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Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Nurturing Continuous Learning in Our Children – Eye Level

Learning should be not be limited for the purpose of academic success. It should translate into a constant pursuit of knowledge and skills in life. Mathematics, science and language are just one facet of knowledge. Cooking, fixing pipes, treating others well are some examples of mundane activities that require knowledge and learning process.

Continuous learning is necessary to be nurtured into our children. This will transform them into having the ability to think for themselves, express themselves and achieve self-fulfillment. Why exactly? That is because learning is equivalent to the development of mind. For our growing children with young minds, the more they learn, the sharper they are.

Now, some of us may not be too familiar with the term “continuous learning” but it does synonymize with the term “lifelong learning”. Many parents out there are realizing in importance of making their children lifelong learners. Then the question became, how can we encourage continuous learning for children? There are few steps that you can start with.

1. – Engage in their curiosity. Learning biggest obstacle is boredom. While, curiosity is a cure for that. From this curiosity, blooms their passion. It can be something unrelated to academic. Like sports, coding, music or acting. The point being is letting them invest their mind, energy and time. Let them experience failures within while chasing success.

2. – Wide-range of interaction. Interaction here refers to children taking actions like reading, writing, communicating and observing. For example, bringing your child to the zoo and letting them observe various animals. Or play badminton with them and give them tips on what they can do better. These interactions that encourage our children to be hands-on will open them the beauty of learning new things.

3. – Bringing togetherness. Engaging in these activities is good and all but do not underestimate the power of doing together with the whole family. Parents should definitely try to do more with their children even if it’s doing the homework together. For instance, completing the jigsaw puzzle together. This can bring out their sense self-satisfaction more. Achieving learning goals alone is satisfying but what if you achieve them together with family.

4. – Opportunity to teach others. Learning is all well and good but teaching is just as important. Teaching others can help your children retain the knowledge/skill they learned better. Always allow them the opportunity to teach you or their siblings about something they learn. Be patient and let them explain the concepts using their own words which would train them to be more expressive.

5. – Do not focus on grades. This is the most important step. Never ever should you push nor emphasize on grades for your children. It’s not that these academic grades aren’t important but rather it should not be a point of great concern. We want our children to gain interest and understand concepts as well as appreciate the process of learning and education. 

Continuous learning is an ongoing venture with your children. Patience and perseverance are key to achieving this. Eye Level revolves around continuous learning as we focus on our students to complete our programs rather than scoring in our programs. We have no grading system for students rather just levels for them to climb higher in English or Math. We want them to truly understand concepts step-by-step at their own learning pace.

Our classes are just 45 mins long in a weekly or bi-weekly basis since we don’t want our students to see learning as a burden but rather as an opportunity. Check out Eye Level during our promotion where you can get 1 FREE class and 100% registration fee waiver. Hurry up! Because this offer is ending at 15 th August.

Visit us at www.myeyelevel.com or call us at 1300-88-0909 for more information!

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