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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

8 things that remind me of Chinese New Year at Avenue K Shopping Mall

Chinese New Year is round the corner, a very exciting time indeed filled with traditions and culture. Recently I was at Avenue K shopping mall and I came across 8 things that remind me of Chinese New Year. 

The Avenue K's theme for Chinese New Year this year is Eden of Opulence. With this garden theme, shoppers can expect to see and feel Chinese New Year like I did.

8 things that remind me of Chinese New Year

1. Lion Dance

These were the lion dancers which greeted shoppers at Avenue K. It was fun to listen to the drums and watch the lion dance performers. The lion dancers blessed one of the mall's latest eateries, Rue De Paris Cafe. 

Note: Lion Dance Performance are on the following dates and time at Avenue K mall.

23 Jan 2024 at 12.45pm
27 Jan, 3, 12 Feb 2024 at 2.30pm
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2. Yee Sang

We had Yee Sang at Rue De Paris cafe. Interestingly, the crunchy parts were made with cornflakes. What an interesting and novel addition to the dish. Yummy!

3. Angpow

In line with the garden theme, this year's Angpow packet design from Avenue K feature lovely blooms. The packets come in sets of 5 with different shades from pink, red to gold. You can redeem two sets of  angpows if you spend RM238 and above at the mall, in a maximum of 2 combined receipts.

4. Auspicious Plants and Wishing Trees

Here's something you should know if you are shopping at the Avenue K, if your purchase is RM100 and above, you can redeem a money plant and take it home with you! Don't forget to make a wish too. Get your wishing card at Information Counter, Level G and hang your wishing card at the wishing tree located beside the Information counter. Three of the most heartfelt wishes will win RM200 Leather Avenue Cash Vouchers each.

5. Cheongsam

Women love to dress up in traditional Chinese Cheongsam during Chinese New Year. Its quite fun to see the various designs from traditional vintage qipaos to more modern versions and designs for the younger ladies. Check out the Cheongsams at Avenue K. There's one for everyone, including the little ones.

6. Chinese Cultural Performances

This is the best time to watch Chinese Cultural Performances for free!

Note: You can watch the amazing Chinese face changing performance at Avenue K mall at the following dates and time.

23 Jan 2024 at 12.30pm
2, 16 Feb 2024 at 1.00pm

Here's a sneak peek. Don't show this to the kids yet. Bring them for a surprise.
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7. Shopping

Shopping for food, clothing, accessories, decorations etc is the fun part of Chinese New Year. After the hard work we put in spring cleaning and cooking, we must dress up in our best to visit or receive relatives and friends. 

8 Visiting Malls

One of the must dos by all Malaysians during every festival is to visit our numerous malls to check out the mall decorations. This year, Avenue K Shopping Mall welcomes the year of the Dragon with the  "Eden of Opulence" with a lush garden theme. 

Watch the video below to see the "Eden of Opulence" at Avenue K shopping mall.

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