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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Funny things she says

In the Living Room

"Mummy, look got Bob The Builder there!" points excitedly to a construction site.

In the Kitchen

MG: "Baby! You are not supposed to be in the kitchen. C'mon! Stop pulling at my leg. Don't be naughty. Mummy is busy. Aiyoh! Why are you following me everywhere!"

My Girl: "Daddy, daddy! Faster! Faster come and take baby. Baby has turned into a monster in the kitchen."

MG: Hahahaha. (MG sometimes calls out to Mr MG to take baby away when working in the kitchen and we sometimes refer to them as monsters when they are being naughty.. hence the funny response.)

In the Bedroom

MG reading: "Eyes for peeking. Ears for hearing. Mouth for laughing. Head for thinking."

MG explains: "Do you know that we use our heads for thinking? We think about what to eat, what to wear, how to solve the jigsaw puzzle, where to go... "

MG asks: "Can you tell mummy what you are thinking about right now?"

My girl: "I'm thinking..... about mummy!" (said with a big, happy smile)

My girl sure knows how to bodek mummy. I think she was a little bit embarassed by my obvious delight with her response afterwards. Haha.


  1. "I'm thinking..... about mummy!"

    I like this part most! It's so rewarding, come to think of it, this is the joyful moments of being a SAHM.

    My girl also like to follow me to the kitchen and she had bitten my leg twice on Monday evening, naughty girl!

  2. I just hope my little guy will follow me as much as he followed my wife (still breastfeeding)..

    Gee.. maybe I should go for a breast enlargement thingy.. LOL!

  3. jefferene. Haha. Luckily my boy did not bite my leg or his sister will surely think he has turned into a monster!

    egghead. sorrylah, won't work. They can smell the difference. Haha.

    big bok. :)

  4. Big Bok, Oh I forgot. Here is the link I was going to send to you yesterday. Chinese Herbs, Ingredients and their Properties.

  5. envy u have a sweet sweet daughter... must pray harder for me to get a girl in the future.

  6. hahaha...baby has turn into moster? hahaha...then one day will be mommy's turn hahaha..."quick, daddy, come take baby away...mommy turn into moster" :pbpbpb...

  7. shiaulin, boy oso very fun what.

    maria, mommy turns into monster quite often :O (*growls* *roar*)


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