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Friday, September 30, 2005

The Magic Cup

Tuesday night My Boy could not sleep after his feed because I did not get the timing right. Timing is of essence here. My Boy must be just a little bit sleepy but not too sleepy during his feed and he will fall asleep contentedly. Otherwise, I will have a fully charged, active baby to deal with.

So there I lay half asleep listening to My Girl chatting non-stop. All I could hear as I struggled to stay awake was "Daddy..... repair.... no batteries..... the golden car.... there at the kitchen there....why....mummy...." With my eyes half opened, I watched as My Boy clambered off the bed, his bottom and feet first. Then he toddled over to the shelf and took a lone toy cup (dunno what its doing in the bedroom) and came back to the foot of bed, his eyes pleading me to carry him up again. (Because the bed is too tall for him to climb up on his own, no problem getting down though.)

I took my time to carry him back to bed and then he was off again trying to climb down. This time, he stopped halfway on his tummy, his feet dangling in the air as if undecided whether to continue his descent or to climb up again. My Girl stopped her chatter momentarily to laugh at his antics. Luckily he decided that the smarter choice would be to climb up as lazy mummy may not carry him up again.

This time, he came and sat next to my head, he played with my hair and face before giving the toy cup his full attention, turning it this way and that, dropping it and picking it up again. He pretended to drink from it, then offered to feed me with it. He tried to clamber over me to reach his sister but when he found that his obstacle (me) was too difficult, he gave up and went back to his cup.

Meanwhile, his sister chatted on and on as I struggled to fight my sleepiness. After a time, I saw that his sister had fallen asleep and a little while later My Boy fell asleep too, on my head! At least, he didn't fuss, nor cry, nor cling to mummy. He played with the magic cup till he fell asleep all on his own.
Hmmm.... I think I'll bring the cup to bed again soon.

The next night....

My Boy did his climbing stunt again after a feed. This time he went over to the shelf and took some books. I produced the magic cup but he wouldn't even glance at it. So I let him "read" his book in bed next to my head. After some time, he got up, walked over to his pillow and started to drag the pillow over to me. He looked very unhappy and I couldn't figure out what he was doing.

Then My Girl said "maybe he wants you to breastfeed." Haha. Now why didn't I think of that. She was right of course because the pillow she was dragging was the one I usually use to put him on for a feed. And it was confirmed as soon as I took the pillow from him and put it on my lap. His happy face and excited demeanour confirmed it. He must be thinking "Dungu mummy got it at last!"
And soon after that, he was sound asleep.


  1. well.. boys will be boys!! they are attracted to breast at any given age...

  2. Egghead's comment damn jalat. *shakes head*

    Hehe, very cute. :D

  3. Hehe, your girl is smarter than you!

  4. hmmmm....memories of yesteryears comes flashing by.....

  5. mumsgather, my son once asked me,"mama, when the milk is finished, how do you put somemore in for the baby to drink? Do you use a straw?"

  6. egghead, you should know, yours is stuck to J's. Hehe.

    jason, i don't think he meant it in the jialat way. ;)

    belachan, you want to pinjam the magic cup?

    jefferene, she certainly is, sometimes!

    Ah Pek, A trip down memory lane for you huh?

    kak teh, haha. thats so cute. what did you tell him then?

  7. I feel so lucky...Twinsdad is the one who take the girls to bed, if I put them to sleep? usually I will gone amok first.

  8. Your gal is so smart and clever, knows what her di di wants. *Clap* *Clap*

  9. i can never put my 9 mths old to sleep. when i'm around, it will mean playtime!

    ur girl chatted till she falls asleep?! does she do that everynite? cute.

  10. mumsgather, I can relate so much to this. Aren't they cute, these little people toddling about with their big duckling butt.

    Sometimes my jack2 is undecided whether he should succumb to his sleepiness or play with his siblings.

    Your daughter is great.

  11. maria, lucky you. the kids are so used to me for sleeping, daddy is for playing only.

    michelle, yah, i guess becos she's used to the nighttime routine we have :)

    miche, she wants to chit chat every single night! And of course I have to participate no matter how sleepy....

    lollies, i guess your jack2 can do both lah, ie play with his siblings until he falls asleep from being too tired.

  12. Oh, they are so cute.. You co-sleep with them? A bit crowded right the bed?? *scratch head*

  13. Hi zara's mama. Welcome to my blog. Yes we co-sleep cos we all get better sleep that way. :)

  14. Hey mumsgather
    Thanks for the tip on your recipes for starting baby on solids..I have a few questions...(this mommy does not cook so abit blur!!)

    1. What is stock? The only stock i know is those chicken / beef stock which they sell in small cubes...

    2. can you actually cook 1 - 2 tablespoon of rice in a rice cooker? it's it such a small amount that by the time the rice cooks, it'd all stick onto the cooker pot itself?

    3. and how much is 1 portion to be fed to the baby? how many teaspoon does that translate to?

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Hi there Dinah. The stock you get from the cubes is full of msg and not suitable for babies. Homemade one is better. To make stock at home, just boil chicken bones or pork bones in a big pot. You can throw in any leftover vegetables like carrots, potatoes, celery etc to make it even more nutritious. As for your other questions, better point you towards MMB. Its a forum for Malaysian Mums and there is a dicussion there on starting solids which you will find very useful. Why not register and join in the discussion. But remember to read through all the previous threads first to make sure it hasn't been discussed before you ask your questions ok? Here's the link starting solids


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