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Friday, May 25, 2007

Top 5 Reasons Not To Eat

Here are the top 5 reasons my kids give for not eating their food.

  1. The food is too hot.

  2. The food is too cold.

  3. The food has something dirty in it. (Translates: Something chewable or something new)

  4. I don't want to eat the green and orange.

  5. I'm full. (Have not started eating or can gobble up something else that they like in an instant after that expression.)

And here is my reply to any of the above.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

When will my birthday start?

It was my little girl's 5th birthday. Her daddy had taken a day off to spend some time with her. (He doesn't do this on my birthday. Lol!) Since he was not working that day we took the opportunity to use some of that precious time to run some errands. (Yunno those kind that takes a lot of waiting, to the bank, gomen offices etc?)

And so thats what we did........the whole morning. By noon, my little girl looked at me and asked ....... "Are we going to another bank mummy? When will my birthday start?"

Hahaha. Eventuallly her birthday "started" at about 2.00pm. We had ordered the cake earlier and told the girl at the shop that we would collect it at 12.00pm. We finally collected it at 2.00pm. My girl was so happy! ........ From the time we collected the cake....... Because her birthday had started at last!

She had chosen the cake herself. She wanted a heart shaped cake, she said. It had to be a chocolate cake. Then she selected a picture of Hello Kitty for the decoration. It was a real fun activity, choosing the cake..... and seeing the end results. She was delighted.

Happy Birthday sweetie pie. Mummy loves you very very much!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Emotional Leverage

Last night my girl tells me out of the blue "Mummy, I'm still thinking of you not feeling well." Then she makes shaking motions and an "Ugh ugh ugh" sound. I reassure her. Then I asked her daddy to talk to her and reassure her too. Then she begins to cry silent tears which turns to loud sobs.

This happened around bedtime. I try to comfort and reassure her the best I can but I also have the nagging feeling that she is using this as an emotional leverage to get what she wants. And what she wanted was not to go to bed!

It happened again today. Her grandpa and aunt came to visit. Around the time when they were leaving she mentioned about thinking about me not feeling well again and started to cry. Her tears disappear easily when I promise to play with her which is why I suspect she is now using this new found emotional leverage to get what she wants. And what she wanted this time was for her aunt and grandpa to stay longer. Sigh!

Somebody please tell me what to do. I want to reassure her because I am really afraid that she may have got the scare of her life seeing her mummy having 3 seizures all in one day but at the same time I don't want her to use this and her tears to get what she wants. Hmm.... the female species do learn from very young to use their emotions to have their way don't they?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How to get the kids to gargle after they brush their teeth

One of the difficult things I have to teach the kids to do is how to gargle. Most of the time they bite their toothbrush, then they swallow the gargle water. So one day, I told them.. "Since you like to spit out your food so much, please spit out the water the way you spit out your food." and so they did just that.

But then they had difficulty cupping their hands and filling it with water to gargle and the adult cups are too big for them. So one day, I gave them their toy cups and told them to use those to gargle. They loved it! Now will somebody please help me stop them from gargling? Lol!

Now, my girl is such a pro at gargling, she can even throw back her head and do it. Sometimes they hold their little toy cups and say, "Yaaaaam Seng" then gargle. *rolls eyes*

Sunday, May 13, 2007

All I want this Mother's Day....

All I want this mother's day is good health and for my kids to be happy and healthy too. Hubby and I said we would only celebrate Mother's and Father's Day when the kids are old enough to celebrate with us or when they are old enough to understand so we won't succumb to the commercialised going out for dinner as a family thingy. Hey! Its Mother's Day yunno, not Wife's Day. Haha. Hmmm... come to think of it, there should be a Wife's Day too! Lol!

So its business as usual for us today. I'll probably "demand" for some hugs and kisses from the kids and thats it. The little one is up now and crying for mummy's attention. The second little one is up now too so I can get my hugs and kisses now. Time to go!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's in this world!
Updated: Wanna see what I actually got for Mother's Day? Well, go here then. Hehe. or go here to read about how I secretly long to have another baby :( I told y'all I have several blogs so I can house my split personalities!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Little White Lies

My Girl: Mummy, can you play the train set with us?

MG: *absent mindedly* Hmmmm? Ah Ok.

My Girl: Mummy can you play with us now?

MG: No, no. I'm busy now. Later.

My Girl: Afterwards?

MG: Yes, yes.

My Girl: Later is afterwards?

MG: Yes, yes. Afterwards.


MG: Come on children. Its time to brush your teeth and change into your pyjamas.

My Girl: Mummy, I want to play. You said you will play with us....

MG: Uhh... its late now. Its time to sleep. We'll play tomorrow.


The process repeats itself for different requests to play different toys or read different books.

Aahhhhhh I feel so guilty! I wonder if any other mum out there is guilty of this or is it just me? I feel like I'm giving such a bad example to my kids. I try to fulfill my promises but quite often the scenario above happens. What am I teaching my kids? That its okay to say something and not mean it? Help! I must overcome this bad habit! Can anyone tell me how to handle this? I feel bad when I tell them "Go and play by yourself for a while, mummy is busy." but telling them "I'll play with you afterwards." but not being able to do so doesn't seem right either. Sigh!

Monday, May 07, 2007

What is a mother's job?

My Girl: Mummy... is your job to scold?

MG: Yes, my job is to take care of you and if I see you and baby jumping around like you just did and I think you may fall and hurt yourselves, then I will scold you. (saying this while trying to keep a straight face)

My Girl: What is daddy's job?

MG: Daddy's job is to work hard and make money and take care of you.

MG: And what is your job?

My Girl: My job is to play

MG: *faints*

To all mothers. What is your job? Is scolding part of your job? I think it definitely is, right? Hahaha.

Friday, May 04, 2007

"Mummy has epilepsy, sweetie."

Sometimes being a parent means dealing with difficult questions like these....

"I'm scared by the sounds you made" (My girl told me this when I was explaining to her about my condition and my recent seizure, which unfortunately happened right in front of them a few times that day. I worried like mad about how they would be affected by it. Its a very scary sight to see someone in a seizure with their eyes rolled back, biting their tongue, going stiff then shaking uncontrollably and becoming unconcious and not being able to respond to anyone.)
"Its ok sweetie. (gives her a hug) Its good that you tell mummy that you are scared. Next time you are scared of something or anything at all, please tell mummy or daddy about it. Mummy has epilepsy and people with epilepsy will sometimes have fits or seizures. When you see mummy having a fit, you must call daddy, ok?" (She was ok with this reply and was pleased to learn big big words like "epilepsy" and learning to call her daddy using speed dial on the phone.)

"Why mummy not feeling well?" (My boy who is younger kept on asking this)
"Mummy is ok now." (Hug hug hug hug. Smiles and hugs him. He is younger so his answer is simpler :) )

"Why you go to hospital and not to doctor?"
"When you are a little sick, you go to see a doctor at the clinic, when you are more sick, you go to the hospital"

"Why you must stay there, cannot come back?" (Here meant hospital)
"So that the doctors can take care of mummy, then mummy can get better quickly and come back soon."

"What is that thing they put over your mouth?" (cups her hands over her nose and mouth)
"That is an oxygen mask. It helps people to breathe."
"Whats breathe?" and so on and so forth. Lol!

"What is the wire inside your nose?"
"That is to help me breathe."

"He scared mummy fall down"

Now, in their games, I see them playing "not feeling well", then arranging pillows and lying on them pretending that it is a stretcher because they saw mummy on a stretcher and sometimes I see my boy pretending to walk backwards and fall down (because thats what happened when I had a seizure). I let them play their games because children learn to understand new things and cope through their little games.

When the kids came to see me at the hospital, I was very touched when my girl came up to me and said "I love you, mummy." and my boy said to me "Mummy, can I pinch you?" Haha. Because pinching the pimple on my chin is his very favourite thing to do. I have a permaneant mark on my chin from his constant pinching! These touching moments make being a parent and handling all those difficult questions very worthwhile indeed! And to all mothers, cherish being a mother.

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