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Monday, September 19, 2005

"We Don't Hold Grudges, Mummy."

Its funny but I think very young kids don't know how to hold grudges the way we adults or older kids do.

The reason I say this is when I'm scolding my kids, aged 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 years old, instead of getting angry at me (if they're not crying that is), My Boy will smile at me and My Girl will try to hug me. Its very disconcerting. Hmmm... I think its their secret little trick. I must learn that trick too and apply it to My Man. Khihkhihkhih....


  1. so when ur man scolds you, you just try to hug him? hmm, might work!

  2. dun think hugging is enough... do more stuff *wink *wink
    yeah... kids have short term memory when it comes to "kena marah"...

  3. totoro, not yet test out. Hehe.

    egghead, wah. must be more gerng summore then only can work ah.

  4. kekekeke now whenever my son did something wrong like throwing his biscuit/DVD/toys on the floor and i scolded him, he immediately come to me and hug me say 'yang yang' (sayang sayang)

    boh lat...

  5. The kids are trying to phycho you.. beware.. :-P

    Their minds work in mysterious ways, and they never seize to amaze us huh?

  6. yeah exactly like what my hubby said, whenever i got angry with my xuan and say "go away, don't u already!", he will lagi come close to hold me and hug me wan.. jiah-boh-lat...haha..

  7. leecs, your boy knows the trick too ;)

    zara's mama, Then I consider myself psychoed.

    shiaulin, yah loh exactly, they want a hug for reassurance becos they feel bad when we are angry at them, I suppose.

  8. I hate this, when I am angry they come to hug me and kiss me *urgh...* ice water pour in the hot oil wok.

  9. Maria, but you'd hate it even more if you angry and they shout back at you. Think about that and you won't hate it anymore.

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