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Thursday, September 01, 2005

What Merdeka Means to the little ones

What Merdeka means to a three year old

"Mummy, look got Merdeka car!" (points to a passing car with a flag) - Excited

"How come that building is full of flags?" - Puzzled

"Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! (prancing around the house waving hand held flag and singing just like on TV) - Happy

What Merdeka means to a one year old

Knocks mummy's head repeatedly with the hand held flag. ("Ahh... another device to knock Mummy's head with, just like a drumstick.") - Excited

Toddles around the house waving hand held flag, just like his sister. - Happy

"Waaaahhhhhhh!" (Sister tries to snatch hand held flag from him) - Not so Happy.

MG Notes: Looks like the Kibarkan Jalur Gemilang (Fly the Malaysian Flag) campaign is a success..... at least with my kids. It adds a feeling of festivity in the air for the little ones even though they're too young to understand what Merdeka means for now.


  1. yah...this few days I listen enough of :
    "wah...so many flag..."
    "wah...so many flag..."
    "wah...so many flag..."
    "wah...so many flag..."
    "wah...so many flag..."

  2. Haha Maria, you got to listen to double the chanting too!

  3. Children are just too cute..! they interprete things with the most simplest innocence that you cannot find anywheres.

  4. Ya Big Bok, We could learn a few things from them :)

  5. hahaha.. I myself dun quite get what merdeka means by now... flag flying? loud singing? marching and parade? good business for everyone?

  6. true true... about the good business for everyone. I wonder what the Merdeka Sale has got to do with the spirit of patriotism???


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