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Monday, September 12, 2005

First Set of Wheels

I had some Jusco points to redeem before the year end and since we couldn't find anything we needed in the catalogue we finally decided on a tricycle for our little girl, her very first. Too bad, the tricycle was out of stock so we had to wait a couple of weeks for it.

My girl was really excited about it. We spoke about it everynight. We informed her that the girl in the department store said there was "No stock" so we had to wait till "the girl called us" before we went to "collect" the tricycle.

Everytime she was being naughty we reminded her that she was a big girl now and we had "ordered" her tricycle. Hahaha. (Bad parents). I also took this as an opportunity to take her off her diapers during naptime.

Finally "the girl called" and we went to "collect" the tricycle. My Girl waited patiently as we shopped around and went to the bookstore etc before we went to collect her new tricycle.

On Sunday we took her to the park and thats where she had her first fall! Ouch! Sakit Hatinya! We had just arrived there, put her on the bike and turned around for just a moment to look at baby and the next thing we knew, she was on the grass crying with the bike on top of her. Ouch! Ouch! Luckily that did not deter her from trying out her bike and she really enjoyed herself. Yeah!

Photo sourced from www.jusco.com.my


  1. Wao... cool bike...
    Can't wait until my son is big enough to ride it...
    Maybe can get second-hand from you by then?? :P

  2. Oh.. poor baby girl.!! but brave too.!!

  3. egghead, soon, very soon. they grow up so fast!

    big bok, yah loh. Summore, I have to pretend to be cool like its no big thing when my heart thumping and very sakit hati to see blood and a big scratch on her knee. :P (Cos when we overeact they get even more upset.)

  4. can't wait for my grils to ride tricycle like the one you got for your girls, but then...oh, OK...my area got good place to ride, forgot there is a field around the corner :P.

  5. wah...big girl edi. nvr mind la...part n parcel of growing up. good thing she got back on again. i couldnt ride a 2 wheel bike for a LONG time coz i was afraid. btui2 tak balance langsung! lol..:P

  6. wow..got new big toy for the gal gal. My son very expert to ride this type of the tricycle. Everyday he ride to his nursery and he is the only one who ride the bic to school :P

  7. maria, you need to get two! :O

    yvy, me too. My sis had to push me to and fro our backyard street for ages before I was confident enough to ride.

    1+2mom, I can just imagine how cute he must look riding to his nursery school. So cute the thought.

  8. Why no Jusco in Penang??!! I have to pay for my son's bike, also look something like yours.

  9. michelle, hehe. I got my pram, car seat etc all from points collected while grocery shopping at Jusco over the years.


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