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Thursday, March 06, 2014

What Is Suku Kata Terbuka And Suku Kata Tertutup

Recently a parent from my facebook parent's group asked this question "What is suku kata terbuka and suku kata tertutup?" It is sometimes hard for us parents to guide the children in their Bahasa Malaysia because they are now teaching things we did not learn in the past. Not that it is a bad thing, it is just harder for us to teach, that is all. Back then, we didn't have to learn to differentiate between suku kata terbuka and suku kata tertutup. We just learned suku kata. End of story.

We also didn't learn about diftong, digraf, vokal berganding and konsonan bergabung.

Anyway, this post is about suku kata terbuka and suku kata tertutup and how to differentiate them. The difference is suku kata terbuka ends with the vocals "a, e, i, o or u" whereas suku kata tertutup ends with a consonant. Easy?

The video below sums it up very well and gives some examples of suku kata terbuka and suku kata tertutup.

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