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Tuesday, March 05, 2024

10 Must Haves for Back To School

It's back to school season. Are you ready? To help you prepare yourself and your child for the chaos of starting a new academic year, we've compiled a list of 10 essential back-to-school supplies for a more organized and successful academic year.

Image Credit: Mydin on Shopee

1. School Uniforms

Image Credit: Pinly Garment

There are quite a lot of school uniform brands in the market that offer school uniforms for various budgets. You can also find wrinkle free uniforms if you hate ironing.  Nowadays you can purchase school uniforms online or at physical stores.

For physical stores, check out our compilation of the back to school promotions offered by stores to compare prices easily by checking out the brochures and e-leaflets before you go to the store so you know what you are shopping for. 

For online stores, check out the various brands that are available online.

For wrinkle free uniforms, check this out.

2. School Shoes

Image Credit: Pallas Flagship Store on Lazmall

Sometimes parents would buy a size bigger for school uniforms but for school shoes, it would be better to buy the correct size for the child's comfort and safety even though they may grow out of it fairly quickly. Here are the links to shop for shoes online.

Shopee: https://shope.ee/3pzLXwKFoF
Lazada: https://s.lazada.com.my/s.RYJKx?cc

When shopping online, measuring the feet correctly is very important. Here is a useful video on how to measure your child's feet when shopping for school shoes.

3. School Bags

Image Credit: Coala School Bag from Dolly Club Official

Parents frequently inquire, particularly those with children just embarking on their school journey or transitioning from primary to secondary school, about the ideal type of school bag: backpack or roller bag?

Other than the type of school bag, the cost is important too. Should you get a cheap bag which you can replace every year or get the more expensive ergo-comfort spine protection bags? 

Other than the regular school bag, you may also need a smaller sling or hand carry tuition bag. Sometimes kids carry both to school to even out the weight.

Shop for school bags here:
Shopee: https://shope.ee/20XhNzvkap
Lazada:  https://s.lazada.com.my/s.RYrub?cc

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4. Water Tumbler 

Image Credit: Tuppersweet

Water Tumbler is a must to keep students hydrated. What size to buy? 750ml fits most school bags nicely. However, kids who drink a lot may like 1 liter bottles. Twist cap, flip cap or straws? As long as it does not spill, whichever type of cover is good, however note that those that come with inbuilt straws may be easy to drink from but harder to wash.

Here are the links for buying water tumblers of different brands including Tupperware, BROS, Thermos and more.
Shopee: https://shope.ee/2fnOCQgRkw
Lazada: https://s.lazada.com.my/s.RYIz0?cc

5. Lunch Box or Food Containers

Image Credit: Seega on Lazada

Apart from having a short break during recess, sometimes kids are required to stay back after school. This is where an insulated lunch box that does not spill come in handy. Some of them come with matching lunch box bags or carriers too. 

When shopping for lunch boxes for kids, consider factors such as size, insulation, durability, safety, ease of cleaning, accessibility, versatility, style, portability, and budget to ensure the perfect balance of functionality, convenience, and appeal for your child's meals.

Where to buy:
Shopee: https://shope.ee/4AcC00tjT9
Lazada: https://s.lazada.com.my/s.RYsLR?cc

6. Personalized Name Labels

Personalized name labels are useful for back to school because they help children easily identify their belongings, prevent loss, and promote organization.

Image Credit: Lucky Sticker Printing on Shopee

Additionally, personalized name labels can foster a sense of ownership and responsibility in children by encouraging them to take care of their belongings. Not to mention, it will give us parents less headache searching for their items. Most schools have a lost and found shelf or cupboard. With name labels you can easily spot your child's lost or forgotten item. It would be a good idea to get shoe name labels to stick on shoes too because they do remove them to go to the library or surau etc and you may find them coming home with a different pair!

These days the name labels can be personalized in multi languages, is waterproof and can be used on many surfaces.

Where to buy:
Shopee: https://shope.ee/6ANGOOCspu
Lazada: https://s.lazada.com.my/s.RYHWv?cc

7. Stationery Essentials

Image Credit: Super Stationery on Shopee

Prepare for a successful school year by stocking up on essential stationery items. From pens and pencils to notebooks and highlighters, having the right tools at hand can enhance productivity and organization. With these stationery essentials, students can tackle assignments, take notes, and unleash their creativity with confidence.

Stationery Checklist for Back to School.
  • Pencils and Erasers
  • Pens in different colours
  • Highlighters in various colours
  • Coloured pencils
  • Crayons
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Notebooks
  • Lose leaf papers in white and various colours
  • Binders and folders
  • Sticky notes
  • Book wrappers
  • Pencil case or pouch
  • Correction tape or fluid
  • Stapler and staples
  • Calculator
  • Protractor
  • Celophane tape
  • Pencil sharperner
Buying in bulk may not be a bad idea as it is cheaper. Younger kids tend to lose them quite often so you don't want to run to the store every time they do but no worries, they do grow out of the losing stationery stage.

Where to buy:
Shopee: https://shope.ee/8zhRoo5AWZ
Lazada: https://s.lazada.com.my/s.RYGMk?cc

8. Workbooks

Image Credit: Our blog

In Malaysia, students receive textbooks on loan for free. However, some parents buy their own so they can keep a set at home or at the day care. Some parents split their own books into separate chapters to reduce the bag load. 

You may find the following posts useful:

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9. Storage and desk or study room organizers

Image Credit: Storage Haven on Lazada

A desk or home storage organizer is invaluable for back to school because it helps students keep their study space tidy and clutter-free. By providing designated compartments for books, stationery, and other essentials, it promotes organization and efficiency, making it easier for students to find what they need when they need it. Additionally, a well-organized study area can enhance focus and productivity, creating an optimal environment for learning and academic success. This is essential to keep you sane if you have a few kids.

Where to buy:
Shopee: https://shope.ee/40IlswhweW
Lazada: https://s.lazada.com.my/s.RYuNT?cc

10. Others

Umbrella, kids raincoat, hand sanitizer, tissues, wipes, craft supplies, family calendar or planner are some of the other back to school supplies you may need. 

Can you think of anything more?

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