this Starting School Giveaway. 

What are we giving away? 

12 Lucky Winners from our FB group will win a set of Fun Printz Personalized School Labels 

Iron on labels set worth RM 68 each ( 85 or 45 pcs depending on the size you pick )  - 3 Winners

S labels set worth RM40 each ( 50 pcs )  3 Winners

M labels set worth RM40 each ( 36 Pcs)  3 Winners

Shoe labels set worth RM40 each ( 8 pairs )  3 Winners

Cool right? Go here to enter this giveaway contest. It's really easy. All you need to do is answer one simple question and fill in your details in the contest form. Winners are chosen randomly. T&C applies.

Join Contest here

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Where to Download Form 3 DLP Maths and Science Textbook

It's the second week of school and by now most students would have brought home their loaned textbooks from school and perhaps finished wrapping them in plastic covers. Parents of Form 3 students may have noticed that the Maths and Science in English textbooks for DLP (Dual Language Programme) is missing from the bundle.

It has been reported in the press that the supply and distribution of Form 3 DLP Maths and Science Textbooks will start in March 2019.

The MOE has released a statement stating that the reason for this delay is due to some changes to improve the procurement system and to prevent direct negotiations which came into effect in the middle of last year.

The MOE in its statement has provided a few links to download the Form 3 Maths and Science Textbook online. The links are for the first 4 chapters of both subjects.  The school would probably have provided students with the links as well. Parents can bookmark these links for students' self study at home.

You can download the textbooks here.

1. Download link for first 4 chapters of Maths in English for DLP Form 3 textbook:

2. Download link for first 4 chapters of Science in English for DLP Form 3 textbook:

Interesting Note:

One thing interesting to note from the download links is apparently the Science textbook comes with a mobile app and multimedia materials including Augmented Reality, Interactive Activity, Animation and Videos can be accessed via the app.

Below is the full press release from the MOE.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Where to Download UPSR Exam Sample Papers

Where to download UPSR exam sample papers? This is a frequently asked question in our group. In this post, we did a search to find the best places online to download UPSR trial papers for practice. Some of them come with answers, some do not. We've put them together for your easy reference. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Malaysia Tercinta.com has compiled the past year UPSR papers for 2017 and 2016. These do not come with answers and some are incomplete. They also have UPSR trial papers by states with answers. Now these come with answers and that's really useful. The papers are for SK.

2. Sistem Guru Online has a UPSR papers bank for 2018 past year papers as well as those from previous years from various states for both SK (mostly) and SJKC (some). They have built up quite a lot of resource over the years, so the best thing is to search for "UPSR" on the site to access the UPSR past year actual and trial papers.

3. MyKSSR.com has UPSR trial papers for 2016 SK.  You will need to click on the link that says "Untuk muat turun koleksi ini, klik link dibawah: Koleksi Soalan Setara Percubaan UPSR". When you click on that link, you will download a RAR file containing all the 2016 papers. A RAR file is a zip file so you will need a RAR Zip extractor software to extract and view the papers. You can search for free rar zip extractors online and download a free extractor to use if your computer does not have one.

4. Andrewchoo.edu.my has UPSR state exam papers from 2011 to 2018 for SK and SJKC papers.  The files are also in RAR file format, so you will need a RAR Zip extractor software to open and view the papers. There are many free RAR Zip extractors you can download for personal use. The advantage of the rar file format is the ability to download multiple files at one go so you can download the whole set of papers all at one go instead of downloading them one at a time. Similar to a zipped file, which you have to unzip, you have to "unpack" the rar file to view the documents. You can do this once you have the rar file extractor.

5. Pendidik2u.my has forecast papers for UPSR 2017 and other years. If you browse around the site, you will find other UPSR papers to download as well.

6. SumberPendidikan.com has UPSR papers labeled with the latest years. If you go to the UPSR tab on the website, you will be taken to a page with lots of posts labeled 2019. When you click on those images and links, you will be led to more and more links that keep you browsing and finally when you arrive at the download page, you may find that the paper is in actual fact a 2016 or 2017 paper that has not yet been updated but merely renamed in anticipation for future download. Rather misleading and a bit disappointing but if you have the time and patience to do the browsing, you will probably find useful materials for UPSR practice and revision for Standard 6 students.

7. Sasbadi Online Resource/Download Center has a few model papers for UPSR for free download. Go to this page and select either Pintar Cerdas or Model Aspirasi A+ to access the model UPSR papers. The others you see on the page are for secondary school students so unless you have children in secondary school as well, you can safe your time, no need to browse those.

Note that when you are on the website for MyKSSR.com,  Pendidik2u.my and Sumber Pendidikan, there will be banners suggesting you join their group on Telegram. Telegram is a messaging app. You can download it here for Android or here for IOS devices. The telegram group is like a whatsapp group. Currently the MyKSSR.com group has 3700 subscribers, Pendidik2u.my has 48700 members and Sumber Pendidikan has 84900 subscribers. Obviously the higher the subscriber number, the more frequently it is updated and shares useful educational material including UPSR related materials. However, they may contain hidden ads and the more active the group, the more notifications you will receive on your mobile, some of the notifications may not be relevant. If you do not like this, do not go this route. Of course, you can also mute the notifications if you prefer.

There may be some other sites if you do a search online but some are repeats and some contain lots of words purporting that there are UPSR papers for download when there are only one or two links available. There may also be sites requesting you to enter your phone number or join to get free ebooks or downloads. Be careful of those kinds of sites and inform your children not to give private information away freely.

I hope this compilation helps UPSR students and parents. All the best in your practice and revision.

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Monday, January 07, 2019

Fostering a Love of Reading

Post Credit: British Council Malaysia It offers English Language courses for kids and teens from ages 5 to 17.

Teaching your child to love reading

We all want our children to be successful readers. Parents play a key role in this; research shows parents have up to six times more impact on primary age children than teachers. So how do we teach our children to love reading?

The First Step - Read to them regularly and be a role model

The first step is to show your child that reading is a pleasure, not a chore. There are a number of ways to do this. Children whose parents read to them are much more likely to be enthusiastic readers in later life. Having a regular storytime creates positive associations with reading. Some parents prefer to read to their children at bedtime, but stories can be told at any time and it only takes a few minutes. You must also be a role model. Let your children see you reading and they will follow your lead. If you do not show your children that you enjoy reading yourself, it is not realistic to expect your children to love books. 

When to Start?

It is never too early to start reading with your child. Even before they are born babies can recognise the sound of their mother’s (and father’s) voice. No matter how young your child is, pick up a book or magazine and read to them. They may not understand what you are saying yet, but they are learning to recognise sounds and other features of language such as rhythm and intonation and they are learning to see that reading is an enjoyable activity.

Develop Your Storytelling Skills

Children live in a world of imagination and will quickly learn to love stories. Fairy tales and folk stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears are popular in all cultures. They can be told naturally, without books or other aids. Develop your skills as a storyteller. Alter your voice for different characters, use emotion for sad or scary parts of the story and add sound effects. You can also adapt the stories to your child’s liking by giving it a happy or sad ending or even make up your own stories with your child as hero! They will have their favourite stories and ask to hear them again and again. Eventually they will be able to tell you the story. 

Choose Books Suitable for Your Child's Level

Introducing your child to picture books from an early age is important. The bright colours and illustrations show your child that books are fun and help them to understand the story even before they can read the words. As your children grow, exposing them to a variety of books is key. They may prefer fiction, non-fiction, comics or magazines. We should give them freedom of choice, while ensuring the book is a suitable level for them. 

Students are Introduced to the Magic of Reading at the British Council

At the British Council we believe reading plays a key part in children’s development and can have a big impact on their future. We do everything we can to ensure our students share our love of books. We encourage children to borrow books every week from our extensive children’s library, teach the younger students to read in our Phonics classes and support older children as they start to enjoy more complex and mature topics. Every year we participate in a global reading competition where students from every continent attempt to read 10 books in 12 weeks. Reading is fun, and we all have our part to play in nurturing the reading habit.

For some children their first real exposure to books will be schoolbooks. They will come to associate books only with study and conclude “books are boring and reading is not fun.” However children who have been introduced to the magic of reading see reading as a pleasure, rather than a chore.

To learn more about the British Council’s young learner courses, visit ww.britishcouncil.my/children.

The next term will start on 23 and 24 March 2019. Placement tests can be booked online via www.britishcouncil.my/children.

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