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Monday, September 05, 2005

Easy Screen Capture

I just discovered that you can do a simple screen capture without using any professional program. So I'm putting the steps here before I forget how to. Being very vain (hehe), I've done a screen capture/screenshot of my webpages just for the fun of it and put them in this post with links to my pages. I haven't yet learned how to put the links on to the pictures itself. ("Next time lah...") For now, here are the steps on how to to a simple screen capture using your clipboard:

Step 1 Press Ctrl, Alt, Print Scrn
Step 1 (Edited) Press Alt, Print Scrn to capture the Active Window
Step 2 Press Start, All Programs, Accessories, Paint
Step 3 Press Ctrl V
Step 4 Press File, Save As, (Choose JPEG format), Filename. The File will be saved as a Pic file which can be called up to paste in any document you so desire. (I'm a copy and paste expert after all!)


I'll Always Be Here

Mummy Play With Me

My Breastfeeding Story

My Kitchen

Step 1 has been edited, thanks to Tien Soon and Egghead.


  1. Actually, the key sequence is Alt + Print Scrn. There's no need to press Ctrl key :-)

    With Alt + Print Scrn, you can capture any activated window you want, without being cluttered with other background windows or desktop wallpaper

  2. Print Screen straight also works, right? Haven't try Alt + Prt Scn though.

  3. Pressing Print Scrn captures the whatever that is showing on the monitor screen.

    Presing Alt + Print Scrn captures only the active window.

  4. Guys, thanks for the tips! Thats what I love about blogging. Most ppl are very generous about sharing.

  5. yeah.. they are as generous as u do MG. thank for the info u have share out.

  6. Yup..!! even get rescue from 5xmom.. to boil soup.. hahaha!! see bloggers are so much nicer than my you know what neighbours..!

  7. shiaulin, r u still blocked out of blogger over there?

    big bok, haha. its funny to think that you got help in boiling soup from someone miles away rather than from someone next door. thats the beauty of blogging. *High 5*

  8. MG, even though we are blocked but we still use proxy to access blogger ;)

    but that's still lotsa site we couldn't enter even by proxy... *sigh*


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