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Friday, March 01, 2024

Back to School 2024 Promo Compilation: Your Easy Reference Guide

It's almost time for Back to School 2024 for the new academic year 2024/2025. The new school term will start on 10 or 11 March 2024 depending on which state in Malaysia you are in. Here is a compilation of Back to School promotions so you can make price comparisons for your back to school shopping.

There are so many back to school options available for uniforms, shoes, bags, tumblers, food containers, stationery and more. As the back-to-school season approaches, we understand the importance of making your shopping experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible. That's why we've compiled a comprehensive reference point to all the exciting promotions and deals available, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips.

1.   AEON Ready, Steady, School Early School Preparation Essentials
Date: 12 Feb to 17 Mar 2024
School Uniform brands sold include Canggih, Dexwin, K-Primary, U-Cemerlang and Outpost
View full brochure here

View full brochure here

2. Parkson Back to School Promo 
Date: 7 Feb to 13 Mar 2024
Uniform Brands sold include Canggih and Parkson School Shop
View Mailer here

View Mailer here

3. Aeon Big Back To School Special 
Date: 16 Feb to 15 Mar 2024 
Uniform Brands sold include WHH School, MNK and Canggih
Download brochure here

Download brochure here

4. Jom Ke Sekolah Bersama Mydin

Date: 15 February to 18 March 2024
Uniform Brands sold include Disiplin
Browse Catalogue here

Browse Catalogue here

5. Kembali Ke Sekolah dengan Nilai OhSem
Date: 15 Feb to 10 Mar 2024
Uniform Brands sold include Astar, U-Cemerlang, WHH School and Canggih
Flip through brochure here

Flip through brochure here

6. Put Your Fresh Foot Forward with Bata’s back-to-school antimicrobial shoes
Date: 13 Feb to 26 Mar 2024
For its back to school promo, Bata is offering discounts for buying 2 pairs combo which you can mix and match
View shoes here

View shoes here

7. Sogo Back To School Sales 
Date: 13 Feb to 10 Mar 2024
Uniform Brands include Anak Malaysia, Outpost, K-Secondary and Canggih
See e-leaflet here

See e-leaflet here

8. Giant Back to School Special
Date: 15 Feb - 13 Mar 2024
Uniform Brands include Canggih
View more here

View more here

9. Shopee Back To School Deals
If shopping online is your preference, than check out these deals from Shoppee. 
View Deals here:

View Deals here:

10. Back to School Promotion from Lazada
Shopping for Stationery, Name Tags, School bags online is convenient for busy parents
Lazada Back to School Promo - Shop Now:

Lazada Back to School Promo - Shop Now:

Useful Tips:

Compare Prices: Before making a purchase, compare prices across different retailers to ensure you're getting the best deal.

Shop Online: Many retailers offer additional discounts and promotions for online purchases.

Consider Used Items: Look for pre-loved textbooks, uniforms, and other school supplies in good condition. This can be a sustainable and budget-friendly option. Join our FB group to trade in preloved goods: Malaysia Market for Children Preloved and Educational Items on Facebook

With a little planning and these helpful tips, you can find excellent back-to-school deals in Malaysia and send your child off to the new year feeling prepared and excited!

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Vicks VapoRub: A Fresh Perspective For Modern Mothers

Modern Motherhood: Support your Cough and Cold Wellness Arsenal with Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub is a familiar presence in many households around the world.

The Legacy of Vicks VapoRub

As a trusted companion for generations of mothers, Vicks VaporRub holds a special place in our hearts, evoking memories of our mothers' tender loving care providing comfort and relief during cough and cold season.

Today, Vicks VapoRub continue to remain a staple in many households. Let's learn the benefits of Vicks VapoRub and explore how this age-old companion can be used as a modern solution for today's mothers.

The active ingredients found in Vicks VapoRub transform it into a comforting balm, it becomes a wellness solution tailored for today’s mothers.

Benefits of the Active Ingredients

Its time-tested formula, infused with active ingredients like camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus oil, offers many benefits that are particularly relevant for modern mothers.

All of these components play a crucial role in providing relief and comfort. Understanding these active ingredients allows modern mothers to make informed choices when selecting products for their family's well-being.

Vicks VapoRub helps soothe aches and pains, relieves nasal congestion and cough due to cold.

Spotlight on Natural Ingredients

In addition to its active components, Vicks VapoRub also contains herbal ingredients. It contains a blend of natural oils like cedar leaf oil, nutmeg oil, and thymol which bring a delightful aroma. 

Versatile Applications of Vicks VapoRub Beyond Blocked Nose and Cough

While Vicks is a go-to remedy for blocked noses and coughs, its versatility extends far beyond.

Its soothing properties and calming scent make it a good choice for alleviating muscle soreness due to cold.

For Muscle Aches and Pains: Apply a thin layer of Vicks to sore muscles to experience its soothing effects.

Creative Tips for Incorporating Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub can be integrated into your treatment routine for your wellness. Explore innovative ways to include Vicks VapoRub in your daily life, supporting your self-care treatment rituals with these creative tips.

Keep a Jar Handy: Always have a jar of Vicks VapoRub on hand, whether at home, in your car, or in your travel bag for blocked nose, cough and muscle ache relief.

Create a Soothing Inhalation therapy: Add a spoonful of Vicks VapoRub to a bowl of hot water for soothing steam inhalation.

A Family Remedy for Modern Mums

Vicks VapoRub is a timeless remedy that holds immense value for modern mothers. It's time to support your cough and cold wellness arsenal with Vicks VapoRub. By understanding its active ingredients, harnessing its versatility, and incorporating it into your cold treatment routine, you can learn the benefits of Vicks VapoRub as a blocked nose and cough remedy. Embrace the benefits of Vicks and discover its ability to support your family and your well-being.

Promo Code for Readers!

Enter code VICKSPBC1 to get promotional price for Vicks Vaporub from Watsons Online Malaysia.

This post was brought to you by Vicks VapoRub.

Read label before use. Use as directed. If symptoms persist, see a doctor.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

8 things that remind me of Chinese New Year at Avenue K Shopping Mall

Chinese New Year is round the corner, a very exciting time indeed filled with traditions and culture. Recently I was at Avenue K shopping mall and I came across 8 things that remind me of Chinese New Year. 

The Avenue K's theme for Chinese New Year this year is Eden of Opulence. With this garden theme, shoppers can expect to see and feel Chinese New Year like I did.

8 things that remind me of Chinese New Year

1. Lion Dance

These were the lion dancers which greeted shoppers at Avenue K. It was fun to listen to the drums and watch the lion dance performers. The lion dancers blessed one of the mall's latest eateries, Rue De Paris Cafe. 

Note: Lion Dance Performance are on the following dates and time at Avenue K mall.

23 Jan 2024 at 12.45pm
27 Jan, 3, 12 Feb 2024 at 2.30pm
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2. Yee Sang

We had Yee Sang at Rue De Paris cafe. Interestingly, the crunchy parts were made with cornflakes. What an interesting and novel addition to the dish. Yummy!

3. Angpow

In line with the garden theme, this year's Angpow packet design from Avenue K feature lovely blooms. The packets come in sets of 5 with different shades from pink, red to gold. You can redeem two sets of  angpows if you spend RM238 and above at the mall, in a maximum of 2 combined receipts.

4. Auspicious Plants and Wishing Trees

Here's something you should know if you are shopping at the Avenue K, if your purchase is RM100 and above, you can redeem a money plant and take it home with you! Don't forget to make a wish too. Get your wishing card at Information Counter, Level G and hang your wishing card at the wishing tree located beside the Information counter. Three of the most heartfelt wishes will win RM200 Leather Avenue Cash Vouchers each.

5. Cheongsam

Women love to dress up in traditional Chinese Cheongsam during Chinese New Year. Its quite fun to see the various designs from traditional vintage qipaos to more modern versions and designs for the younger ladies. Check out the Cheongsams at Avenue K. There's one for everyone, including the little ones.

6. Chinese Cultural Performances

This is the best time to watch Chinese Cultural Performances for free!

Note: You can watch the amazing Chinese face changing performance at Avenue K mall at the following dates and time.

23 Jan 2024 at 12.30pm
2, 16 Feb 2024 at 1.00pm

Here's a sneak peek. Don't show this to the kids yet. Bring them for a surprise.
@mumsgather #cny2024 #chinesenewyear2024 #cny #chinesenewyear #facechanging at #avenuek ♬ original sound - mumsgather

7. Shopping

Shopping for food, clothing, accessories, decorations etc is the fun part of Chinese New Year. After the hard work we put in spring cleaning and cooking, we must dress up in our best to visit or receive relatives and friends. 

8 Visiting Malls

One of the must dos by all Malaysians during every festival is to visit our numerous malls to check out the mall decorations. This year, Avenue K Shopping Mall welcomes the year of the Dragon with the  "Eden of Opulence" with a lush garden theme. 

Watch the video below to see the "Eden of Opulence" at Avenue K shopping mall.

@mumsgather #chinesenewyear #cny #cny2024 #chinesenewyear2024 #malldecor #avenuek #edenofopulence #opulence #wishingtree ♬ original sound - mumsgather

Friday, December 22, 2023

3 Simple Steps to Construct a Consistent Study Routine for Your Child

It is always a challenge to just put your child in one place and simply expect them to sit there for half an hour just to study/do their homework. Is it impossible? Well, no. Is it difficult? Well, definitely and obviously yes.

However, the rewards come down to your children having healthy learning habits and also letting them find their uniqueness and specialty in a subject.

They could be well-versed in languages and creativity or logical and critical in mathematics. The larger purpose is for your children to sharpen their thinking and mature throughout their learning journey. If your children are struggling with studying then a study routine can be a massive help.

That being said, all habits start from us, the parents or those who are older than them. Environment and influence are a big factor in cultivating our children. So, how exactly can you establish a study routine for your child? Don’t stress for there are 3 simple steps.

3 simple steps to establish a study routine for your child

1. Study Habits – Observe your child's habits. Developing study habits is a good starting line to a good study routine. Habits, by definition, are autonomous actions that were developed over time without much conscious thought. Parents can foster positive study habits by encouraging them to take positive actions like taking notes, reading a new page, or asking if they have any hesitation. All of these habits can be helpful for your children’s learning journey.

2. Planning and Preparation – Always plan the study session and separate it from actual learning and completing homework. Help them plan around the activities they want to do. Having an actual timetable or schedule can help them to navigate through their school life. Preparation doesn’t always mean giving them books and letting them do their thing, it can also mean preparing them mentally by talking through them.

3. Praising and Rewards – Keep talking to them about studying. Get them to be ready in a mindset to study. Be supportive and do not hesitate to praise even if it is for a very minor achievement. Have a reward system. Always give rewards alongside praises. It can boost their confidence and love for learning. It is about acknowledging the value of their hard work and dedication.

This article was brought to you by Eye Level Malaysia.

Eye Level Malaysia is an enrichment center that can help your children to achieve learning goals. The math and English programs offered by the center aim to foster discipline and consistency in the study routine of enrolled students. The establishment emphasizes the importance of a well-established study routine in cultivating self-directed learners among the children. 

With a widespread presence of over 100 centers across Malaysia, parents are encouraged to drop by to visit for a firsthand experience and a free diagnostic test.

Find out more at

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Chinese New Year 2024 Family T-Shirt

 It is coming towards the end of the year. Turn round the corner and soon Chinese New Year 2024 will be upon us. Next year, Chinese New Year will be on Sat, Feb 10, 2024. Chinese New Year 2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon. 

Some families like to dress up in matching outfits for the Chinese New Year. One simple way to do that is to wear matching tees. The t-shirts normally come in the same design but in various sizes for the whole family, couples, dad, mom, brother, sister, uncle, aunty, grandpa, grandma. Everyone wearing the same matching t-shirt during a family gathering makes great pictures like the one below.

Image Credit: This CNY 2024 Year of the Dragon family tshirt
is available from

Online retailers often have many different sets of tees we can choose from. It is not too early to start shopping for matching t-shirts for the whole family from babies to grandparents just in case shipping takes some time. Tip: When shopping online, be sure to read the reviews. The review will tell you whether the material is comfortable or is it perhaps too thin etc.

2024 is year of the dragon and dragon designs are a bit more complicated. Do you like cute cartoon dragons, majestic looking dragons, dragon at the front placing on the tee, side or back? So many choices.

Here are some CNY 2024 family t-shirts you can check out.

1. Cute Cartoon Dragon CNY 2024 matching family t-shirt

Here's a cute cartoon dragon CNY 2024 family tee set. Sizes range from baby rompers up to men and women XXL. According to the seller, you need to order the t-shirts separately by adding each size of your choice separately to cart before paying. There are two cute dragon designs to choose from. Placement of the cute dragon is in the center.

Where to buy:

2. Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon 2024 family tee shirt

If you like a unique design with the dragon motif at the side of the tshirt, then you can consider this which is available from sizes M to 4XL. No baby or toddler sizes for this one, so this is more suitable for  family with teenage children. 

Where to buy:

3. CNY 2024 couple or family t-shirt with dragon motif

The dragon motif or design for this CNY t-shirt is at the side or "pocket" area of the chest for those who prefer a simple design that is not too loud. This is available in 2 colours so you can mix and match with sizes for ages 1 to 2 and up.

Where to buy:

4. Chinese New Year 2024 Gold Dragon couple or family tee

For those who prefer designs that are not too childish, you can opt for this gold dragon which has been cleverly incorporated into the words 2024. This unisex t-shirt is available in 4 colours in both kids and adult sizes. Kids sizes are from 1 year to 14 years whereas adult sizes are from XS to 5XL so there is one t-hirt for everyone in the family.

Where to buy:

5. Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon 2024 polo style embroidered t-shirt

If you prefer a colared t-shirt that has a classic polo style with embroidered words on the chest area, you can check this t-shirt which is available in 5 colours ie red, navy, grey, black and white. You can even pm the seller to custom make extra large sizes or to add other logos should you want to make this a work place team t-shirt.

Where to buy:

6. CNY CHINESE NEW YEAR Dragon FAMILY T SHIRT 2024 Dragon 100 Cotton Unisex

Not into red? Then check out these sets which come in lime green, powder blue, pink, lemon yellow and bright yellow. Of course red is available too if you like this design with peeping dragon at the side of the tshirt. Since this is a family t shirt, it is available in various kids and adult sizes as well.

Where to buy:

7. CNY 2024 Dragon Year Tshirt CNY Happy Chinese New Year Family Tee Couple Wear

Are you one of those who prefer to make a statement rather than follow traditional red? Then you might like a majestic looking dragon in navy blue t-shirt or on white but if you want to make it safer while visiting older relatives, you can always choose red, yellow or orange instead. Probably teenage boys and dads may like this better than the cartoonish ones.

Where to buy:

Can't find what you are looking for here? Check below for other designs from....



Note: Remember, when shopping online, read reviews, measure your sizes according to the given size charts and talk to the seller in case you are still unsure.

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