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Monday, July 31, 2006

How to make your child brush teeth, take a bath or stay in bed

Make everything fun! Thats my strategy to get the kids to brush their teeth, take a bath or go to sleep. So far its worked out quite well. So I'd like to share it here:

MG's Tips on how to get kids to brush their teeth
  • introduce them to the concept using videos and interactive play. You can get some of the links to those interactive site and songs from my old post on "My kids love to brush teeth!"
  • make funny faces together with them in the mirror. We like to go "Eeeeee" and "Aaaaahh" together
  • brush your teeth together with them. Everything done together in a group is always fun especially if mum is involved. So the 3 of us (me, my girl and my boy) will brush our teeth together most of the time.

So far these strategies have worked and they always come when I yell to them "Time to brush teeth". Sometimes they even insist they want to brush teeth before I can call out to them. Hahaha. The idea is to make them look forward to the activity

MG's Tips on how to get the kids to take a bath

  • allow them to play with fun toys during bathtime. The kids yearn to have a bath in the baby tub as they love to see their toys floating around. I also use little pails (the ones you bring to the seaside) and let them pour water from one pail to another. Then there's the watering can and their little toy cups. These bathtoys are usually quite cheap too. Bathtime is the only time they get to play with water. And playing with water is always fun for little ones so they look forward to bathtime

Just as for brushing teeth, I don't have to call to them repeatedly to take a bath. They usually request for it. Lol!

MG's Tips on how to get the kids to go to sleep and stay in bed

  • first I let them sweat it out and get a little uncomfortable
  • then its time to clean up, brush teeth, wash little faces and change into comfy pyjamas
  • then I make their bedrooms as comfortable and cool as possible
  • then its time to snuggle up for some reading, singing and story telling sessions

With such a routine, bedtime becomes irresistable to them. They look forward to going to bed so no problems for me there as well. I relax together with them and then fall asleep together with them.

Tips on how to get the kids to eat their meals

For sharing all the above with y'all, now WILL SOMEONE KINDLY SHARE WITH ME THEIR TIPS TO GET THEIR KIDS TO EAT THEIR MEALS? (Apart from making fun looking foods that is. I've tried that before and it requires too much effort!). I fail miserably here :( Help, anyone?

Friday, July 28, 2006

My new free hit counter and web statistics tracker

A while ago, I visited Yvy's blog and saw her blogging about her stats counter. Immediately, the kiasu me said "Hey thats cool! I must have one!" Hahaha. At that time I was using another free web counter to check my web site traffic statistics but this one had a lot more features than the web site tracker that I was using. So now I have two. Only, the new one is invisible but don't worry, I will share the link with you.

With more and more free blog tools, my blogging routine has been extended to the following. When I first start up my pc, this is what I do:
  1. Sign in to messenger
  2. Check emails
  3. Check Adsense Console to see how much money has dropped out of the sky into my PC top while I was sleeping. Participating in the Adsense program is like having free money. My blog helps me to make money even while I am asleep. (Hahaha)
  4. Go to my blog to see who left a comment
  5. Check my stats counter to see my "recent keyword activity" and my "recent came from" statistics. These are my two favourite stats. The "recent came from" will show me who visited my blog recently. Whereas the "recent keyword activity" will show me what searched items caused visitors to land on my page.
  6. Go to my online bloglines feedreader to read updated blogs. (This usually gets me into trouble because the reading list can be looooong!)

For example, today's (28 July) "recent keyword activity" for my two blogs are as follows:

People searching for the following terms landed on this blog:

emotional blackmail
change baby instruction
homemade fair and lovely masks
saw mum and dad
kids finger pointing
writing practise for pre-schooler
save mykad photos
someone stole my pictures
trusting your husband after lies
how to teach your baby how to fall alseep on their own
green tea cooling heaty
wets the bed site:blogspot.com

People searching for the following terms found its way to my Mothering Times Blog:

pregnancy red blood 7th week
coping with a newborn
hcg levels after chemical pregnancy
fall during pregnancy
missed period then chemical pregnancy
mothering blogs
time babies need housework
red spotting during early pregnancy
find a game for a toddler to remember on the three little pigs
natural birth after caesarean
mothers who bleed during pregnancy
pregnancy symtoms first two weeks
watery newborn poo
discovery pregnancy test faint positive
juggling newborn and toddler

I merely copied and paste the terms direct from the stats page so it comes with links. Clicking on each of the links will bring you to the search page. Its especially cool when your web site is No 1 out of millions of pages turned up by the search engine for the particular searched term. (But today no No 1 spot to "brag" about. Lol! To those people who came from search engines I say, "Mari, mari, mari". A warm welcome to you to my blog. Its ok if you only stay a second, just click on the ads on your way out. :P Most of the searches come from Google. I'm not very popular on Yahoo and MSN but I'm working on it. Hehe.

Ok. Enough cheap thrill for this aunty. I need to get a life! Cooped up in the house all day with two screaming little ones can make you go crazy. For those interested (that is if you're not currently using this particular web site analystics tool) you may want to check it out. Here's the link - Statcounter.com The statistics are measured realtime so you can experience the cheap thrill as soon as you copy and paste the code onto your blog template. I chose to have mine invisible so you can't see me tracking your visits silently. Lol!

Another thing, to make a cooped up aunty laugh, would you please share your routine when you turn on your pc? ;)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why Women Nag And Men Don't Listen

Because women like to talk (must say a few times to get the point across mah) and men like to pretend they are the strong, silent, macho type. Hahaha.

We women nag because the men don't listen and when we nag, they stop listening altogether. Its a vicious cycle, I tell you!

Do I nag? Yes I do. But only to my children. Not to my husband. At least I don't think so. (He may think otherwise since his standards are very different from mine and we operate on quite different wavelengths.) What he considers as "nagging" may just appear to me as "telling". Lol! Besides I feel that men are very good at tuning themselves off when we nag so I don't do it. Its a pointless exercise.

Why do I nag? I suppose its because I feel I have to say the same thing over and over again to get the message through. Sometimes I do sound like a broken record. I do it in the hope of reminding the children of things that I feel are important. I read an inspirational quote somewhere that "It is easier to bring up a child well than to fix an adult." How very true that is. So I better bring up my children well so they won't need fixing when they grow up.

Speaking of which, personally, I feel that I need a lot of fixing myself and its hard to do so when you're an adult. (I'm not saying that my parents brought me up badly). I did however lose a parent at a very young age of 10 and my confidence, self image etc is seriously lacking. Sometimes I'm such a timid mouse. My hubby sometimes asks me why I put on my best behaviour for strangers but I shout at him so freely? (I roar like a lion at him :P)

He is often at the brunt or the receiving end of the bad side of me. He says that the people close to me should get the best but he is getting the worst. Poor thing. So sorry, dear. Its true isn't it? Sometimes we put on our best behaviours for strangers but the people who are closest to us who should really receive our best side gets to see the ugly side of us simply because we're close, familiar with them and feel completely at ease with them. Strange isn't it? Strange but true.

Back to the subject of nagging. I really shouldn't nag so much at the kids though. Sometimes I do it not for the noble reason I mentioned above of trying to bring them up well but I nag because "I'm plain fed up!" I'm fed up of saying the same things over and over again with no results. And so I nag. "Keep your toys", "Stop playing with your food", "Come here now!", "Don't tear your books", "Stop fighting!", "Stop playing with the water","Stop jumping on the bed", "Don't climb on the table" blah blah blah. Thats part of my daily nags. My only nag to hubby is out of concern for the kids safety "Oi! Be careful with the kids lah" is probably the only time I "nag" him. Hubby doesn't have to nag the kids because he sees less of them. (another reason why men don't nag perhaps.)

Recently I overheard my girl scolding my boy. "Baby! *Scold. Scold. Scold.* How many times must I tell you!" and baby just went right on playing and pretended not to hear her. Hahaha. They're starting the stereotype behaviour young and a surefire sign to me to go easy on the nagging!

"I'm fed up!" is really such a poor excuse of a reason for nagging at the kids. I should really stop nagging and try to reason with them instead. I find the best time to do that is at bedtime where I'll try to give them their "lessons" on "why they shouldn't be doing this or that or why they should be good and not naughty". I also try to read to them lots of fables and moral storybooks about good behaviours and manners. Hopefully these calm chat sessions sink into their heads more effectively than nagging.

So.......do you nag?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Simple, Fun and Easy Painting Craft for Kids

Here's a fun and easy painting craft I did with the kids recently. Here's what you will need:

  1. Paper
  2. Straws
  3. Runny Paint

Put a few drops of runny paint on art paper, then instruct the kids to blow onto the wet paint using straws. My girl enjoyed it and wanted to do more because it was so simple the craft ended too soon for her. Baby tried to blow too even though he only managed to blow air and not paint. Still he likes to join in the fun so its good to involve him for simple crafts like these.

Its really easy and lots of fun for the little ones. The results look like abstract art.

Kids Painting Craft Idea sourced from here.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cheap Books

My kids love to read and I love to buy books for them. However, sometimes they also love to tear up their books! So instead of buying them expensive books, sometimes I buy them very cheap children's books by local publishers. I'd rather they accidentally tear up a book costing RM1.50 then one costing RM10.

Now, I love to support local and I don't like to discriminate. I often buy local magazines for myself as well because I think they're much more value for money than their foreign counterparts. However in the case of children's books its really very difficult to praise local when they are obviously not up to par. The standard of English is so poor and the books look like they have not even gone through very simple proof reading to eliminate errors. Very often there are missing words, spelling mistakes and gramatical errors. Its really appalling that such obviously poor quality childrens' books are going to print.

Here is an example taken from one of the books:
  • How many animal were drinking water?
  • How did the tiger died?

Can you spot the obvious mistakes? If you can't, you've probably been reading too many of these error riddled books too. Lol!

I think its totally irresponsible of the publishers to make money from the sale of such obviously poorly produced books! However at the point of writing, I'm still "supporting" these publishers by buying the cheap books and making the corrections myself. What to do? The children outgrow their little books as fast as their little shoes and clothes.

For clothes at least I have the option of buying a few good quality ones and make them wear them over and over again rather than buying dozens of cheap ones so they can wear different outfits each time. For shoes a medium range would be better because although they outgrow them very fast, we must make sure they are of a reasonable quality to support their growing feet.

For toys we also make sure they must be of a reasonable quality for safety reasons. However for books, I want to expose them to as many stories and reading materials as possible so I can't buy a few and make them read the same over and over again. So how? Tell me, should I continue to "support" these poor quality books? What do you do? What sort of books, toys and clothing do you buy for your children?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Toys - His Favourite Her Favourite

To each his own. The children both have their own favourite play items/toys.

His favourites:

  • Cars
  • Cup and spoon - to pretend that he's eating
  • Ducks

Her favourites:

  • Numbers - foam numbers especially numbers 3 and 4 because she just turned 4 from 3
  • Numbers
  • Numbers

Although they each have their own favourites, they still like to snatch from each other instead of taking turns. Their favourites often accompany them to bed.

The adults both have their favourite toys too.

His favourite:

  • The PC - for catching up with news and playing games

Her favourite:

  • The PC - for catching up with news and blogging

Luckily he works and she doesn't so they take turns automatically. She during the day and he at night and during the weekends. Otherwise they too will be snatching like the kids instead of sharing and taking turns.

Friday, July 21, 2006

What do they want from me?

I'm just going to take a moment here to think about what the people close to my heart wants from me.....

My Boy
  • more hugs and cuddles and to be carried around more - this shouldn't be too hard to do since I love to cuddle him and I better do it more before he outgrows this stage. He is getting heavier by the day.
  • more interaction - he just loves it when I talk to him, look into his eyes and plays with him. I should do this more often too so that he can improve in his language skills. He is still not talking in sentences.

My Girl

  • more attention - she is constantly on my back calling out to me "mummy play with me". Yes, I should be paying more attention to this growing little girl and hopefully more love and attention translates to more security and confidence
  • more hugs and cuddles - now that she is no longer a baby, she gets much less of this from me. A baby naturally gets more of this when you carry them around and especially when you breastfeed them. When she does get a cuddle these days, she glows and her eyes light up in delight so I must remember to do this more often

My Man

  • more foot massages - this, he never gets tired off. Hmmm... come to think of it, next time when we get mad at each other, I should give him a foot massage to break the ice. Hehe. Hopefully it works and I don't cause him too much pain while at it. Lol!
  • more attention - I should really listen to him better especially when he calls to chit chat with me on the way home instead of being too distracted with the kids and other things to be done around the house
  • more routine and less chaos - I need to be more organised and orderly and less of a miss "kelam kabut"/"mong cha cha" (confusion). As long as we eat the same things, do the same things on certain days, and the kids are not complaining, he's happy. He's very easy to please really

And what do I want from them? More love, more smiles, more hugs and kisses and more attention too. I guess we're all the same. They say "What goes around comes around" so if "I want to receive love, I must first give out my love and reach out to those I love."

Great! I enjoyed doing this thought exercise. Now its time to implement these thoughts. :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

What exactly goes on in their little heads?

Recently we went house hunting...

MG: Do you want to live in a house?

My Girl: No. This house is dirty. (She was right of course since there was no one living there at the time of viewing and it hadn't been cleaned up)

MG: Don't you want to have more space to run around, have daddy park his car in the house and help daddy to wash his car?

My Girl: Yes.


My Girl: Mummy, will you and daddy live there too?

MG: (*laughs aloud and exclaims*) Of course! Of course we will sweetie!

My Girl: Mummy, don't talk so loud! (This girl usually gets self concious when we exclaim too loudly or when we shower her with too much praise giving me response like these or "Don't look at me" etc. I think we always have to be careful what we say to the little ones as they can be sensitive and may think that we are laughing at them otherwise.)

She was probably afraid that mummy and daddy was sending her off somewhere and abandoning her! Poor little thing. Isn't it cute what goes on in their little heads?

A few days later........

My Girl: Mummy, I don't want to go to the house.

MG: Why?

My Girl: Because I want to play with the pop-up house ( a toy house we got for her 4th year birthday present)

MG: Don't worry, we'll be bringing all your toys with us when we move.

My Girl: But the house is so dirty, my toys will be dirty.

MG: Don't worry, we'll be cleaning the place up. We'll need to paint it too.

My Girl: We need a man to climb up the ladder to paint high high.

MG: Yes

My Girl: We have to find a strong man. (looking very serious when she said that)

MG: Hahaha. Yes we will have to find a strong man.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Buying and Selling a Property - Some Useful Links

These are some homebuying links I want to add to my cyber filing cabinet here for my own reference. You'll only find these real estate links useful if you're a Malaysian planning to buy or sell a property. Otherwise, give this a skip.

  1. BeeHomes - A simple home buying guide
  2. Maybank2u.com - First time buyer? Another simple guide to the house buying process
  3. HBA Article - "Make the right choice" contains some tips before you go house hunting
  4. Iproperty.com - Housing Loan FAQs
  5. National House Buyers Association - More Housing Loan FAQs
  6. KimRealty.com - More tips on buying and selling a home. Practical considerations you should know when buying or selling a house
  7. Property2u.com - Downloadable checklist for house hunting and moving house
  8. Thinking of Selling? - Choose Agent Checklist can be found here
  9. Malaysia Real Estate Forum - Interesting discussion on various real estate topics from Property Investment issues, S & P and Legal Issues, Financing to Security, Landscaping and Feng Shui
  10. Stamp Duty Calculator - Remember to sit down when you do this or you might faint!
  11. Loan Calculator - Find out how much you can afford.
  12. Shiok.com - Free Malaysia Property Online Classifieds. You can list your property here for free with up to 4 photos. Wah! Shiok man.

Just wanted to make a note here that when you're buying a secondhand property, also called a subsale, it would be necessary to do an inventory list of what you're getting together with the house (for inclusion in the sale and purchase agreement). Otherwise you may be in for a nasty surprise as "What you see may not be what you get". There has been cases of lights being removed and aircond units being changed to an older one. The world is sometimes full of selfish, unscrupulous people so it is always good to be wary.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Weaned Off Middle of the Night Feeds

Baby has been weaned off the middle of the night feast. Previously he used to wake up in the middle of the night, cry and if I didn't respond, he'd search for his breastfeeding pillow, then heave it and walk with it towards me sleepily. Then if I said "No" he would bawl his eyes out at the very top of his lungs. Fearing the neighbours would call the police, I'd quickly feed him. Hehe.

Now, when I say "No. Come here, mummy hug hug." he would merely throw me a very sulky look, turn away from me and plop down to sleep in another position. Hahaha. No more tears. So now there's only two to three more breastfeeds left to wean him off ie the one before afternoon nap and the one before nighttime sleep and the early morning one ie around 6am.

Its an irony. I starve them at first but then now I can't get them off the breast!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Take charge of your own health

Recently I had an early miscarriage. What irked and annoyed me greatly was when I was trying to call up my doc to find out when I should go in for a check-up, I couldn't even get past the receptionist!

I was merely calling up to enquire when is a good time for me to have a check-up ie then or after my period was over. Obviously Ms Receptionist had a hearing problem and just kept on saying "Just come in". Hah! Yes, I want to come in for a checkup but my question was "when". But Ms Hard of Hearing Receptionist just kept on insisting that I "Just come in" "The doc is very busy, can't speak to you".

In the end, I had to make my own decision. I listened to my own body and since I felt alright, I decided to go and have a follow-up check after and not during my period. Everytime I go to see any doc, I have to drag my little ones along. I certainly had no intention to "Just come in" and then be told that the doc cannot do an internal examination during my period and to "Just come in" again at another appointed time. No way! It'll be a waste of my time and money.

I believe that everyone must take charge of their own health and not rely on their doctors blindly. When I say take charge here, I'm talking about reading up and finding up as much as you can, getting second opinions, things like that. I don't mean foolishly diagnosing yourself, medicating yourself without professional opinion or taking alternative medicine ie herbs etc without a proper prescription or ignoring your own body signals by not going to the doctor when you obviously do not feel well. By taking charge, I mean.....
  • Always find out about whatever illness you have so that you can discuss and ask the doctor everything that you need to know that will help put your mind at ease.
  • Always ask your doc questions. Do not be shy or afraid to ask questions. You have to understand your health or illness better and the only way to do so is to ask. Now, I know its hard to ask some specialists questions though. Some of them behave like their time is gold and speak to you curtly and very quickly like they can't wait to get you out of their examining room. Hey! I understand that Mr/Ms Specialist is a very busy person with lots of patients in the queue but this is my health/illness we're talking about here and I'm bewildered, confused and I need information about my health/illness. Can't you spare me a few minutes of your time?! I'm paying for it afterall. I think one thing that some specialists lack is human relations skills.
  • Always get a second opinion if its something more serious.
  • Always ask whether a prescribed medicine is really necessary to take.

From my experience, some doctors just diagnose you and then prescribe you some long term medication that you have to take without explaining the full implications (if you don't ask) and some of the meds may not even be necessary to begin with. My sister recently was prescribed some meds she had to take daily on a long term basis but when probed further, the physician said "Oh, its ok if you don't take it now that your symptoms have gone." Imagine, if she didn't ask. She would be taking something on a long term basis with don't know what side effects when it wasn't even necessary! I too have been prescribed long term medication but a second opinion gave a very different diagnosis and the second doc felt that it was not necessary for me to be on medication.

Yes, I definitely believe that I have to be a smart patient. Are you one? Oh and one more thing. Once you are above 30, thats when you will find many of your friends and yourself start having health problems one by one. You can't escape it. Its the old engine acting up. Even our bodies need servicing, tuning and regular maintenance. So if you are below 30, do take care of your health NOW! Eat healthily, exercise regularly and get enough sleep NOW!

I Quit Blogging, I Unquit!

I'm beggining to sound like a politician. I resign from my post. I retract my resignation. In the same vein, I quit blogging, I unquit! Hehe.

I went and reread my old posts about blogging and none of the reasons why I blog have changed. So, I'm back! I'm afraid my love for writing is too strong to stop me from blogging despite my reservations, so blog on I shall. I simply can't give up something I love doing. Its a great hobby. I even get paid for it. Haha.

Ok. Enough drama. Its back to business as usual with my next post on Take Charge Of Your Own Health.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Blogging is no longer fun

There are many things going on in my personal life right now. Important milestones as well as little developments and sweet moments which I want to record and remember but I sit here and think hard "Should I be revealing this? Should I be writing about that? What if........?" Geesh! I think the previous incident hit me harder than I thought.

This is hard. Blogging is no fun when you have to think so hard about what and if you should write about certain events. Previously the words just flowed and flowed. Now, I have to stop and ponder and think so hard. Aaarrgggh!

I think I'll have to extend my coffee break and think further about whether I need to change my writing style and write about things more general and impersonal instead. Ok, I'm off now even though I've got about a dozen blog posts stuck somewhere inside my head unwritten and perhaps never to be published.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Blog Coffee Break

This blog is taking a short break. Nothing to do with the recent incident accept for the timing. I'm just preoccupied with other more important things, that is all. However, to satisfy my urge to write, I will still be updating my other blog. Hehe.

Will be back soon....

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Let Bygones Be Bygones

To everyone,
I consider the incident closed and have no wish to discuss it further. I wish to let the matter rest here. Thank you for understanding.

To Evelyn,
I accept your apology. I did not think you were sincere at first but on further thought, I think it must have been a hard thing for you to do, to remove your blog and online pictures. Whatever your reasons are, I hold no grudge against you.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Someone stole my blog post!

I've read about many blogs which copied and paste contents which are not their own but I didn't think it would happen to me. Afterall, who would want to copy a SAHM's post? Its not like I'm writing some technical materials or techy stuff etc. I'm merely writing about my childrens' developmental stages for goodness sakes! I can't believe that even that would make me a victim of content theft.

However, this morning, I received this comment in my mail box.

I discovered this site(http://www.evelynpoh.com/?p=150#more-150) has the exactly same post as yrs- not only the favourite folders but every words. Jus wondering do you have another sister site?

I'm fuming! To this Evelyn Poh whoever you are. You are a cheapo to copy my post replace it with your own names and try to pass it off as your own! You even copied Maria's cute icon and put it in the post! (Maria, I wanted to put in the link to the post when your cute icon first appeared but I couldn't find it. Anyway, no need to put also everyone knows its yours!) I am sure the regular readers to my blog as well as Maria's Double Happiness blog will know that it is not YOUR post as they will know my writing style and know that only Maria can make such nice icons. You are committing plagiarism! Why you cannot read ah? Scroll down to the bottom of my blog. It is copyrighted ok?!!!

This is what plagiarism means in case you don't know?

According to Webster's New World Dictionary, to plagiarize is to "take the ideas, writings, etc. from another and pass them off as one's own" . When you do this, you are committing a form of academic dishonesty. In actuality, plagiarism is a type of stealing. The person whose ideas or sentences you are passing off as your own has worked hard to write down his or her ideas.

You are stealing! Do you understand that? You are not only a cheapo but a thief!

To the anonymous commenter who brought this to my attention, thank you very much. No, I do not have a sister site and I am certainly not this Evelyn Poh nor is my daughter called Shannon Joy. Its sad but when you have a public blog, this is one of the problems you face isn't it?

To Maria, whose cute icon has been stolen, I urge you to put up a similar post to expose this thief when you come back.

To my regular blog readers, here is my original blog post:

Toddler's Favourite Folder

and this is the one copied by the thief.
My Little Miracle’s Favourites .

She has copied it word for word (lock stock and barrel) accept for replacing it with some names here and there to pass it off as her own. And right at the bottom of the post you will notice Maria's cute little icon which Maria created for putting in her own blog posts. At least if you want to take it from Maria or me, have the decency to ask!

So, regular readers, tell me what you think of this person? Go on shoot! Please "scold" her for me and Maria as I am really unhappy about this! I wonder whether she copied anything else from my blog or from anyone else too but I don't have the time nor do I feel like checking it out. Sigh!


If you read this blog in the late afternoon, you probably can't find the blogger anymore. Somehow I have the uncanny feeling that she has merely moved her blog. I did a search on google and almost fainted when I saw countless of my posts, word for word in her blog! Its so scary. I feel violated, disgusted and having shivers up my spine that someone could pretend she was me.

Here are the cache's and the url to some of my old posts that she copied. There's probably lots more that I haven't found.

My old posts on:
Do you shout at your spouse in front of your kids?
Funny Things Children Say
Hidden Talent
Mooncake Festival

Cache of her blog which she has sinced removed. You can see all of my above posts in there exactly as I wrote it with some slight replacement in names. In there is another post with the title "Be Back Soon" which I clearly remembered is from Maria. Theres lots more too but I'm just posting a few.

I am shaking as I write this. She is beggining to give me the creeps. Is she sick? Is she even real? Why is she pretending to be me and Maria and others combined?

Hmmm sorry, the cache of her blog is different now and you probably cannot see those posts I mentioned in there but here's more post of mine she copied and another cache.

The Best of Me

Perhaps you can find the posts above from this cache of her blog. She has called it "Childhood Toys - Paperdolls" and "The Contradictory of Me" instead.

Another update:

I think I want to cry! Some of you mentioned that you can no longer access her blog. Well, if you search the seach engines like Google or Yahoo or MSN, you can still find it in their cache for a while. While doing that I found that she had also copied a very personal post of mine which I dedicated to my hubby for our wedding anniversary. She even posted her wedding pic in the post! Please go to this url you can see many of my posts which I mentioned above there, plus the anniversary one called Happily Married, I Am.

Note: I have removed all the outward links from this post and consider the matter closed.

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