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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

2018 Public Holidays In Malaysia

This is the time of the year when public holidays and school holidays for the following year is often announced. The 2018 public holidays in Malaysia is out! School holidays 2018 is not out yet but will probably follow soon. Meanwhile, check out the School Holiday Programmes for August 2017 here.

With this calendar, you can start to plan your vacations for 2018. That's the reason why most people are waiting for the calendar right?

Source for the information on 2018 Public Holidays in Malaysia is the official site Bahagian Kabinet, Perlembagaan dan Perhubungan Antara Kerajaan, Jabatan Perdana Menteri. You can visit the website to download the pdf version of the 2018 Public Holidays In Malaysia.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

PT3 2017 Calendar Planner To Schedule Your Revisions

Some schools may have recently concluded their PT3 trial exams while some may be starting theirs soon. Tomorrow 22 August 2017, kids sitting for PT3 examinations will have their Ujian Mendengar for their Lisan papers followed by Listening Test on 23 August 2017. Starting today, students have to standby to be called to present their Geography project papers as well. With that, all project papers come to an end and the next thing round the corner for PT3 candidates are the written examinations to be held starting October 9, 2017.

We have prepared a two month planner for PT3 2017 candidates. Students can use this calendar to plan and schedule their revisions.

Click here to get the download link for this calendar in pdf format for your personal use. (Hint: It's on the right sidebar of the page)

The full PT3 2017 schedule can be found here.

Note: The date for Awal Muharram holiday has been changed from 21 September to 22 September 2017.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

July to August 2017 School Holiday Programmes At Lara's Place

Parents who are looking for activities for their kids this August 2017 should check out Lara's Place. Lara's Place is a one-stop center for kids programmes and family friendly activities. You can find all kinds of enrichment classes for kids for all ages starting from age 3 to teenagers there.

Below is their calendar of activities for July to August 2017. Click on the image to see a pop-up version of this calendar to view the amazing array of choices of courses and programmes that are available at Lara's Place.

We like the idea of kids having fun while learning like the following courses on Lego Play to Express for kids from 5-7 years old or the Lego Play to Excell for kids from 9-12 years. Another interesting course is the Parkour. Parkour is a fun physical activity for all children.  Parkour includes running, climbing, swinging and vaulting, jumping and rolling etc and including other movements to get from one point to another. This is excellent to get kids moving and away from their devices.

Another interesting programme is the Teens Career Exploration And Self Discovery Workshop. This is like a mini counselling session for teens to help them discover their own strengths. It will help teens learn more about the job market and what sort of careers are suited for them. This will give them a better sense of purpose and help them choose the course of study and subsequent career to pursue. It is never too early to start kids thinking and planning for the future.

Other courses being offered this August include Fun in Acting, Magicians Workshop, Garden Terrarium Creation, Candylicious and Underwater Crafts, and Self Discovery Workshop for teens. Click on the calendar above to view the times and dates for these courses.

Venue for all of the above courses are at Lara's Place3A, Jalan 17/45 Selangor, Malaysia. Tel: 03-79568768.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Last Minute Preparation For UPSR 2017

Countdown To UPSR 2017 

At the point of writing this, UPSR 2017 is only 30 days away! The countdown clock is ticking, and for students and parents supporting their children for the upcoming exams, it may seem like the clock is going on a fast motion.

UPSR 2017 Dates And Calendar

First of all, go here to read our earlier post on the dates and timetable for UPSR 2017 . I have prepared a free printable calendar or planner for parents of our Facebook group to print out for their children's use to support their preparation for the UPSR 2017. I have purposely kept the calendar design as plain as possible so you can use it to fill in the blanks with your own planning or alternatively, you can use it as a countdown calendar. I included blank boxes and filled in the exam dates to make the calendar as flexible as possible for use. I have not included weekends because of the different weekends we observe for different states in Malaysia. With this calendar, you can easily see at a glance how many weekends you have left to help your kids prepare for their exams.

You can click to enlarge and print the above or use the download link here to download and print both pages of this UPSR planner Calendar in pdf format

Last Minute Preparation For UPSR 2017

Parents may also find the following last minute tips useful.

Tips On How To Study 4 Days Before Your UPSR Exams
Exam Day Tips For UPSR Students

Important Information For Parents

The children will not be allowed to use their regular pencil cases. They will need to carry something transparent or tie their stationery together using a rubber band as shown below. (Unfortunately I couldn't find a sharpener or ruler to complete the set, however I am sure you get the idea). In any case, please make sure your children check what's allowed with their teachers.

On other preparation for what's allowed and or required at the examination center, do trust the teachers and your children. All you need to do now is stay calm so that you don't pass on your own anxiety and worry to your child who is sitting for the exams. Good luck to the candidates of UPSR 2017!

Friday, August 04, 2017

Parenting Events In August 2017

Parents can have a positive impact on their child's growth and success at home. By creating a supportive learning environment, parents can help their child learn more effectively. With this in mind, Lorna Whiston has been hosting a series of parents workshop to help parents with their children's learning process.

Below are parents workshops or events that will be hosted by Lorna Whiston Taman Tun this August 2017.


Date: Wednesday 16th August 2017
Time: 9:30 – 11:30 am 
For Whom: Parents with kids age 2 to 6 years old
Fees: RM75 for the public/RM50 *subject to 6% GST for parents on our parenting platform 
No of pax: Limited to 20 parents

About the workshop:
The Early Writing Parents Workshop which will be conducted by Lorna Whiston TTDI's head teacher Ms Marianne Dark is designed to help parents support their child to nurture and improve their early writing skills.

She will also be discussing both the mechanics of writing and how to encourage independent writing at the workshop.


Date: Thursday 24th August 2017
* New Dates: 28 Sept 2017 & 12 Oct 2017.
Time: 9.30am – 11.00am
For Whom: Parents with kids turning 4 years old in 2018 who are keen to know more about the English Language Development A (LDA) Classes For Kids at Lorna Whiston
Fees: Nil
No of pax: Places are limited and on first come first serve basis only

About the event:
During the session, parent and child can experience a sample LDA lesson at Lorna Whiston with Deputy Head Teacher Michael Charters.

During the class, parents can observe their child having fun in a variety of motivating activities designed to develop their spoken English to give them a strong foundation in reading, writing and phonics. And give them a taste of what it's like to be a student at Lorna Whiston.

After the session, parents are invited to a coffee session with Ms Marianne Dark to find out how you can give your child the best possible start in English at Lorna Whiston.

Terms and conditions:
- Parents to register in advance to reserve a space. First come, first served basis.
- Free taster session is for one (1) Language Development A (LDA) class only.
- Valid for new parents only.
- Not valid with other promotions or offers.
- In any discrepancy, the decision of Lorna Whiston is final.

Venue for the above events:
Lorna Whiston English Language Centre
Units 8-10, Jalan Wan Kadir 1,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
T: 03-7727 1909
E: ttdi@lornawhiston.com.my
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