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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cheap Thrill

Here's how some people found their way to me recently:

  1. Someone...somewhere searched for "international kids song rhymes"
  2. Someone...somewhere searched for "memories of mum"
  3. Someone...somewhere searched for "taiwanese family hierachy" (Huh?)
  4. Someone...somewhere searched for "breastfeeding wars" (Huh again?)
  5. Someone...somewhere searched for "five languages of love articles"
  6. Other searches that found its way to me include "I'm in shape round is a shape", "confinement lady in malaysia" (anyone interested in my confinement services. Its cheap! Haha.), "barney vcd", "mamak stall roti canai", "sahm housewife", "how to bring down a high fever", "if you" (huh?)

"Mumsgather" came out first place in the first 3 searches. Muahahahaha. (Cheap thrill)

My own quick search:

  1. Yahoo Search for "mumsgather" resulted in 14000 mentions
  2. Googled "mumsgather" and found 13800 results

Muahahahahaha. (Cheap thrill!) When I first started my website, a google search merely found 5 results. Now its 13800! Ok ok, its a small number compared to the big time bloggers but still a thrill nonetheless.

*Drumroll* Applause please! Thank you! Thank you! Ok. Thats my 5 minutes of fame. Now back to reality and back to work! See ya! (*Sighs* Blogging is so much fun. Hehehe.)


  1. I do check sometimes also... relly some thrill one :)

  2. sorry i m new at at this ... how do one track the searches to see what search led to your site?

  3. thefirstchristmas, *ahem ahem* thank you. ;)

    egghead, you too huh?

    anon, you can find the links on my tracker which is located at the bottom of my sidebar. For eg. for today's links, you can click on the button called OneStat.com tracker, then click on the referrer link and it will display the list of webpages that came to this website. Happy trying and if you have any other questions, don't be shy. Just ask. Cheers!

  4. Oh I forgot to add, if you have a blog, you can put the tracker there too by just pasting a code in your template.

  5. Thanks "mom". I will give it a go and let u know wot happens later :-)

  6. Now don't you wish for every time your name appear, Google pay you 10 cents for it.

  7. anon, don't be shy lah. whats your name and where's your blog link? ;)

    michelle, I wish! (goes away singing....*When you wish upon a star....*)

  8. I didn't check, but my stat count told me the highier search is..."how to have twins?" and "how to conceive" hahaha...

  9. u made malaysian bloggers proud. hope more and more people will visit ur site.

  10. maria, you'd be surprised at some of the searches that land on your page if you check. Its quite funny. :)

    poulotte, don't lah say until like dat. malu only....

  11. Waah.... fame and fortune, here we come! :)

  12. james, you want to be among the first to get my autograph? line up please! kekekekeke (I've got a bad case of blowing own trumpet today)

  13. amboi2....femes liow!!

    bagus bagus!! :D keep it up!!

  14. yvy, it includes comments I leave on blogs wor. So better go to your blog many many times and leave more comments so that I get more and more femes. kekekeke.

  15. how do u make it searcheable in yahoo? Any html code needed? I don't seem to be able to do so.


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