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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Encouraging Creativity Through Play

Wiki Stix

Children are naturally creativity. They can create something from nothing, really! For example, my boy's current craze are pencil lead boxes. He would turn his lead boxes into planes and trains and have a competition with his friends in school to see whose lead box is stronger and can knock the other person's lead box off the table.

My girl used to pour glue into her lead box, color them with highlighter and turn them into crystals by peeling them off when they were dry. To my chagrin, she made many of these crystals in different colors and placed them all over her table.

Anyway, this is not about my kids, although I just love to talk about them. This post is about Wikki Stix MY. Wikki Stix are "sticks" that kids can use to create amazing stuff using their imagination. The "sticks" are made of hand-knitted yarn enhaced with a special non-toxic wax that are safe for children to handle.

What I love about Wikki Stix is the fact that they stick by light fingertip pressure on any smooth surface without glue, paste or mess! Once your child is done playing with them, you can just peel them off easily. Yay! That scores a big point with me, a busy SAHM and an online writer. I don't have time for cleaning up mess. Besides, I have always thought the children to pick up after themselves, so they can easily do so with this creative educational toy.

Now, for the interesting part for my Malaysian blogger and Facebook friends, the made in US product Wikki Stix is now in Malaysia, brought to you by Montessorimum whom I have known for as long as I am blogging, which is since 2004! We have lots in common till she decided to have two more kids. She is an amazing mom of four.

In fact she is currently running a Giveaway for the Wikki Stix Numbers And Counting Set.

The deadline is Sunday, 30th September 2012 so you still have time to enter the giveaway. Do check it out my fellow Malaysian bloggers and facebookers especially those with young creative kids. You still have chance to enter this giveaway contest and win a surprise toy for your child.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fun Things To Do With Children

"Mum, play with me. You don't do anything with me these days. You only study with me."

This was the recent complain I had from the boy. I guess it is true. As a SAHM, I sometimes find it tiring not only to teach but to play and make sure the kids have the exercise and sleep they need.

I must do more fun things with the children.

One very fun thing to do is to dance. Yes, dance with the kids. How they love it.

Recently, I had to help them select the songs they want to play for their next piano practical exam. They had just gotten their new books from the teacher. So we put the songs on and listened to each one of them before selecting their favourite. Then we listened to our choices again and danced around the room. The kids love it. Dancing. It is very good exercise too. We twirled like doing ballroom dancing and spinned and hopped and marched too.

Another time, we took out some coins and spinned those on the floor to see whose coin would knock out the other's coin first and we shouted out loud when it did.

These are very simple and fun things to do with children.

Of course the other thing my boy loves to do is to search for game apps, download, try then delete. Soon, we'll run out of games to try. App developers should work harder to satisfy our insatiable demands for games. lol.

I prefer good old fashioned and simple things like the coin spinning and dancing. However, you can't ignore technology so we do the apps search too sometimes. However, app searching and game playing on the mobile phone is never to be done without my permission. Those are the house rules.

Do you have any fun and simple things you do with your children that you would like to share?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Imbuhan Akhiran an, kan dan i

I find the imbuhan akhiran an, kan dan i harder to explain to my boy, especially the imbuhan akhiran i.

Anyway, here are some resources for kids for studying imbuhan akhiran.

Here's a video for Imbuhan Akhiran -an

Imbuhan Akhiran -an from Nur Ain Mohd. Amin

Here's a power point presentation to explain Imbuhan Akhiran -an, -kan dan -i.

I found the video cute but not extremely helpful while the powerpoint slide is easier to understand.

To sum it up, a word is changed into a noun (kata nama terbitan) when combined with the imbuhan akhiran -an whereas a word is changed into a verb (kata kerja terbitan) when combined with the imbuhan akhiran -kan dan -i.

Hope that helps some primary kids parents.

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