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Friday, September 16, 2005

A Blog Is Born

A Blog was born on 17 September 2004. It was called Mumsgather. How time flies. Its been a year!

I first started to try blogging in September 2004 but then I stopped after just two posts! Haha. Now, if it wasn't for 5xMom and twinsmom who infected me with the true blogging virus in November 2004, I wouldn't still be here, a year later. (Thanks ladies! *Muaks*)

I wanted to "celebrate" my blog birthday in November instead since thats when I really started blogging but since I had the first two posts in September I shall use this date as the anniversary date instead. (Hehe. Just like how couples not sure which date to celebrate anniversary ie the ceremony date or registration date if they fall on different dates.)

Since I don't blog on Saturdays, I'm posting this today.

Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Mumsgather
Happy Birthday to Me

Note: Singing to myself. Hehe. I'm only thick skinned on my blog.


  1. Happy birthday to MG's blog! ;)

    Now, where's the cake?

  2. Happy Blogging To U
    Happy Blogging To U
    With fun memories to Share...
    Happy Blogging To U

    Hope you like this song, a bit pitchy coz watch too much Malaysian Idol.

  3. Happy birthday to MG's blog!

    The blog virus is spreading so fast...now many mommies are infected.

  4. *bshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* (spraying anti-blog virus)

    "Damn! no effect!! my space suit is leaking pulak! ohhhh! I am infected! shit!!"

    *started typing in my blog unconsciously..

    Happy Birthday! and many more to come!!

  5. *
    Happy Birthday to MG's blog.
    I have more to learn from MG mummy's blog... ^___^

  6. Ooppss....the cake doesn't look good. Sorry but I wanted to give u a cake MG. I am sure u don't mind right? It's the thoughts that count. ;)

  7. Jason, you never see meh. so big big I put there for you. Hehehe.

    michelle, thats toooo funny. hahaha. BTW 2nite got MI, so far I think the last 3 all really not that outstanding.

    Jefferene, this virus got no cure one.

    egghead, told ya, no one has yet found a cure for this fast spreading virus.

    allyfeel, Ah...So... that was a cake. I thought you were scolding me. lol. Thanks for the thought.

    crazyggrl, thank Q.

  8. Happy Birthday MG ^_^ More great blogs for the coming year!

  9. yoooo so fast one year liao...mine still got 3 months to go....



  10. Happy birthday - may there be many to follow :)

    We can have your cake during the next blogger meeting, right? Huauauauauaaa

  11. sue, thanks and cheers!

    leecs, very happy indeed. :)

    Hey there Andreas, You won't find me in any bloggers meet cos' MG = anonymous. ;) BTW, I've been following your blog lately cos hubby just recently changed jobs too. Keep your posts coming yah?

  12. woohooo! Happy birthday! Happy blogging! I like your blog, and please continue it. Looking forward to your next birthday! :)

  13. Happy birthday .. keep it coming. Love reading your blog. Really interesting ... :)

  14. Happy birthday to MG's blog! *heeheeheeheehee* Is that the cake Maria baked for you?

  15. Happy Birthday MG's blog..
    Many happy blogging :)

  16. Suzette, I like to follow your blog too, cos your Ian and My Boy same birthdate exactly.

    twin, ya kah. (*blush*) thanks.

    dg, Nope. Maria is MIA. I'm still waiting for my cake.

    Hi Atiza, Happy Blogging to you in return.

  17. hehe.. mine also like urs, i started on feb with single post, then till july only get to blog again.. so do i celebrate my blog bday on feb ?? yee-hee-hee... then mar still got 5 mths to go loh??

  18. Tengah malam datang sini
    Mumsgather sedang happy
    Blog ini 1 tahun Harijadi
    "Congratulation" saya bagi

    Hahahaha. Infested by Ah Pek oredi.

  19. Wah, happy birthday to mumsgather! I started blogging on September 15, 2004. It's been one year for me too but no celebration-lah.

  20. Happy Birthday to MG's blog!

    purposely save the words to say it 'on the day' :D

  21. ai yah...I forgot your two lost-in-touch post, so always thought you blog at the same time with me tim, I still goyang kaki on your "blog birthday present"!!!

    anyway...Happy Birthday to your blog, present come later :P.

  22. shiaulin, so which date you choose as anniversary? hehehe.

    willwolf, amboi! Berpantun pulak. Good one! hahaha.

    bkworm, Oh! Happy Blog b'day to you too.

    Maria, I donch care. I want my present. (*stamping feet*)

    James, Thanks. Cheers!

  23. stamping feet some more, no present for you. :P
    MG:"woa woa woa...." hehehe...

  24. *stomps feet harder. throws tantrum.*


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