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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

101 Things to do but only 24 hours in a day

Each day, I have 101 things to do. I have.........
  • 101 errands to run
  • 101 chores to complete
  • 101 activities I want to do with my children
  • 101 things to say to my spouse
  • 101 things to blog about

............ and............. only a very small portion of it gets done in a day. How ah?

Monday, October 30, 2006

How to give your child medicine and make sure it stays down

Does anyone know how to do this? I need some help here. I kept on making mistakes.

With my girl, who is four, it is much easier. When we first came home from the doctor, I showed her the medicine and exclaimed "Look, it comes with a cute cup, like one of your toy cups. Would you like to try it?" (The medicine had a little measuring cup that came with it). She immediately nodded at with that, each time she took the medicine from the "cute cup" eagerly even though she grimaced whenever she drank it. And that was that. Very simple.

Not with the younger boy though, who is two. At first, before he became even more sick. He could still play along. We made it a game. "Everyone say AAAHH" I called out and we all opened out mouths in unison and when he did, I squirted some medicine in. Then it was "Everyone say MMMmmm" to get him to close his mouth, followed by "Everyone say EEEYEEA" while we shook our heads and laughed to indicate that it tastes awful but its ok, we know, but its still fun to play. He played along the first few times.

However, when he became more sick he didn't want to "play" anymore. He screamed, he struggled, he pursed his lips and gritted his teeth and UWEK! I made many mistakes that I want to record here to learn from it.

Fed him a drink just before the medicine

Fed him a drink after the medicine

Fed him a meal BEFORE the medicine

Fed him a meal AFTER the medicine

Fed him the medicine on an empty stomach with no food afterwards

Put the medicine dropper in the middle of his mouth

Tried to put his medicine into his favourite drink to "trick" him
He refused to drink after the first sip

And finally, after all that, we found the winning formula. First, prepare the medicine without his knowledge so he does not start crying in anticipation. Then mummy carries him and traps his arm in hers (he struggles less as compared to being carried by daddy), tilts his head back at an angle but not too far back and daddy squirts the medicine in. (Must squirt from the side of the mouth, not the center to prevent a gag reflex). If he clenches his teeth or purses his mouth, then daddy needs to press his cheeks to get him to open up. After that, mummy have to carry him elsewhere to soothe, calm and distract him and prevent him from crying for the next one hour. After that, its ok to give him some fluids and food. He may still throw up when he coughs but maybe by then some of the medicine has gone down, hopefully.

When daddy is not around to help and he refuses to cooperate, I have to strap him down on the highchair, go behind him to trap his arms and when he opens his mouth to cry "Squirt!" Bad mommy!

Phew! Thankfully, he is ok now. I've really had enough of cleaning vomit but most importantly, I'm relieved he is ok after 10 days of being sick. The doctor said there are some cases of pneumonia going around.

Can other parents share with me, their winning formula for giving their child medicine? Its a fine art, I tell ya. Hehe.

Friday, October 27, 2006


I'm so tired.... Spent all of the five days holidays holed up in the house looking after baby. He was quite sick. He had high fever which wouldn't break. It went down on medication then up again, very high. (Above 39 several times and even above 40 once). He needed sponging and had to put in a suppository on 3 different occassions to bring the fever down.

He lost all his appetite and wouldn't eat ANYTHING for days. His lips became dry and peeling. I had to force feed him medicine on his empty stomach, sponge him etc. Baby was whiny because he was so uncomfortable. He slept quite a lot because he was very tired and whenever he was awake or even semi-awake he called out for me "Amah, Amah, Amah", he whined. (No one else would do, not even daddy) I was worried sick. And now, I'm sick.

I need a break but there is none. How I long for a break but I can't have one. The hubby has just fallen sick himself. My girl has started sneezing and if she starts another new sick cycle, I am going to cry. We're all at different stages of the sick cycle.

Luckily, by yesterday, baby looked much better, almost back to his usual cheerful self and his appetite was back. When he was sick, my girl was neglected. I did not have any energy to play with her (although I tried to give her one on one time when baby was asleep). Still, it was not enough because baby took up most of my time and energy and she sensed it. When her dad asked her to show me something, she said "Baby, doesn't want me to go near HIS mummy."

I noticed that the sibling rivalry heated up considerably when there is inequitable treatment. And so they fought (yah, sick oso can fight), pushing each other feebly and crying mostly. (Really kenot tahan).

I'm so tired. I'm so tired of all the worry, whining, fighting, crying and being on call 24 hours a day. I need a break. :(

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Totally Natural Appetite Suppresant

Today, I'm going to share my diet secret. I have a couple of totally natural appetite suppresants at home. Its guaranteed to work. Its not a herbal concoction. Its not a synthetic pill. No tiring, sweaty exercise is required. Its totally natural with guaranteed results! Okay, okay, enough selling, now for the secret.

First, you need to have two sick kids. Then you lay your dining table with freshly cooked, good looking food. Then you feed each of them a mouthful. Then you watch as the vomit flow (no, the more correct adjective would be "pour") right out of their little mouths, one after the other, spraying the high chair and dinner table with bile. By now, your appetite is feeling a little suppressed.

Then you tell them "Don't move! Don't touch anything!" while you run around frantically (this is good exercise) searching for some toilet roll to do a quick and simple clean-up of the mess. Then you change one of them and are thankful the other doesn't require a change of clothes. You are also glad, they have not yet taken their dinner and the vomit did not hit the food. After the change you cleanup the table with a wet cloth and proceed to feed the kids. By now, the natural appetite suppresant has fully kicked in. You no longer feel like having your dinner.

And if thats not good enough, you take the sick kids to bed, only to be woken up at 5am by two feverish crying kids. (waking up early is good for health). You feed them medicine, sponge the little one, change them and get them to bed by calming them with 4 stories. It has to be 4 stories or they can't sleep (according to one of them, my girl that is). Then you lie down to rest while rubbing the tummy of the little one who is in pain. Very soon after, the little one throws up on the bed.

So you get up to rinse the soiled bedsheet and give it a nice new change. This time you are thankful his clothes don't need a change. (Theres always something to be thankful for if you look hard enough) Then you breastfeed the kiddo (thats bound to make you lose even more weight) to calm him and get him back to sleep.

Then you are unable to go back to sleep so you get up to blog. There! Dieting secret revealed. Good anot?

Ok, enough nonsense. (1 Sick kid + 1 Sick Kid = 1 mom blogging nonsense.)

Time to go back to ZZZZZZZZZ! Goodnight. Oops. That should be Good Morning.


  1. Even times like this have its worth in the memories they make.
  2. Looks like the cold bug has hit us. It hit Mr MG about 2-3 weeks ago and I was just congratulating myself for managing to avoid him passing it to us. Thats no mean feat I tell you. We avoided him and managed to avoid his germs to avoid the unmerry go round. But then my girl got sick (probably from germs picked up at kiddy rides, kiddy rides can be really dirty) about 2 days ago and has now passed it on to her little brother. So it looks like the unmerry go round has started. Will I be next? Better go back to sleep now or else not enough rest = low resistance. I CANNOT afford to fall ill. Afterall, I'm a mom. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Early Stages of Toilet Training

Yesterday my boy saved us two diapers! I was delighted. I think he was too.

I noticed recently that he could tell me whenever he had a poo or pee. And so, once or twice when his diaper was still dry before a shower, I would encourage him to pee during his shower. With the sound of the shower running (it helps), he managed to pee and would laugh at his own "success". (Things that we take for granted is an achievement to a child trying for the first time.)

Last evening, he pointed to the toilet and told me "I want to shh shh (pee) there." I checked to see that his diaper was still dry and took him. It took him a little while. I told him "C'mon baby, got shh shh or not?" He said "Don't have", "No more" and "Dunno". Lol! I turned on the shower, kept on encouraging him and he managed to do it. Again, he laughed amazed and delighted. So was I.

Later in the evening, after his milk, he told me "Shh shh again" "Do you want to go there to shh shh" I asked him and he nodded his head. Again, his diaper was dry so off we went to try.... and success again! He was delighted. I was delighted. Looks like we're off to a good start in toilet training. Hehe.

Moms who like to exhange toileting stories, please head on to Lazy Mom's Approach Towards Toilet Training on my Mothering Times Blog.

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Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Deepavali

I remember when I was young and life was simpler.........

During the festive season, I used to cycle with a group of friends to visit their open houses, whether it was Hari Raya, Deepavali or Chinese New Year. In school my friends were varied. I had many friends from other races. And during those days, it was safe to cycle around without adult supervision. We were about 9 or 10 years old then.

It was super duper fun to cycle together from house to house trying out cookies (during Chinese New Year), maruku and very sweet candies (during Deepavali) and my favourite, lemang, ketupat, serunding, rendang and satay sauce (during Hari Raya). Yummy!

When I was working, I still had some muslim and hindu friends whom I could visit. Sadly, now that I am a SAHM my muslim and hindu friends have dwindled down to just a handful. Luckily for my blog, I'm happy to have many muslim and hindu friends again.

So I'm going to take this opportunity to wish them all Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Deepavali or would that be Happy Deeparaya or Selamat Harivali? (Hehe. In Malaysia its common to get hybrid greetings like that!)

Selamat Hari Raya to Ely, Kak Teh, Mama22Beas, Linda Munshi, Along, Hazel, Mamafiza, Tee, Jujuqtpie.

Happy Deepavali to Geetha, Shamira, a&a's mom. (Forgive me if you celebrate Christmas instead but Happy Holidays anyway.)

And Happy Holidays to everyone else! So.... whats everyone doing for the long holidays?

Hope I didn't leave anyone out.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Slimming Equipment for the lazy

During the weekend I saw a lot of bums vibrating at the mall, mainly big ones! They were promoting a new slimming/exercise equipment. The big vibrating bums belonged to those trying out the exercise equimpment while the smaller sexy bums stood by at the side showing them how the exercise equipment worked. Lol!

Just stand, sit or place your arms on this vibrating equipment and your body gets toned. Imagine that! And its very cheap too! Only a few thousand ringgit!

First there was the belt that you could wear anywhere, at work, at home, even while relaxing. Then there was the seat that rocked like a wildly buckling horse. And now this. Whatever will they think of next?!

Thank you very much, but I shall just stick on with my own home exercise and diet, ie eat less of all food groups (not just one and deprive myself of the necessary nutrition my body needs). Its much cheaper that way. No expensive slimming centres, pills or specialised equipment for me. (At least not the new fad ones.) I will still use the bike or a threadmill. At least those help to work up some sweat.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Buy Used Car or New Car?

Our trusty old car is giving us problems agains. Its an engine overheating problem. Sob. Sob. The men at the workshop could not find the problem and after losing RM1k plus for fixing other things the problem recurs in the evening. How annoying is that! Thats always the problem with mechanics. Fix everything else accept the problem. The other thing about mechanics is everytime we send the car over for fixing, somehow or other a new problem will arise within the next month or two.

We were hoping to keep this 12 year old car of ours for a few years more before we scrap it and get another but looks like it may be time to change. Sigh! New cars are so expensive. Some of them even cost the same as an apartment. Imagine driving an apartment around! And they depreciate so quickly. Getting a new car does not seem to make financial sense. Not only that, theres the car installment payments to consider. We didn't mind driving an old car because it meant driving a fully paid old car but now that its become not so reliable, its costing us to keep it so maybe its time to go.

So, we're thinking of second hand but then we are worried that in trying to be smart we end up making a big mistake like getting a stolen vehicle, a problematic one that has been through an accident or whatever risk associated with a used car. Aarrgghh! Hubby asked me to check out Eon. Apparently they also trade in used cars and give a warranty. I found a lousy website that has no links and no contact address. If they can't even have a proper website, I worry about the service.

What to do? Dunno, dunno, dunno. All I see is money flying out the window. If must pay mortgage and car installments too, how to save any money for the children's education or even have any retirement plan?

Anyone has any thoughts to share? What car do you drive? Is it reliable? What about fuel consumption? Should we get a new car or a used car? What car? Should we keep this since its worth so little now? Any tips on buying new/used car? Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

You know you're scolding your child too much when........

One morning, as soon as she woke up, my girl said to me.....

My Girl: Mummy, sorry.

MG: Why are you sorry?

My Girl: Because its Christmas and we play with so many things under the tree and then I dream we eat ice-cream.

MG: But why are you sorry?

My Girl: Because I dropped the ice-cream.

MG: Oh. You don't have to be sorry. Its just a dream.

My Girl: No... Sorry!

Oh dearie me. I think I must have been yelling at my girl too often. She even wants to say sorry to me because she dropped her ice-cream in her dream! These days she says sorry for a lot of things. "Sorry mummy, just now I didn't eat my food". "Sorry, just now I messed up the place." are some examples. I must really stop yelling at her and start explaining things to her nicely.

I really have been raising my voice at the kids too much. "Don't do/touch/mess up/tear/go there/spill/play with your food ........." "Don't fight/snatch/bully/scream/jump around like that ....." Blah blah blah. You can hear me at it all day. I even SHOUT out "Don't SHOUT/SCREAM!" to the kids. (Talk about teaching by example. *Rolls eyes*) Last evening at dinner, hubby asked me "How come you don't have very much patience with the kids?"

MG's mantra for the day: "I shall not YELL. I shall not SHOUT. I shall not YELL. I shall not SHOUT."

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Home haircuts. (Girl's hair is easier to cut than boy's hair)

I give both the kids home haircuts to save time and money. I've seen some hair salons charging RM20 plus for a child's haircut. *Faints* My home haircuts don't look professional but they do save a lot of time and hassle. No need to arrange for a time to dress them up and take them out. Time is precious and something we don't have a lot of.

I find that girl's hair is much easier to cut. Just trim the back in a straight line then trim the bangs or fringe. My sister taught me to trim the fringe layer by layer by cutting it vertically. It makes it look less severe ie lighter and nicer than just cutting it straight across.

My girl has always been good during haircuts since she was young. When she was small, I would sit her in the highchair and place the highchair in front of the bathroom mirror so she could watch the process. I give her combs and clips to play with and she seems happy with that and would sit still for her haircut.

Now that she is older, she still enjoys her haircuts. She likes the newspaper "clothing" I cutout for her to wear to protect her clothes during the haircut. She finds it amusing, I think, giggling and calling out to baby to look at her. And everytime her fringe gets long and starts disturbing her eyes she would tell me "Mummy, my hair long already, please cut hair for me."

Boy's hair on the other hand is much harder to cut and style. I have to make sure its really short so that my poor boy doesn't get mistaken for a girl, which he often does. I have to make sure that the areas around the ears are trimmed neatly and that the hair at the front doesn't hang down and look like a girl's fringe.

In addition, my boy doesn't sit still like my girl. Placing him in the high chair in front of the mirror does not do the trick. He would turn his head this way and that and he hates it when the hair falls onto his neck and would cry.

So haircuts for him is always done during his shower instead. I give him some toy cups and other bath toys to occupy him and let him play with the soap and soapbox while I try to still some snips in between. Hair that drops on his neck is quickly washed away with the shower before he complains. He doesn't mind a haircut when done in this fashion. I have no one to help me distract him so the bath toys and allowing him to play with water do the trick very nicely.

His sideburns and back are trimmed using a shaver to make it neater. I have to be very, very careful not to nick his ear or neck with the shaver. Have to be very careful with the scissors too. Once, I found a small wound and some blood on his scalp and I didn't even know how that happened. He didn't cry out at all during the haircut too busy playing with his toys, I suppose. Scarry! My SIL shared with me that once she accidentally snipped her son's ear with the scissors drawing blood during a home haircut. OMG! Have to be very careful indeed!

As soon as I finish his haircut, I shower him immediately and all is done. I love to look at the kids after their baths. They look so innocent and clean and loveable. Mmmm Geram! Speaking of geram, my boy loves to pinch people's cheeks in a geram manner the way adults do to little ones. Its very funny to be the recipient of such a pinch from a little one instead.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Cotton Ball Craft for Kids

To me the best candidate for a cotton ball craft are sheeps and clouds. With that in mind, that was exactly what we did for our craft using cotton balls.

I try to give my girl English, Math and Science lessons. Initially my intention was to leave Friday free for Arts and Crafts lessons but I got lazy. So Arts and Crafts is reserved for when mummy is not feeling lazy. Poor little girl!

Anyway, here is a simple craft we did using cotton balls on one fine day when mummy was not feeling lazy. (Hey! It takes some effort you know, the setting up and cleaning up. I usually do it just before the kids bathtime).

This was what we used for our little cotton ball craft:

  1. Paper
  2. Paints
  3. Colour Pen
  4. Cotton Balls (naturally)
  5. Glue

This was what we did:

  1. Draw a simple farm scene with green hills, blue skies and sheep
  2. Paint the scene
  3. Glue the cotton balls onto the clouds and sheep's body and crown
  4. Draw in some finer details like eyes and other fine lines using colour pens

As usual baby likes to join in the Arts and Craft "class". By joining in, he gets to learn to draw lines and recognise colours. Anything that his sister does, he wants to do too. And thats why I had to draw a replica of his sister's picture for him to paint and whatever she paints, he wants to paint too and he would go "I want, I want. I want .... blue/green" I think its a great and fun way for him to learn about colours so I let him join in. His painting skills is not too bad as well and he listens to instructions well by not mixing the blues for his skies with the greens for his grass and hills.

This is baby's version of the Cotton Ball Sheep Art.

This is his sister's version which is slightly more complicated with more details like the fence.

Doing crafts is one of the ways of spending quality time with the kids.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Moon Gazing through the smog filled skies (*cough cough cough*)

Today is the 15th day of the 8th Lunar month of the Chinese Calander. The Lantern Festival has arrived! And so has the haze! :(

My little Ms Pesterer has been counting down to this day, daily, every morning as soon as she wakes up. "Mummy 3 more days,............ 2 more days,.......... 1 more day..................". She can't wait to play her lantern and eat mooncake. (The countdown is a good mini math lesson for her so I go along with her in good humour).

The sky has been hazy for the past few days. The air quality yesterday was particularly bad. I could smell the smoke filled air, like someone burning or barbequeing something all day long. We stayed indoors and shut all the windows.

I have a sensitive nose and on days like these it goes into overdrive, producing mucus non-stop blocking up the nostrils making me sniff all day long. Haiyah! Even my girl seems to have inherited this sensitive nose from me. I see her sniffing all day long too especially before sleep and first thing in the morning. People with sensitive noses look really terrible. Like they're having a perpetual flu, sniffing and sneezing but thats another story for another day.

Today, I hope that the sky will clear up just a little, otherwise it'll be hard to take the kids outdoors to walk their lanterns. Hmm... the candles burning from the little lanterns will probably add to the smog eh?

Happy Moon Gazing to everyone and don't eat too many mooncakes! (Hopefully we can see the moon through all that haze)

Credit for image of the moon: russelsastronomy.com

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Conversation with my 30 month old boy

I was giving baby a bath when he said to me...

Baby: "No head. No head. "

followed by...

Baby: "Put there. Put there." (pointing to the shower and indicating to me to put it away)

After a while, I finally got it and told him...

MG: "Don't worry baby. We are not washing hair today."
(He was afraid that I would start spraying the shower over his head, hence the "No head")

He looked at me and I repeated myself to encourage him to speak...

MG: "Not washing hair today."

He then tried to repeat after me...

Baby: "Not.. washing... hair... today."

Not bad, not bad at all. I tried to say it again so he could learn from repetition...

MG: "Not wash... (when suddenly a small, wet little hand covered my mouth to stop me)

Then he shook his little head a little impatiently to indicate to me that he wanted me to shut up so he could try on his own and he said...

Baby: "Not.... wash... hair"

And then he smiled, pleased with himself at his own attempt.

MG: "Yes baby, thats right. We are not washing hair today."

Yup, baby is on the road to become a talkative little fella. Mummy loves you lots, Baby. Mmmmmmuah!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Crimes of Opportunity

I was just reading Jazzmint's blog about Snatch Thief Going Desperate and remembered that I wanted to blog about this.

Recently I read and wanted to note down that many crimes happen because of opportunity. So one way of preventing crime is to reduce those opportunities for crime to be committed.

Some of the crimes that have happened to people close to me include:
  • handbag snatched while getting into car with kids
  • handbag snatched when opening gate to get into house with kid
  • handphone snatched from table at mamak stall
  • laptop stolen from carboot in luxury hotel

We mothers are a prime target for crime because we are often carrying handbags and numerous other bags for kids' stuff etc. We are distracted because we need to handle the kids and think about their safety. Not only that, the kids themselves are sometimes being cranky or being playful adding to our distraction.

So how to we protect ourselves? Below is my crime prevention checklist. Most of them are related to personal safety. These are some of the things I try to do when outdoors, especially when walking alone on the road or in the carpark:

  • Don't wear flashy jewellery
  • Walk against the direction of the traffic when on the road
  • Carry a laminated copy of my I.C. and keep the original one at home in a safe place
  • Don't carry sling handbags when walking alone. Wear outfit with pocket and carry in pocket instead
  • Always try to look alert
  • Try to be free of distractions and don't dream or think about other things
  • Don't talk on the handphone while walking
  • Try not to be distracted by the kids
  • Try to have the house key or car keys ready instead of searching desperately for it by digging in the handbag only when trying to open the door
  • I used to carry pepper spray and a loud alarm but have stopped doing so. I guess the alarm is ok but am a bit worried that things like pepper spray or umbrella or anything that can be used as a weapon will be used on me instead by the wise crook. What does anyone think about this? I'm really not sure. Hmm...
  • Never carry a sling bag when putting petrol at the petrol kiosk
  • Always lock the door immediately upon getting in the car
  • I don't open the car door from too far a distance afraid that someone may get into the car without my noticing
  • Always lock the car door when waiting in the car with the kids for hubby to run a quick errand especially if the engine is left running. I'm worried that someone may come in and drive off with us in it!
  • Never leave my handbag on a table unattended when dining
  • Put my handbag on the floor near my feet when driving instead of on the passenger seat so its not visible to other motorists or passerby
  • Don't stand near the entrance of the LRT, it makes it easier for someone to snatch your stuff and run off
  • Try not to carry too many stuff when handling kids at the same time

My list is certainly not exhaustive even though I may sound paranoid enough with it. Still its better to be paranoid then sorry. Feel free to share your personal checklist here so we can all remind each other to be careful in order to prevent crimes by not providing the opportunities for crime to happen.

When you're done reading this, head over to Marsha's blog for more Personal Safety Tips.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mooncake Festival, Lantern Festival or Mid Autumn Festival?

So which Festival does one call it? To me it is either Mooncake Festival because we eat mooncake then or Lantern Festival because kids play lantern then. I can't identify with Mid Autumn Festival because we don't have autumn here in Malaysia. I have a simple mind. Lol!

I remember sticking candles on the gate of our rented single storey terrace house in Kuantan when I was a child and walking in the park nearby with lighted lanterns. Mr MG had similiar fond memories of playing with lanterns as a child too. We wanted to create the same excitement and fun for our children.

On Saturday we took the kids to buy their lanterns. My girl was very excited about it. During her afternoon nap that day she asked "Mummy, when we wake up, is it going to be dark dark already? Can we play lanterns then?" And as soon as she woke up from her nap she asked "Mummy, is it dark dark already? Can we play lantern now?" Then throughout the evening, little Miss Pesterer kept asking "Mummy, I want to play lantern. When can we play lantern?"

I told her she can play on Friday, which is the day of the Festival but of course she couldn't wait till Friday! Thats a very long time to wait for a child. Mr MG and I feared that it may rain on Friday which will mean that they would be unable to play the lanterns on that day so we decided to take them to the park to play it at least once to make full use of the lantern.

And that was how we ended up at the park at 10.00pm on a Saturday night (on the way out to buy supper). There weren't any other kids there playing lanterns. Maybe because it was late or maybe because you are supposed to wait till Friday to play, I have no idea which. However, I saw joggers, old men taking an evening walk, a couple walking their dog and boys playing basketball. Amazing! It was 10.00pm! No paktor couples though except for Mr and Mrs MG. We lighted some candles on the seesaw (Its made of iron, not wood. No worries, we won't burn down the park.) It was a very romantic atmosphere. I tell ya. Hehe.

My girl enjoyed carrying her traditional fish lantern with candles for the first time. This the first year she gets to play with the real thing. Much more exciting. We let baby play with a battery operated one. Its safer. His McQueen car lantern was lightweight, the music was not too irritating and it can be recycled into a regular toy after the festival by plugging out the lights and music handle. Great!

Since we were at the park, the kids decided to take a few spins on the slides too. I think they enjoyed themselves. Back home, I'm hearing the pester again "Mummy, I want to play lantern. What day is it today? Is it Friday already?" Guess I have to put up with this till Friday.

The new versus the old

Monday, October 02, 2006

Only Mummy Knows

They say that usually only a mother understands her child's baby language. I guess thats true too for any child minder who is with the child a lot, dads, grandparents, babysitters, maids, siblings.

My boy has just started to talk a lot recently and being closest to him throughout the day, most days, usually I know what he wants when others don't. In fact, his sister knows even better than me most of the time. Sometimes I have to ask her "What does baby want?" when he mumbles something and she usually knows exactly what he wants. Lol!

For example, one of the things he says which only me and my girl understand is this.

"I want. I want. I want bue nee na. I want bue nee na."

When he says this, we know he means "I want ribena in my blue cup." Haha. Just wanted to jot this down for remembrance during this cute stage of baby's language development. They grow up so fast. *happy sigh*

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