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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Just Another Day

Its Just Another Day
Of spit food and messy faces
I struggle with words to say
Till I get sweet smiles and big embraces

Its Just Another Day
Of big pools of pee on clean sheets
I no longer care my home's in disarray
But then innocent faces they look so sweet

Its Just Another Day
Of small tantrums and big tears
I look around in dismay
Then little voices bring me cheer

On my knees from morn to night
Picking toys, wiping butts and stopping fights
Always never far from sight
Its Just Another Day for this mom of might

Feeding, bathing, entertaining
My day is full from dawn to dusk
Chasing, scolding and then teaching
Its Just Another Day filled up with tasks

Dispelling fears and wiping tears
My day quickly passes from day to day
And soon I'll look back through the years
On this day when I'm old and gray

Help! I'm suffering from

Copyright: Mumsgather
(Copy this poem and you too shall suffer from endless mommy burnout whether you're a mommy or not, so there!)

There! I feel better now..... after letting out this cyber scream..... since I can't very well go to a mountain top to scream!

This poem was written yesterday and finished this morning inspired by my inability to provide Mr MG with a peaceful, happy, evening with the kids as I resolved to do since he is having a stressful time at work. Instead what he got was crying kids and a screaming wife and mum. So sad. I think I need a little time for myself again so that I can give the best of myself because I've run out of energy, batteries and patience from my exhaustion just being a mom!


  1. we got ah pek with his poem...
    now we have one ah sam also :P

  2. i can relate to you...it's short of getting anxiety attacks

  3. Poor Mum...Relax yeah. When I have a stressful time, I will take the kids for a drive.

  4. mg, maybe a 3 hour break for a relaxing spa session to soothe the soul will be helpful. try to get some time off.

    meanwhile, stay cool. from ur blog, i can see that u have been a great mom always. ur kids and hubby are so lucky to have u. take care, ya.

    and yes, blogging is therapeutic. throw it all out on the blog and let us share ur stresses and happiness.

  5. Hi MG! Nice blog. I like the pleasant colours and cute cliparts. You have to take a break every now and then, help restore sanity. Hang in there.

  6. Same sentiment, MG, always the same sentiment. And I am too tire to talk about it, just let it pass by day by day.

  7. Ya, agree with poulotte...take a break and recharge yourself.

  8. hi, can certainly feel what you feel. Been there, done that:

    And now that I am old and certainly grey,
    Mama, dont hog the computer all day!

  9. egghead, itu Ah Pek mya poem bilingual one. hahaha.

    atiza, got pill or not that we can take? ;)

    michelle, care to take us for a drive? :P

    poulotte, thanks. my blog = my spa.

    lydia, Hi! I'm hanging on real tight, real tight. Tight like a spring... about to uncoil. :PpP

    maria, day after day after day...

    jefferene, after write blog, recharge slightly already.

    kak teh. Hello! How'd you know I hog the computer all day??? hehe.

  10. it's amazing what inspires us to write poetry. :)

    my poetry juices are running VERY low recently. sigh. havent written one in a VERY long time. :(

  11. MG, if only we have some magic, just a thought in our head, the diaper will be changed; the kids will turn sweet from sour face; By just lifting a finger, the milk is fixed, everything will do its duty at home and we just shake legs and smile. PEACE MG!!!

  12. Very nice post; can relate to you. Am sure many others could too.

  13. Pity we can't be like Hong Kong drama and drive to top of mountain and scream our tensions away. hmm..gasing hill maybe can. Maria want to try?? :D

    So how are you de-stressing? I need it too. My dh has been away for 2 weeks and I've been alone with the kids for far too long! My tightly-coiled spring is also going to give way soon!!

  14. yvy, your juices will come... when you least expect it. :)

    allyfeel, abacadabra *kaboom* (Nope! It didn't work.) Hehe. Peace to you too!

    Hi Fishtail, Thank Q (long time no see)

    kc, maybe we 3 go to Gasing Hill together one night and kacau the pak tor birds there. kekekeke.

  15. Totally understand how you feel. For once I felt like you too, feel so lousy that I cannot provide a peaceful home for DH when he comes home from a stressful day of work..mummy screaming..kids crying... ooh..terrible..take a break.. you will feel better.... you are doing a far greater job than me..my stress tolerance is only 2 months..then I have to run back to my mum for a break..

  16. I got no one to run to so I run to cyber space loh.


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