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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blog Birthday Present

Anyone noticed the brand new animation I've got on my sidebar? Its lovely isn't it? Its supposed to be me trying to do some work with My Girl and My Boy "helping" out. Hehehe.

Many, many thanks to the talented blogger Maria for this wonderful blog birthday present. Jeles or not y'all? Wanna have one? Go be nice to her. Hahaha. Just kidding.

P.S. Maria, you did it on white background so I made it transparent to blend with my sidebar colors using this tool from GIFWorks.com. Maybe you can find the site useful for some of your works. Thanks again!


  1. wow !!! so jeles !!! very jeles !!! maria i want one also !!!! *hit table*

    MG, u are lucky lar...

  2. glad you like it :D, feel so good being apprecite :P. great site, thanks for sharing, why you so pandai cari all this stuff wan?

    I run lor, shiaulin hit table liao, I scare LOL...

  3. shiaulin, no need to hit table, you go and be nice to her loh. kekekeke.

    maria, I like to surf for good sites, thats why. Don't worry, I will share with you. :)

  4. I officially very jeles now..!! *sob,sob*..! eh.. wait..!! jeles.. cannot sob, sob right..?? ok.. green, green then..!! hahhaha!!

  5. good lah... now she will have no excuse to deny me some "egghead" stuff liao... but I probably have to wait for another 8 month come my blog's birthday :(

  6. Very cute graphics and well represented. :P

  7. Maria, me also want one animated gif with Emily and Tim kissing mummy...hehehe.

  8. big bok, go paint your blog green then. heheheh.

    egghead, you IT Photoshop expert, no excuse. Do yourself! kekekeke.

    jefferene, you oso want right?

    michelle, wah Maria's icons so laku, soon she will start charging us for it. ;)

  9. Yeah get it while it is free :D

  10. yee...why say like tht...I where got money face wan...hehehe...one at a time, one at a time.

  11. Maria, you're not the one with the money face, I am. kekeke. Gonna make everyone line up and pay first. I collect commission for referral business. Hehehe. Pressure or not, got so many requests?

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