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Friday, September 28, 2007

Win a Dot.com blogging contest

As some of you know, I have 3 active blogs. Two of them are hosted on blogger and the other on my own paid hosting. I have been contemplating getting another dot.com because its really more beneficial and valuable than a blog on free hosting.

For those of you who are doing paid blogging or considering paid blogging, you need to go dot.c0m. Advertisers prefer those. Despite this blog having better traffic and stats than my dot.c0m blog, I am constantly getting more orders on the other blog. Dot.com is the way to go forward.

So, when I read that 5xmom is giving away free hosting and free domain names in a blogging contest, I jumped and immediately did an entry. Hahaha. I didn't realise that the contest was for those on free hosting thinking of going dot.com. This blog is on free hosting but I already have one dot.com. So do I qualify? Oops!

Please go to her blog and read up this blog post to find out more about the contest: Go Dot.com contest. - 5xmom is giving away 2 free one-year hostings and 7 domains. Closing date is 10th October, so don't procrastinate.

Since I have done up my "entry" for the contest, I will post it up anyway... whether I qualify or not. You are supposed to write one post of about 200 words on why you think blogging is beneficial. Make sure you read her blog post carefully so you understand the rules and criteria. Happy trying! Good luck!


I am a little blogger, only 3 years old
How did I start blogging?
This story must be told
I am here to stay, its not a passing thing

I started blogging in '04 September
Though I didn't know what its about
But then I can still remember
At the baby forum 5xmom gave a shout

To lets have fun blogging together
Now thats when I started having fun
To write about life or just the weather
I knew that the fun had just begun

We left comments on each other's sites
That motivated me to blog even more
I blogged through my days and nites
Now I'm hooked right to the core

Then she told us how to Make$ Money$
Blogging had suddenly taken a new twist
The timing was really uncanny
Blogging had slowed but this I could not resist

So blogging took on a new chapter
As I monetized my blog and learned new tricks
I learned to be an adapter
And so begun my new fix

Soon 5xmom said we should go Dot.com
If we wanted to give our blogs more value
It was as if she had dropped a bomb
It was hard work but then I did pursue

And now just as I am trying hard to slow down
She organised this contest on the benefits of blogging
But even as I begin to frown
My fingers begin typing

So what are the blogging benefits
There are so many I can't write them all
Its not just about traffic and getting hits
Its something that can really enthrall

Blogging is about love, laughter, tears and life
It makes me laugh, cry, rant and smile
To see how freely others share their strife
As they walk down life's mile after mile

It helps me focus and be more positive
About the things I want to achieve
It also helps me become more creative
Writing things down can really be a relieve

Our blogs are our virtual real estate
It grows with maintainance and good content
So how could I resist this free domain bait
I assure you 5xmom, your money will be well spent

I haven't written a poem in a long while but I enjoyed writing that. Hehe.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Getting your child to eat their fruits

My kids love to eat mangoes, bananas, dragonfruit, mostly soft sweet fruits. One day someone served us some cut oranges. Thinking that they would reject it for sure, I was very surprised when they ate them. Why?

"Mummy, its like drinking orange juice from a curved orange bowl!" exclaimed the girl. I played along with her. Now everytime I want to serve oranges, I cut them up and say, come and drink your oranges from a curved bowl. It has worked so far.

The thing with children is to play along with them and be like a child again with them. That way, you can be your child's best friend and get them to do whatever you want. No, its actually the other way around. They get you to do everything that they want! Lol!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mummy, I wanna hug hug you!

My 3 year old has found the magic sentence to get through to mummy.

Don't want to sleep in own bed? Just say... "Mummy, I wanna hug hug you!" together with a big grin. If possible try to get that grin right in front of her face. Be persistent. Even if mummy doesn't want to smile at you. Keep smiling and shoving your face right in front of hers.

If this still doesn't work, raise your arms into hugging position and repeat "Mummy, I wanna hug hug you!"

Been misbehaving? Mummy is angry?
Been pestering mummy? Mummy is angry?
Been whiny? Mummy is angry?
Been fighting with his sister? Mummy is angry?
Been clingy? Mummy is busy?

Whatever the situation (and there's more) just say "Mummy, I wanna hug hug you!"

It works like a charm everytime. Mummy will not stay angry for long and mummy will hug hug and smile in return. Sometimes mummy even laughs aloud.

Blogging for three years and beyond

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Happy Birthday to me.....
Happy Birthday to me.....
Happy Birthday to my blog....
Happy Birthday to me......

I can't believe it. In a blink of an eye, I've been blogging for three years. That would mean I started blogging when I had only 1 kid and she was 2 years old then. Now I have 2 kids and they are 3 and 5 and I have 3 blogs and my first blog is 3. Lol!

This blog birthday is also my blogging anniversary. Because its my first blog it also happens to be the first time I started blogging. So, Happy Blogging Anniversary to me too. 3 years and I continue to enjoy blogging and am learning new things and getting to know new bloggers all the time.

Wanna know how I generated the birthday cake? Visit the The Generator Blog. You will love it and have lots of fun, I promise. Hehe. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me comments, especially those who have been with me right from the start. Thank you. I love it. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scenes in a Chinese School

Scene 1: The Homework Scenario

My sister related this to me recently. Here's what she said.

"...reminds me of the scene i witnessed last month at the school gate..a pretty little std 1 girl crying her heart out and refuse to go in the school cos she was holding her exercise book and trying to finish her homework.!. Another mother and I had to coax her :"dont cry,dont worry, write quickly, still got time!"

School, studying and learning should be fun, not feared.

Scene 2: Discipline with a Cane

I saw this myself when I was waiting to see a Chinese School principal to enquire about the school. 3 teachers standing around a little girl who was crying "I didn't do it! I didn't do it!" *Whack!* "You did it didn't you?!!" *Whack!*

If I was the little girl I would have said "I did it" eventually even if I didn't, from fear and intimidation.

Scene 3: Does not encourage thinking out of the box

A friend's son has homework to colour a car blue. He happily colours the car blue and the wheels black.

Answer: Wrong. Students are supposed to colour the car blue. (So the wheels should be blue too apparently) *rolls eyes*

These are actual, real scenes happening in our Chinese Schools and they are the reason why I continue to have misgivings about sending my child to one. Sigh...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Calling all ladies, your opinion needed

I know some of you ladies who follow this blog don't read my personal blog. Sorry. I confuse you gals with having so many blogs. Hahaha. I do regularly maintain all of them you know and I don't just fill them up with sponsored posts.

I usually fill this one with useful parenting articles, links, craft ideas and stories about my kiddoes. My personal blog is mostly about me, naturally. Whereas my Mothering Blog is a place to share stories with Mothers Only. I hope it will be a useful resource for Mothers. I talk about breastfeeding, pregnancy, toilet training, me-time and all those other "technical" mother stuff that only mothers would understand or care about.

Anyway, this is not what this post is about. I have just written a post on my personal blog on What men do when they "entertain" . So ladies or readers of this blog. Will you please head on over there to give me your opinion. I would really appreciate that. Thanks.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Age of Mischief

Yesterday they got into their first big mischief. I think the age of mischief starts at around 5. Thats when they want to explore and use their imaginations plus they want to test your limits and see how far they can get away with mischief.

Yesterday when I left the kids aged 3 & 5 alone for a moment, a long moment that is, I came back to discover the table including books on the table, plus the carpet plus the floor all soaking wet. They had nicely taken water in little containers from the bathroom to their room and were busy pouring them to and fro the containers.

I went beserk. I really did. Gave each of them a good smacking and telling off. However, I am also really angry at myself and guilty for not watching over them well enough. This time its a soaking carpet. They could have gotten into a much worse mischief. Who knows? Better watch them like a hawk from now on.

I blogged this a week back but forgot to post so yesterday refers to yesterday a week ago.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Life with a 3 year old and a 5 year old

I had written about "Life with a Newborn and Toddler" before in my Mothering blog. In fact, that post is very popular. Lots of people search for "Life with a Newborn and Toddler" and land on that page.

So now that the hard part is over, how's life with a 3 year old and a 5 year old? Lots of fun I must say. Everything is easier now. Bathing, Feeding, Sleeping and Going Out. But of course there are new challenges now.

They are both more mischievous and adventurous now so I can't leave them alone for long. They may unknowingly get into dangerous situations. I will talk about their first big mischief in another post.

The other thing is they fight all the time. Fight, Snatch, Push, Poke, Kick, Scratch etc each other. My voice is hoarse from shouting at them to stop it! I know all the parenting books tell you to talk to them nicely, reason with them, listen to them and don't scold or raise your hand at the kids when you are angry. Ha! When the scene is set and they are at it again, all the Parenting books and advise go out the window. Lol!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Paper Lantern Craft for Lantern Festival

The kids have been pestering me to get them lanterns for the lantern festival, mooncake festival or mid autumn festival whatever it is that you want to call it.

When they were young, I was very excited and would get them lanterns to play with early on. Some of the lanterns were battery operated and it would play loud annoying music till I couldn't stand it anymore and put tape over it.

As they grew older, we got them the real thing ie lanterns lit up by real candles but they could only play with those on the actual day of the festival. We will do that this year too. So no, we're not buying them lanterns yet, no matter how hard they pester.

We make them paper lanterns instead. As usual here is a step-by-step picture guide of how to make your own paper lanters. Its really easy.

Firstly, you will need coloured paper, glue and scissors.

Secondly, cut the coloured paper into A4 paper size.

Thirdly, fold the A4 paper into half horizontally and draw lines as show, then cut along the lines.

Lastly, open up the paper and glue all along one edge to join the lantern together.

Use leftover paper to glue handles on and decorate as you wish.

We used stickers to stick decorations on and we made several lanterns to decorate the room for a more festive atmosphere. You can use anything to decorate. Glitter glue, ribbons or make your own "tail" for the paper lantern using leftover paper. Mix and match your colours etc but remember....... don't use a real candle!!!!

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Worst of Enemies, The Best of Friends

Thats my two kiddoes, thats who! They are constantly fighting and quarrelling. They push each other, scold each other, snatch toys etc. Their constant quibbling is driving me crazy. (Quibble means argue over petty things, yes thats what they do.)

But then........., as soon as I raise my voice or my hand suddenly they will become a loving pair of brother and sister as they run to each other and hug each other. Its really hilarious.

Ah siblings, how they hate each other and love each other. This love/hate relationship will continue for the rest of their lives. I just hope that its more love than hate. Hopefully, I can help to stir them towards the direction of love.

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How long does it take to train a maid?

Due to my health condition, it would be ideal to have a permanent maid. Someone to be around all of the time. At the moment, I have a part time helper. She is reasonably good but she is not around all of the time which is what we prefer. But just how long does it take to train a maid? Don't expect those that are provided to you by the maid agency to be fully trained. At the most, they will teach them to make some beds.

Some people suggests getting an experienced maid. That will cut down the training time. On the other hand you have to balance that with having one that is too street smart or street wise. Theres the issue of trust and a longing for new pastures when they are more experienced, I think.

So lets take for example you take in a new inexperienced maid. I think it will take several months to train one up to your expectations. Afterall how can you expect someone who is young, away from their family and country and who perhaps does not speak your language and does not know how to use modern appliances to adjust overnight? I think you should be prepared to spend at least one or two months of your time training and teaching them. I don't think working mothers have this time and thats why we have problems sometimes.

As for me, I'm not prepared to spend that time only to face the risk of them running away afterwards in cohorts with the agency after my hard work of training and teaching them. Nosiree. And thats why even though we would prefer to have someone around most of the time, we are not taking in a full time maid for now.

Recently I saw a family of 5, parents and 3 kids out for a meal with a maid. The maid looked rather unhappy and left out. When the food came, she stood up and took some portions of the noodles for the kids. Why does she have to do that, I wonder. The kids look old enough to help themselves to their own food. Just like most children can wear their own shoes by school going age. None of the family members made any effort to speak to the maid throughout the meal. No wonder she looked miserable and left out. A maid is not a member of family but they could at least have made some small talk with her, I think.

I sometimes do pity the maids and their plight of working far from home and family in a strange land with strange equipment and in a language they do not understand. Don't you?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Kids Craft: How to make a pop-up book

One of the ways to encourage children to learn is to make things interesting and exciting for them. You can teach them to make a simple pop-up book to learn their alphabets and spelling by having them write on it. Its really easy to do a pop-up book. Here is a pictorial step-by-step instruction of how to make a pop-up book.

First you fold a piece of paper in half.

Then you draw two lines in the middle of the fold.

Then you cut along the two lines to make a tab.

Finally you paste a picture on the tab and decorate or have your child write in his/her book.

As usual we made two. One for my girl and the other one for my boy. The first letter in the alphabet my boy learned to read and write is the letter "O" so thats what we made for him. We got my girl to write on his book.

"P" for Princess is of course for my princess. She chose the picture herself from one of my old magazines. We glued the picture on and she asked "How to spell princess, mummy?" Thats the best way to make them learn. By making it fun. :)

Homemade stuff especially those made by themselves are always more fun and valuable to them and its cheaper too.

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