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Friday, September 29, 2006

Car Troubles

This happened about 2 weeks ago.

Saturday – All dressed up with somewhere to go……. and then……. the car broke down. The clutch just stopped working. Luckily we were still able to drive (all the way at first gear) to the workshop to have it looked at. A few hours and a few hundred dollars poorer, we had our car back together again with a new lower clutch pump and some other minor servicing. What a way to start the morning.

Sunday – Was being driven by dad (who had been given the green light by his doctor to drive after his recovery from stroke) We were driving along a main road, minding our own business, when this idiot, reckless driver suddenly turned into the main road we were on at great speed, swerving into our lane as he did so. He hit our car and then the coward driver drove off still at great speed. He did not even bother to slow down or stop to see if he had done any damage or hurt.

It turned red at the traffic lights for us and the idiot got away. I didn’t even manage to see his car number or make. Dad got a bit of a scare and so did I and later when we were able to stop, we discovered that the driver’s side of the door could not be opened after the accident. My dad may be old and his reflexes a bit slower but even if that were not the case, anyone else who had been driving at the time would have been caught unawares and hit by the idiot. (He came so fast into our lane, there was no time to react and he drove off just as quickly as though nothing happened after he hit us!) In fact, if the idiot had hit another car which was speeding just as he was, his car would have overturned from the impact. He was lucky we were not driving fast.

*&^%$^*&%&**##!! Dunno what type of person drives like that and then behaves like a coward and runs away. May his car suffer broken lights and other trouble from the impact so that he has to pay for driving like a madman. Poor dad was a bit shaken after that, got distracted and missed a turn to go home. Sis will have his car checked up. Hopefully, it won’t cause too much. Sigh! (Eventually the car workshop which dad usually goes to did not charge him for knocking the car door back into shape, thankfully.)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Homemade Shanghai Mooncakes

Someone gave me some homemade mooncakes and well ahem... there goes my diet! My self discipline melted when the mooncake melted in my mouth.

If I'm not mistaken the homemade mooncake we received is the shanghai mooncake variety. Its smaller in size (thereby easing my guilty conscience somewhat) and dome shaped. Usually the shanghai mooncakes we buy at the shops has a rather hard and crispy crust but these homemade ones are rather soft and buttery. Feels rather like butter jam tarts with mooncake filling. It melts and crumbles in the mouth. I'm not sure whether its supposed to be like that but it tastes good nonetheless. Still its a wee bit too sweet for my liking. Other than that...... goodbye diet, hello fat! Luckily the mooncake festival is only a couple more weeks away. After that I can end my indulgence and its back to the exercise mat. One, two, kick left, kick right!

If anyone is interested in baking their own mooncake, here is a Mini Shanghai Mooncake recipe link. Me? I prefer to buy or better still receive them!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fireworks Glitter Art - Great craft idea for festivals and celebrations

The kids love to do art and craft. Kids basically just love to get dirty and some of the arts and crafts give them a chance to do just that! Recently I saw a fun festival craft idea on the internet. Its a wonderful and simple craft idea, using glitters to make a fireworks picture. Glitters are really nice for crafts. I don't recall using them before when I was a kid. The kids are lucky to have so many types of fun materials available for creative little minds these days. Here is the craft idea source: Enchanted Learning Fireworks Craft. Its very easy.

Here’s what we used:

  1. Black Paper
  2. Glue
  3. Glitters

(Note: Not glitter glue but rather glue and glitters)

Here’s what we did:

  1. Draw the “fireworks” with the glue stick
  2. Pour the glitters all over the paper over the glue
  3. Use many different colours for a better and more colourful effect

Taddaaaa… You've got yourself pretty, colourful, glittering fireworks!

The children loved it of course, the chance to pour and get their hands dirty plus the end result for this simple craft looks really nice. Great for decorating the children’s room during festive seasons. Later, my girl suggested that she draw a car using the glue stick and we pour glitters on the car creating a glittering car. Looks like she's getting creative.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wife prefers to stay home, husband prefers wife to work

I wrote this on one of the days when my internet connection was down so it may sound a little bit ranty.

Wife prefers to stay home, husband prefers wife to work. Thats us. Of course, the other equation also happens. Wife prefers to work, husband prefers wife to stay home. Whatever it is, you've got to learn to get along and the most important thing of all is the kids should not be affected by your disagreement over this matter.

Just two days of no blogging outlet is enough to drive me grouchy. All that housework and cooking, and kids fighting and screaming and sticking to me all day is enough to drive me super grouchy and moody. I hadn’t realized how having a blog to vent my thoughts really helps me get through my days.

At least on my blog, someone listens. I could rant about this and that and someone would say “Yah, yah. I can relate to that. It happens to me too.” Then I don’t feel so bad or mad. Hehe. Sometimes the hubby is too tired to listen or he would just say “Just do it. Its your job. You chose to do it.” (Stay at home to look after the kids that is). Even if he doesn’t say it, I know that’s what he’s thinking because he has said it often enough.

Its no big secret to me that he prefers me to work while we share the household chores and the finances instead of specializing like these. Now, I do all the household related stuff (he helps me with some grocery shopping and worrying about some household issues but all the day to day childcare “work” of feeding, caring, bathing, getting the kids to sleep etc is done entirely by me). His job is to play with the kids and bring in the doe. (I don’t help him with that). Sometimes he’s even too tired to play with the kids much except weekends.

He has often said that there is an imbalance with this arrangement. The kids are much closer to me simply because of the time I spend with them and I ask him “Would you rather they be close to a maid or baby sitter and equally not so close to both of us?” Haih! Oh well, still he is supportive enough of my staying home to be with the kids and often thanks me for it but it doesn’t change his preference. (which makes it rather hard for me to “complain” about how hard it is being at the kids beck and call 27/7 or to ask for any help from him. Afterall, I don’t help him.)

This is just one of the differences we have to live with. I can’t change his preference and neither can he change mine. Being on one income is hard, we have to cut a lot of corners and be very mindful of our spending all the time and I know its really tough on him, the pressure of it all. However, there has never been a doubt in my mind that I want to be home with the kids. It just does not make any sense to me to pay someone else to look after my kids for me. It does not make sense to me to be able to spend only the evenings and weekends with them especially when they are so young. Of course financially, we would be able to afford more and this would translate to better things for the kids, better education, better life if I worked but I want to be home to nurture their emotional side too.

I wish we were more like minded in this area. For example, if he also wanted me to stay at home with the kids, when he sees that I’ve had enough of the kids for the day, he would take over gladly. However, since he is of the view that it would be so much nicer if we could share everything ie work outside plus childcare, his mindset is a little different. Although he is still supportive, its not the same, I feel. Sometimes I feel that he should do more to bond with the kids instead of saying that they are close to me because I stay home to look after them. Sometimes I feel guilty to even ask him to do anything since he is often so exhausted and I can’t help him much, what more to expect him to help me instead. Haih! Its not easy being a SAHM, even more so when your spouse does not mind the arrangement, supports you because he knows its what you prefer BUT you are fully aware that he prefers it otherwise. Sigh!

Sorry, I’m just ranting. I’m certainly not saying that leaving your kids to be looked after by someone else makes anyone a bad mum. I’m sure the working mums who visit my blog are wonderful mothers. I can tell by reading your blogs. In fact sometimes quality time spent with your kids is even better than quantity time. Having a caring, loving mum who comes home in the evening to hug and love and take care of you might be better than having one who is at home all day screaming at you. Hahaha.

At the time I wrote this, I was having blog withdrawal symptoms therefore my post sounded more negative than what I usually like it to be. Lol! Yes, blame it on someone or something. Thats terrible isn't it? Hubby always say that I don't take responsibility for my actions/what I do but like to blame others or circumstances. Hmmm.... I suppose he could be right..... some of the time.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Look who's talking now!

Baby’s speech development has improved by leaps and bounds almost overnight recently. It is so delightful to hear him speaking out his little mind. Its as if he decided all at once that the best way to get what he wants is to say it. Suddenly, he’s talking a lot. Oh, he is still mostly talking in short “sentences” of 2 or 3 words but it’s wonderful to listen to him anyway.

Previously, the most he would say is to “order” me around.

  • "Mummy come"
  • "Mummy sit"
  • "Mummy read"

Those were some of his favourites. Now he is saying things that are more unintangible like ……

  • "Don’t touch" (his poo when I want to change him)
  • "No space" (when too many of us are squeezing into the chair together)
  • "Baby push" (when he pushes his chair about)
  • "I wanna go" (kai kai of course, where else?)
  • "Daddy fix" (referring to the new shower head he saw his daddy fixing)
  • "Wait first!" (while waiting for the computer to load their favourite online game)
  • "Baby one!" (when guarding his own propery)
  • "Mummy's things" (when guarding mummy's property)
  • "Can't reach" (when trying to reach for mummy or daddy's phone high up on the table)

And recently when I call out to him “Baby, come here!” he will shout back Com...mming!” Hehe. Sounds very cute!

He also misappronounces a lot of words which is adorable and a time to cherish. Some of the words include:

  • "ais keem" (ice cream)
  • "I want didwan" (this one)
  • "Mummy dotty" (Mummy naughty. Note that its "Mummy naughty" not "Baby naughty" He says this whenever mummy is scolding him. Lol!
  • "drink niulk" (drink milk. Sounds like drink nuke!)

When his sister plays hide and seek with him, she shouts "Ready or not, here I come" and he does a really funny imitation of that which I can't reproduce here because it sounds like such a jumble but we can make out that its "Ready or not, here I come". Even his sister has a good laugh when she hears it.

Another funny thing is that whenever he wants to "complain" about something, he won't call me "mummy". Instead he will start chanting "Amah......Amah.......Amah...." to which I would tell him "Hello, I'm not your Amah lah!" (*rolls eyes)

Its much easier now that he can "converse" with us and he is begginning to use his new language skills more and more. Now he will tell me "cough" when his throat is uncomfortable, or "pain" when he hurts himself or "dirty" when he gets his hands dirty (this morning he told me "floor dirty" when I accidentally dropped some crumbs of food on the floor) or "cheh cheh beat" when his sister bullies him.

When any of that happens and he starts to cry, he would insist that "mummy wipe" his tears with a tissue paper or he won't stop crying. His tears magically disappear when wiped away with a tissue. Lol! These babies really thrive on mummy's attention. Mummy is always very popular at home. Everyone requires her services all of the time including the big baby. Now if only mummy has more time..........

Friday, September 22, 2006

My new cross stitch project

This week I’ve started working on my new cross stitch project. Dobbs, another cross stitch enthusiast has very kindly offered to email me some patterns. How sweet of her. However, because I was cut off from my internet connection I did not receive her email till much later after I had bought my own cross stitch patterns.

I bought my cross stitch pattern from this little handicraft shop in IOI Mall. Great stuff they have over there. It did not come cheap though. The cross stitch material, threads, tapestry needles, beads etc all came up to a whopping RM185. After its been completed the framing will probably cost a lot too.

The man at the shop said it was some award winning pattern. Aren't I ambitious? Haha. Its a bit harder to do than other cross stitch that I've done before as some of the colours require the use of 15 strands of thread at the same time! Thats very thick and not easy to get a nice smooth finish. Talking about ambition, I've still got leftover wool from an unfinished sweater I had wanted to knit probably more than 20 years ago! I like to knit and crochet too but I'm better at cross stitch so I'll finish this one, yes I will!

I better start on this before I need glasses for far-sightedness. My sisters tell me they started needing glasses to read etc after they turn 40 which means I will be needing one very soon. I used to be near sighted, needing glasses when I drive but stopped needing them about two years ago. Maybe thats the first step towards needing grandmother glasses. Lol!

I’m recording this as the start of my project date just so I can have a record of how long I take to complete the cross stitch. When I’m done, I’ll post the picture of the finished cross stitch picture. Meanwhile the above is my “Before” picture. I wonder when I’ll post the “After” picture. Last time I did a big cross stitch project like that, it took me about 6 months I think (and I didn’t have the kids disturbing me every few minutes), but then I can’t remember the actual time I took to complete the needlework because I didn’t have a blog to record it down at the time. Now, I’ll have a good record on this blog.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Two years of blogging



Crackle! Crackle!


Hehe. Excuse me. I'm just celebrating my blog 2nd birthday which falls on the month of September. That was just me having a blast and toasting myself for blogging on for two years. Its been a blast! (I missed the actual date because I did not have internet connection on that day. Boo Hoo Hoo. Nevermind thats past now and its never too late to celebrate a happy thing.) So here I am. Happy Blog 2nd Birthday to myself. Woohoo! Hip! Hip! Hurrah!

And here's a toast to my blog visitors too. Thank you for visiting and thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with me in your comments. Cheers! Have some champagne on me.... a cyber glass, that is. Burp!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My broadband internet connection is back.Yippee!

I've removed an earlier ranting post about poor streamyx service (according to Jason its screamyx. Lol.). Anyway, the technician finally came and as it turned out the fault was not really theirs but mine as one of my internal wiring was faulty.

Still, I learned a good lesson from this which I want to note down here. When you are facing interruption in your streamyx broadband, you will not automatically receive a rebate during the service interruption period. What you have to to, is wait till the problem is resolved, then, email to custcare@tm.net.my giving your full name, account number and mobile phone contact number to request for a rebate as soon as you get your connection back up. They will then do an investigation (by checking your report etc), calculation and rebate. Otherwise, you still have to pay the full charges.

So, now my broadband internet connection is back on. And that means I'm back on the blog. Woohoo!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Buy shares through a remisier or d.i.y. online?

I was a remisier before and my license to trade expires in about a year. Thats seems like such a waste. Who knows? I may consider returning to the trade rather than allowing it to laspe. Otherwise, I'd have to sit for the licensing exams all over again if I return to work when the kids are older. But then they say that its a sunset industry especially with the advent of online share trading.

I'm just wondering aloud. For those who have investments in stocks, would you prefer to buy them online yourself bypassing your remisier or would you still prefer to call up your remisier and say "Today got tip ah?" Which is better? Do you prefer to do it yourself via online trading. Do you even have the time to monitor it on your own? Are our online trading systems reliable? Do you think the remisier is obsolete or heading that way?

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kid's having Sore Throat - To see doctor or not

Both the kids are having sore throat and runny noses. Tuesday night my girl vomitted all over her pyjamas and quilt cover. I cleaned up the place quietly in the dark so as not to wake baby while Mr MG did the fun part and held and comforted her while he slept.

My girl was extra manja. She told me she was not feeling well and wanted to see the doctor then she reminded me to inform her daddy to take her to see the doctor when he got back from work. After we consulted with each other a little bit, we decided not to for the time being. Its probably just a viral infection as she is otherwise still her jolly good self, has good appetite and is well enough to bully baby.

We found this link from AskDrSears.com about Sore Throat useful and I'm keeping it here for future reference.

This morning its baby's turn to throw up his breakfast. Luckily they are both still cheerful with no fever so I don't think they need antibiotics for it. So no doctors for now just tender loving care required. Everytime I take them swimming this happens. Must be because they are always trying to drink the pool water when I am not looking!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Everybody loves to hear "I Love You"

All day long I hear this........

My Girl: Mummy, I love you.

MG: *Smiles and gives her a hug*

My Girl: No, mummy, say "I love you too!"

MG: I love you too!

Or sometimes I hear this...........

My Girl: Mummy, do you love me?

MG: Yes, I do.

My Girl: No, mummy, say "Of Course I love you!"

MG: Of Course I love you!

I also hear this....

My Girl: Mummy, I love you everyday. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday......

MG: I love you everyday too!

or this....

My Girl: Mummy I love you, happy, happy, happy.

MG: And I love you.

My Girl: No, mummy, say I love you, happy, happy, happy.

MG: I love you, happy, happy, happy.

Or sometimes I hear her talking to herself....

My Girl: Mummy loves me no matter what.

Everybody loves to hear "I Love You!" I'm lucky to hear it everyday. I wonder if she will still be so generous with her "I Love You!"s when she grows up.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Where to get cardboard boxes for moving house?

Time to make use of my blog as a personal forum for information gathering again.

I shall be very busy over the next couple of months, renovating and moving house. I'm planning to do the packing and moving myself. So now my question is....
  • where can I buy cardboard boxes to pack my stuff for moving house
  • where is a good place I can donate old clothes, books and other things (PJ/KL area)

I would appreciate if anyone who has moved house can share their experience and tips.

Since, I am in the mood for asking questions, here's more....

We're moving from an apartment to a house. I'm concerned about the security aspects. In an apartment, you basically just have to worry about your front door. However in a house, theres the roof, the front door, gate and back yard etc. In terms of security, could those who are staying in houses share their thoughts on.....

  • what we could do to protect the house from burglars?
  • How do you guard your roof etc?

Any thoughts anyone? (On moving house and house security but firstly I would like to know where to find the cardboard boxes for moving house.) Thank you.

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