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Friday, September 09, 2005

Are Women More Affectionate than Men?

I wonder whether women are more affectionate than Men? I, for one, love being affectionate. I love to hold hands, hug, cuddle and be close to my beloved. Perhaps thats because my primary love language is physical touch. Now, for those of you with one tracked minds, you'd have to read this to know what I mean when I say my love language is physical touch.

Previously Mr MG was not as affectionate as I would have liked him to be (he was quite stingy with his hugs/it was difficult to wrangle a hug out of him) but he is well trained now. Once he asked me "Huh? Go up the stairs (at home) also must hold hands ah?" Hehe. Another time I had to tell him (Hey! If I don't tell how would he know right?) that when we go shopping etc, I'd like it very much if he remembered to be affectionate..... this was told after the babies came along. Its hard to hold hands or put arms around each other when you have to carry baby or hold little hands but we manage.

Now, happily, Mr MG is very affectionate (maybe more than me even) and I'm loving it. I love when he strokes or brushes my hair/face or when he playfully hits my bottom when he passes by, things like that. I wonder if the men like to be affectionate like that or is it a woman thing, like the way we love to hear the words "I Love You" uttered. Do men like to be affectionate or do they say "C'mon. Stop fussing over me."


  1. Yes...I think men are more affectionate than us sometimes. My hubby wants me to kiss him goodbye every morning. :)

  2. oh...lovey dovey...:D...
    well, I never short of this kind of "touch", twinsdad very "ang-mo" on this, whereas I am opposite, just learn to express with hugs and kisses, slow...

  3. yvy, must train wan. hehe. Just kidding.

    allyfeel, how about in the evening when get back from work. hehe.

    maria, hehe first time we difer.

  4. I don't like to show my affection in public places... but at private leh... (evil laugh)... is a whole different story liao :P

  5. like dat you kenot join the ham sap old gang. kekekeke.

  6. My case very weird. Whenever we are out shopping, my Little O (she will 4 yrs old this week) will pull my hand and put it with her mummy's hand and then runs to my other side and hold my hand.

  7. By the way, I think between me and Mrs. O, I'm the more affectionate one.

  8. It's difficult with kids, esp with 3 kids. They often fight with me for his affection, since they don't get to see him much during the course of the day. Naturally, they get more of his attention & affection. Frankly, I don't really mind.

  9. My dh is actually more affectionate. But when he holds my hand, the little one will try to come in between us. In the end, dd will be seen holding dh's and my hands. :P

  10. sometimes only la... he will ask "where is my kiss?" hehe...pai seh la....

  11. *looks around for whip for the training sessions.*

  12. Orion, you have a cute little O there don't you? :)

    ange, the kids are part of you anyway, so if they get his attention it means, part of you is! hehe.

    crazymommy, hehe. wait till you have more little hands to hold.

    allyfeel, next time surprise him so he no need to ask so "cham" loh. kekeke.

    yvy, aiyoh. sked.

  13. Hmmm.. MG,
    Let me think..! sometimes hamsup.. and sometime not.. ! i think depends on mood and the occasion lor..!
    I think before we had my brat.. more hamsup.. after.. very tired so no more hamsup.. hahaha!! if it makes any sense to you .. ;)

  14. Hey big bok, I wasn't referring to hamsup ler... (Just small touches not big ones. Hahaha.)

  15. My DH loves to come from behind and give a hug whenever I'm cooking or washing at the sink. And strangely enough, never when I sitting on the couch or lying in bed looking sexy.... Hmm...something about my lovely butt?? And both my kids love to come between us whenever we hug/cuddle. Do your kids do that too?

  16. kc, come to think of it, so far no.


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