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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Lost Shoe

MG: "Oh No! Where's baby's shoes? Got one side only."

Mr MG: "Aiyah! I told you to check every once in a while to make sure they don't get lost."

MG: "I just checked a moment ago" :(

Mr MG: "Lets trace back our steps and see if we can find it."

This is very common occurence for us. We've lost one side of baby's shoes time and again. Dunno how many of the brand new kiddoes shoes we've lost this way during an outing.

I wonder why
Little shoes cost so much
I wonder why
Little shoes get lost so often

I'm amazed how
Little feet outgrow little shoes
I'm amazed how
Little people bring so much love


  1. I'm amazed how
    despite we know their feet grow fast
    parents still buy expensive new shoes
    must be those clever ads on TV


  2. We've dropped shoes, but have always managed to retrieve them. Once at midvalley, a cleaner kept the shoe for us and passed it over to the info counter - nice of her not to throw it away! I just love those tiny nike, adidas and reebok shoes - so adorable! But I love my dh's hard earned money more!!

  3. egghead, We buy them foolishly becos we think they'd look so cute in them mah. Hehe.

    kc, Me too. I just like to look at them but I think its crazy to get them cos it'll still be brand new by the time they outgrow them. Seems rather wasteful.

  4. wei, I got four legs also never lost one wor hehehe...just to chee-geek you a bit :pbpbpb.

  5. ya ya, we oso buy as cheap as possible, but it is always me who splurge. ya lor, so cuuuuttteeee! mrs b will always snap me back to reality, hehehe ;)

  6. maria, ya rub it in summore! Hmmph! Very chee-geek adi!

    belachan, but you always succumb to temptation rite? kekeke.

  7. Can elaborate a bit how the shoes can get lost so next time I know how to keep my girl shoes?!

    I also love the tiny shoes very much but very kiamsiap to buy, so costly!

  8. jefferene, not sure how to elaborate. usually it just slips easily off their tiny feet.

  9. we almost lose them once but bb point point where it was. hehe...lucky! Now he is wearing BG(Bubble Gummers),they are cute and cheap too.

  10. wah !! my xuan also lost his shoes last sunday !! we lost whole pair!!! actually we took taxi out then Xuan was sleepy, so i took off his shoes and carry him to take a nap. but when get off that time i forgot to take it and my hubby didn't notice too! :( gotta buy new shoes again and ~$$$~ *money fly*

  11. allyfeel, yah. after a while they know how to tell us when a shoe falls off their feet. I oso buy BG :)

    shiaulin, aiyoh! lost whole pair kah?

  12. Ya.. they sure cost alot..!! and they don't last for very long..!! so far we haven't lost any yet.. but MAN...!! the shoes we go thru' with the brat..!!

  13. your brat got more shoes than you perhaps? ;)

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