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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Once upon a moonlit night....

Attended a mooncake festival gathering on Saturday. Hmm.. I thought I was a bad case with my lost culture but it would seem like the next generation is going to be worse off. Why?

  • the gathering was merely an excuse to get-together so that the kids could play with lanterns and candles. Don't think anyone quite fully understands the significance of the celebrations.
  • the mooncake didn't taste like mooncake
  • some of the lanterns didn't look like lanterns, they resembled normal battery operated toys
  • the kids (ranging from toddlers to teens) played with the lanterns for a very short while only after which everyone ran into the house to enjoy the cool aircond comfort, play the piano, guitar and organ and computer games.

Haiyh! Oh where oh where is our culture gone?


  1. ai yoh, same here lar, we gather have the mooncake fest. also in my BIL's house, with KFC, and no body mention about eating mooncake. everyone play computer game, spent a little time on lanterns.
    don't even want to blog about it *sigh*...

  2. those modern "tang-lung" scare the crap out of my son... he don't even go near them when they were on with those loud and weird music!

    luckily my brother bought back some good old paper tang-lung from Penang... else it would be a lost cause liao :)

  3. totoro, but what is it evolving into?

    maria, same here loh.

    egghead, I found one very small and cute one wor, which my girl adores. Its the size of her palm only. Very cute. But in keeping with tradition I made her play with the real candlelit one, under supervision of course. Buden, I burned her fish lantern. Hahaha.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. I hate those battery operated Tang Long, I am afraid it will hurt my son's ear. MIL got one for him.

  6. hate those battery operated ones also, that's why i never got one... only Jap paper lanterns...

    summore cannot help but agree with egghead leh, nowdays all childrens toys come with "feng tau kor" (rave music?)... quite noisy and inappropriate for kids i shd think

  7. allyfeel, sue, If it has got to be battery operated for the safety of the little ones, why can't anyone design a proper looking lantern, WITHOUT LOUD MUSIC, which lights up like a flickering candle. I sure buy, maybe can even buy for decoration.

  8. I got those traditional cellophane paper lantern for both my kids (the battery-operated ones are horrendous!). At nite, my girl held one and I held the other one for my boy and 3 of us go jalan-jalan on the street. We were the only ones on the street. So sad not to see anyone else..

  9. You should head to the nearest park, more likely to have ppl playing there.

  10. situation a little different here...most houses in my neighbourhood got japanese paper lanterns up, tis yr saw sth different, they put them lanterns hanging from trees...quite nice, ya know...and got a number of kids come out play tanglung, im one of the big kids, haha, in fact, i was the oldest gua. was merry in a peaceful sense. :) hope the tradition wont die and wont succumb to modern appliances. but must admit things change from time to time...if people got no interest, wat to do?


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