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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Relections of a SAHM - Part 3

I feel very fortunate indeed everynight when I take the kids to bed. I feel fortunate that I do not have any work stress to take my focus off my kids. No morning meetings to worry about, no important deadlines, business trips, etc etc to think about. My full focus and attention is on and for them.

Singing, reading and chatting with the kids is much more fun than if my mind was cluttered with other stuff ie. wondering elsewhere or is full of worry about the next day. Of course one could say that you should separate work from home by worrying about work only at work but its easier said than done of course.

Balancing work with family becomes very important after the kids come along. I'm sure even the men struggle with this. I personally feel that if anyone would rather spend more time working than with the family (taking money out of the equation) than something must be quite wrong.

Its really not easy to balance work with family. I'm glad I don't have to do it!


  1. i always enjoy reading yours, maria and lilian's blog; women who are happy and contented as SAHM seems far and few in between. Cheers!

  2. Hey Mrs B, Though I love being SAHM, recently I've been thinking about returning to work to share the financial burden and other stresses with hubby. But even if I do, I must try to make sure I'm there for the kids as much as its possible to be. It must be really hard for a working mum like you to balance work and family.

  3. Hey.. MG,
    I agree with you .. if there is no work to worry about or meetings..it would be better. Unfortunately, for me.. i'm too kaypoh.. not to mind my spouse's business.. so i'm pretty stressed up at times.. :(

  4. big bok, Kaypoh? I think not lah. Like dat only good partner mah, help out your spouse. :)

  5. I just been a full time SAHD yesterday (will blog on this later)... today whole day neck and back ache liao :(

    Salute to all SAHM!!

  6. hope one day there will be a SAHM Day , hahaha...

  7. egghead, Congratulations! You survived. Hehe.

    Maria, we ownself declare loh :(


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