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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Merdeka Coloring Pages For Kids

It is the month of August and during this month schools will be having Merdeka themed art and decorations
all over the school grounds.

It is quite merry to see the flags and decorations being hung up in schools. Parents too should take the opportunity to talk to their child about Merdeka during this month of August by giving them Merdeka art and craft to do. The best way to teach a little bit of history of Malaysia to the kids is through art, craft and activities.

In the spirit of Merdeka, here are some Merdeka Coloring Pages for Kids to share with you. All of this amazing art below are reproduced with the permission of BBM Stuff & Keceriaan Sekolah, a Facebook group for sharing graphics and ideas to add cheer to schools.

These Merdeka colouring pages for children are beautiful aren't they? I am so grateful to the admin of the BBM group for allowing me to share them here. Since the art is not mine, I am not hosting the pdf version. Just click on the picture to print out the enlarged version for coloring.

You should just see the beautiful graphics they have in the group for decorating schools. Their banners, signage and bunting will surely brighten up the walls of any school and homes too! I particularly like their LINUS and i-Think banners. Not only great in schools, I think we can use them in the home too. You can request to join the group here.

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