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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Who Links To You?

When I first started blogging, the kind Narrowband told me that I could check who linked to me by typing my url on the search box in Technorati. I had a thrill trying it out. Haha! Cheap thrill I know. Thats part of the fun I have in blogging ie trying out the various blogging tools available on the web.

I was going to blog about this awhile ago when I discovered PubSub but then I saved it as draft and forgot all about it until I came across this article: "Blog Link Tracking Reviewed" in The Blog Herald. Its an excellent review and I had fun checking who linked to me as well as trying out some of the other tools available on Blogpulse.

Why not try it out too? As a blogger, you'll enjoy it I'm sure!


  1. I believe u're talking about the post (refer to trackback ping) I blogged last year :D

    I'm not sure if it's a very accurate measure... I think it serves more like a "Who has been to your site and via which link". So if someone has linked you, but nobody (including that blog owner) has ever clicked that link, Technorati won't be able to detect it anyway. I am not sure lah, my own assumption nia..

    ANYHOW, Technorati has been giving me alotta surprises - because I found out there're new links that linked to my site :p Also check out www.copyscape.com , it is to catch copycat!

  2. By the way, ... From "Blog Link Tracking Reviewed" in The Blog Herald:

    "when you do click search on Technorati its like pulling the leaver on a slot machine, some times you’ll get lucky and get a result, others times you wont get a result at all because of technical difficulties or time outs."

    I cannot agree more!! Doesn't work all the time!

  3. yah, quite cool to know tht, and in WP it came with this function too, really cool...

  4. Best hor? Can shiok sendiri likedat. Hahaha.

  5. Narrowband, No I was not referring to that particular post actually. You told me about it somewhere in my comments box or tagboard. :)

    Maria, Cool!

    5xmon, Shiok nya!

  6. hahaah....yar, i must check oso la. nvr really understood wat all this trackback is all abt. dunno how to use oso. technorati...lagi blurr. got an account but dunno how to use.

    i so lauyar....sigh.

  7. yvy, well trackback according to my Ah Soh defination is like commenting on someone's post in your own blog, then inviting them over to read your blog (by sending a trackback ping) Haha. something like that. Eg in this post Narrowband has sent me a trackback ping on summore blog tools to enjoy! :)


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